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    • And then a Year later I get double gold

      1 year ago


      Spoilers 2017 Katie, you buckled

    • Debating Double Gold

      3 years ago


      Hey there,

      I know its been a while since I posted here, but I noticed an interesting email from roosterteeth come through about this double gold membership.

      Ok I'm not going to lie, applying for an initial month to see what it's like and be entered to win one of the banners from RTX 2016 does sound tantalizing (though I didn't get to go this year), I can't help feel once I'm signed up exiting back to my current membership will be hard.

      Also as nice as the box is surely there's hidden fees to get it to the UK?

      My main bug bare is the price. (and this is showing my adult side now).

      I've recently moved into my own studio flat, something I've wanted to achieve since I was 16. This does however come at a price, half my monthly pay to be precise. This doesn't really leave me alot of money to play with, and tbh as cool as the roosterteeth loot box thing looks, when I think about it there's not that much of roosterteeth I'm actually interested in anymore. Since the recent large expansion there's only a small percentage of roosterteeth I actually still enjoy (plus I don't have as much time as I use to at uni to enjoy their content). I still much prefer achievement hunter, the podcasts and their older shows (rvb, rwby), the really fundamental parts of roosterteeth that have been there the longest. And I just don't think alot of the boxes will contain stuff like that related to the parts of roosterteeth I love.

      In pounds the subscription fee is about £27, which to me is a weeks worth of food, and considering how big and popular roosterteeth have become (congrats guys btw) I don't think I have a fighting chance to win prizes or have questions answered or really participate in the extra things the more expensive subscription offers.I want to wish that the extra money they will instantly rake in with this different sub option will possibly fund more films, but I don't know. The 10% off would be nice but the UK stores never have as much stuff or what I want in.

      Well.....I just talked myself out of it. Basically:

      Food > Roosterteeth

      I hate being a responsible adult.

    • Debating RTX2016

      3 years ago


      Don't get me wrong I adored going to RTX2015, I have never felt so involved or excepted so much in the UK or conventions we have over here, but there's so many things going on I just don't know if I can afford the time and money to go back. I've already reserved a room in case I do go, in a hotel that's literally opposite the convention centre, but it costs a grand to fly, and having my prop remade costs $'s all money I kind of need to move flat right now.

      I don't know, I would love to go and see all the friends I made again, and become Neptune once more, heck if i somehow secure a VIP ticket then I'll go regardless but it's still comes down to time and money.

      Man adult-ing is HARD.

    • Lazer team soundtrack - Any information?

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      Hello everyone!

      Saw the movie in the UK and I wondered if anyone has any news about a possible soundtrack?

      I had hoped the Barenaked ladies would release their Lazer team song as a single or Jeff Williams score might hit the roosterteeth store at some point, but these are all guesses.

      Has any official information been released on this?

      Searched the web and found nothing!

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    • 3 years ago

    • 3 years ago

    • Lets try being a sponser

      3 years ago


      Considering how eager I am to see the last episode of RvB season 13, I want to get some stuff from the store and that RTX was such a blast, I thought you know what, finally I will be a sponsor. And hey first month free? What a bonus. Now just waiting for a physical copy of the soundtrack to come out

    • 4 years ago

    • 4 weeks oops...

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone,

      I was moved to a new location at work and considering that is the main time I use this site I couldn't get on as I'm in direct sight of my boss now.
      Nothing much has happened, I've turned 23 now, paid for my flights to Austin, done alot of travelling around the UK from Edinbrugh down to London and I should have some pictures of my cosplay soon.

      I'm abit annoyed at myself as I've barely lost any weight as planned and feel like I'm sucking at trying to be in a relationship but apart from that things have been good :)


      4 years ago


      Mainly in the form of my friend Chaos now coming along on the trip with me to RTX this year.
      My original travelling companion from London couldn't get the time off so I offered the same thing to my old flatmate and he jumped at the chance. Apparently he has friends over in Dallas we can hang out with and he seems pretty set to cosplay Sun to match my Neptune. I mean we'll be a female Neptune and a black Sun so 'unique' is an understatement. If he can't suss out Sun's weaponry then he'll do Adam instead as he has prop swords dotted all over his flat from previous conventions.

      I'm really happy I'm still not going on my own, kudos to James for reminding me of Chaos as someone who could come with, I was queen mopey when my London friend said he was bailing on me.

      I've also sussed out the funding for my cosplay, which is ridiculously expensive but should be damn impressive. I have a personal goal to loose some weight before the convention to hopefully look good too.

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