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      ello ello i just what to clarify that this is ware like the title says talk about ideas, theory's, and suggestion's for when the show come back to what left of vale and Beacon academy after it's fall. for we all know the the gang have to go back there to get the relic from vale's vault and with the fact the fall of Beacon is the symbol of team rwby and ever one's failure witch probably make them look back on how it was before the fall and nothing screams more "character growth" then looking back on there failure.

      let use yang for example for she was the most effected form the fall out of ever one.

      let say for what ever reason yang was looking around for something ware she happen go ware she lost her arm and find's the ember celica for her right arm and bones if you want to make it darker after her reaction either a PDST or what ever she can now compare her 17 year old self to her current self and see how she have grown from it.

      now feel free to go nuts but let keep it PG13 and be nice for this form is for fun not fighting.

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