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    • Party!

      14 years ago


      Hi journal: (so what! it's a damn journal, right?)

      I went to a friend's party yesterday at 7:00pm.
      Music, dancing, everything!
      Even a room with Halo players out to hang out!

      Our clan faced a couple of other clans but we wanted to dance than play Halo the whole night!
      If you were there, omg!
      Lights and a cool pool, too!
      Man, I wish my friend does this party again... sigh... now I'm back to my pitiful life where I try to educate myself with these school books and post stories of my life in this Journal.

      Well, back to homework.

      ~Alex Costa

    • Very Tiring Day...

      14 years ago


      I'm so exhausted, it's kind of amazing how I was able to turn on my computer and start typing this shit out...
      Well, during soccer practice, I put all my stuff seperately from the others so I won't get confused with them. I learned a good lesson after practice. A hobo early watched us play and he was yelling at us how badly we played. Our coach got tired of him so he told the hobo to just fuck off.
      The hobo left.
      After playing a scrimage, I went to get my stuff and something definitly shocked me. Everyone asked me if those bags were mine (which they were) and I said, yes. They laughed loudly and people asked them what the matter was. One kid, trying to breathe from his laughter, said, "You know that hobo. He's sleeping on Alex's stuff." Everyone laughed at me.
      So I went up to that hobo and told him to get up. He began mumbling at me so I started to slowly get the bag out from under him. He began growling like a dog and snapped at me to fuck off. That's it!
      I quickly pulled my bag, my coat, everything. The guy quickly stood up and left.
      Everyone kept laughing... I don't see the humor in it.
      Well after I do my homework, I gotta wash my coat... peace.


    • Great game!

      14 years ago


      I had a very intense soccer game today and we (our school) was able to get through and win!
      The match score was 2-0 and we were facing an undefeated team (now they're not).

      We have a rating of 5-2-0.

      As long as we don't lose, I'm happy =)

      ~Alex Costa
      >uS< CabOOsE

    • How was your Halloween?

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      Anything happened? Did you get something ODD when you went trick-or-treating? Did you scare the living heck out of someone?
      Share your Halloween stories here.
      I went trick-or-treating and I got a pack of condoms as my treat from this guy.
      I looked at the guy and he just smiled at me.
      Once he shut the door, me and a buddy of mine egged his house.

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    • Halloween!

      14 years ago


      Halloween... what a great holiday.
      A time to do pranks in the night!

      I'm changing into a freakishly wierd monster and I have either these pranks to pick from (I don't trick-or-treat... yea, it's sad, I know.):
      1. Hide behind bushes and jump out from no where and scare the living fuck out of kids.
      2. Sit on a chair in my porch and pretend I'm fake and when a kid goes to ring the bell, I jump up and growl.
      3. Do what everyone does... egg houses and throw toilet paper around trees.

      Please help me out...
      I dunno which one to choose.

      >uS< CabOOsE

    • Scary Stories of the Night

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      Hello all.
      As you all know, Halloween is near (I hope you do!). I thought I could open a thread that will (i hope) fill up with scary stories for you all to read. And I know all of you LOVE scary stories.
      Warning: It's usually better to read these stories in the night. But if you're a type of person that would get scared very easily, you could read them.
      Warning #2: If you're going to post a story, PLEASE type the title bold and use proper spelling and grammar. Every five sentences you do, make another paragraph so it's easier for people to read. Making a fifty sentence story with only one paragraph is frustrated and I will guarantee this: no one would read it.

      The Voice

      One night, Mary was sleeping in her bed but then she noticed a little raspy voice downstairs.
      Mary, I'm on the first step...
      Now I'm on the second step...

      Mary started to freak out. She tried to listen closely to figure out if she's hallucinating or not.
      Mary, now I'm in the hallway...
      Now I'm outside your door...

      Mary brings up her blanket to her nose and tries to scream but her throat was stuck.
      The door slowly opens.
      Mary, I'm inside your room...
      Now I'm next to your bed...

      Silence. Mary opens her eyes wide in fear.

      I GOT YOU!
      Mary screams with all her might! Her father runs up the stairs and yells out,
      "What's going on!?!"
      Mary yelps in total fear,
      "Someone's in my room! SOMEONE'S IN MY ROOM!"

      So they searched and they searched but...

      nobody was found.

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    • F@%K F$*K F#@KITY FUCK

      14 years ago


      Hey gamers,
      I would like to share with you what I had to experience today.

      Okay, today was the most shitties and fucked up day I've ever gotten.

      Let's see the list:
      During Science- Chemicals burned my notes WHICH I TOOK 2 WEEKS DOING!
      During Gym- I couldn't make one FUCKING shot in the basket (basketball)
      During Social Studies- I almost fell backwards on my chair and everyone started laughing, even though I don't even know why.
      During Spanish- A faggot stole my Spanish workbook that I did homework on and when I searched my whole bag for it, the "bitch" (teacher) said you better have it this class or else.
      OR ELSE?!
      The class ends and I tell her what happened and I even told her that I put my Spanish workbook in my bag before I went to Gym. I also told her it's possible that someone went into my bag looking for a book and stole mine! She ignores me and gives me a fucking detention.

      Oh my god... Right now I'm playing Halo and I can't pass the FIRST level!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Stupidest Things People Might Do!

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      Can you think up something that's the most stupidest thing that a person would ever do? Did it already occure in your house? Street? Buildings? Trashcans?

      Here's mine:

      Someone taking a wrong turn in a drive-thru
      Okay this really happened in McDonalds. I was walking toward the main entrance when all of a sudden, some idiot started honking at another driver. But the idiot realizes that he made a wrong turn. It's one of those days that you WISHED you had a camera with you.

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    • Q3A Battle with me and 2 of our members

      14 years ago


      I forgot to copy the screenshot I had to the computer so I lost my pic to show you guys how >uS< really screwed the other guys' fun.
      The top 3 were:
      >uS<CabOOsE = 1st with 50 kills out of 50 in 3 minutes.
      >uS<Oni = 2nd with 35 kills in 3 minutes
      >uS<Mexican = 3rd with 33 kills in 3 minutes

      It was a fun match and I hope I play again some other time. But right now back to work.

      Message Board... Join please =)

    • Embarrassing Moments = Playing Sports

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      What's your most embarrassing moment while you or someone else were playing a sport.
      I have a ton so that's why I made this topic.

      Here's mine:

      My coach thought that it was a good idea to move me up to striker on the soccer field (striker is forward center). I was excited because I'm usually defender and now I can actually score a goal (I'm not saying I never scored before but it's been a while). But I was WRONG. Ladies and gentlemen, the story I'm about to say to you is the worst thing that can ever happen to you.
      While I had the ball, I was passing around successfully and dribbling incredibly well. That's when Ii was clear enough to dribble forward and score. I ran with all my might and when I was close enough I slammed that ball with all my might with my TOES (I didn't mean to). I yelped feeling an enormous pain, then that's when it happened. I looked up at my quick fucking hard shot which hit the top post!! with a HUGE smack and it bounced back right at me. The ball slammed my face and it bounced back right at the goal. I was already half-way doing a headstand from that force that hit me in the face when the ball once again, hit the top post, went over my feet (which are in the air from that hard impact) and one of my team player kicked the ball right at the goal but... it didn't. Instead it slammed me right into my balls.
      This is the first time I ever cried... both in my pre-teens and my teens.

      If you're a girl and you think this is not painful, try twisting your breasts slowly till you can't take it anymore. ONLY that is like a light punch into any guy's balls. You can tell any guy! It's true. Now imagine something hard hit a guy's balls and it made a loud thud in the area... you mind as well cut off your breasts.

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    • Pingi13

      13 years ago

      wow ur posting on a guy whos last journal was 2 years ago

    • jubbers

      13 years ago

      I am originally from Andover, Massachusetts but we moved here due to the taxes being higher there.

    • jubbers

      13 years ago

      i play select soccer for my county. Soccer is the best sport i have ever played!

    • Sohwnjaika22

      14 years ago

      Soccer is awesome, I am fourteen and play for my highschool, i love the game so much!

    • unknspartans

      14 years ago

      Is it the Boston Paintball building next to a movie theatre (Lowes)?

      Yeah, Somerville is kind of slum but I like the peace.

    • SeaLab2021

      14 years ago

      You live in Somerville? That's cool I'm from Medford. No offense but Somerville is kind of a slum nowadays. I used to live there. Best parts of it are the movie theater, boston paintball, and of course Good Times. Funny that they're all next to each other too.

    • unknspartans

      14 years ago

      Wow, what a great comment for me!

    • freidusa

      14 years ago

      ummmmmm yo check out .com iseted of .co.uk

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