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    • Hindsight

      3 years ago


      ain't it wonderful.

      because i now find out that even though it seemed ok at the start, playing a competitive style minecraft game was actually a very bad idea....

    • Stupid brain

      3 years ago


      once again my thought over recent week leaves me doing something stupid, over reacting and now feel like a total asshole.

      so i got the rwby game to try and chear myself up

      it hasn't worked

    • Minecraft..... Sucks to be you guys....

      3 years ago


      so i mentioned some thing i wanted to do for a let play, to be specific, some things that i would need to do in order to make it work... because of the requirements, i made sure to ask @BeepBep and @Killerkel to make sure it was ok to do so....

      the good news is they are ok with it, and are happy for me to go ahead (they actually know very little about the idea)

      the bad news?

      well this lets play will be the biggest let play i've made so far.

      it will be the biggest single lets play on the entire GGG server (permission dependent)

      it will also be the most complicated lets play i have ever built, bar none....

      See you all in a few months then........


      [Insert Thunder/Pimp's, apparently more unnerving than @McDom 's, sinister/Evil laugh here]

    • Having Fun

      3 years ago


      said i would post more of these and kinda not so i guess i don't have much to say.

      still building stuff on minecraft GGG server, Heist and Siege being the most recent to be finished.

      the extra life event we did went well, the minecraft game there didn't go quite as i expected but everyone there seemed to have fun so its not really a big deal.

      also had one of my let plays (prison assault) played last week, got a bit annoyed as things didn't work out very well to begin with, mostly due to me rushing to get it set up so kinda my fault but it happens sometimes.

      i'm still doing videos for youtube, for no other reason than because i like making videos, i used to do some for the rc stuff but it costs too much to do as often as i want.

      so yea, life is kinda boring, nothing overly interesting going on as normal....kinda wish things will change but i don't see it happening, nor do i see any way of making it happen so i'm kinda stuck until i do....

    • GGG Extra Life Stream

      3 years ago


      Forgot to post this yesterday

      today until 1pm tomorrow i'll be taking part in a 24hour live stream of gaming to raise money for charity.

      those of you who would like to watch (i'm going to be in and out of it myself several time through out the 24 hours) you can follow this link below:

      all the info you need for games being played and when (times in eastern standard) aswell as how to donate.

    • Minecraft Stuff.....again....plus youtube channel stuff

      3 years ago


      interesting few days regarding minecraft recently.

      last entry showed you guys this:


      as a reminder, that was the beginning of a new minecraft game area i'm working on called "Heist"

      well that was 5 days ago, it now looks like this:


      it won't change much anymore as its mostly set up left to do and this will be game 4 done.

      I also mentioned another game called "Turbulence" which i hadn't started yet...well i started it....and yes, its almost done.


      the front of that jet was a bitch, still not 100% happy with it so it may change. it not ready to play just yet, kinda need the wings on it, but there are a couple game ideas rattling around in my head just a case of working out what will work and what won't and setting up accordingly.

      not only that but i've finished playing Minecraft Story Mode, which brings me to the youtube part of this entry.

      yes i have a youtube channel.....technically i have 3, one for random shit i just feel like sharing, like the 3d printer time lapses. another is for RC stuff, though money is stopping em doing much with it, and finally games.

      still learning the games recording stuff but i've made a start with Xcom Enemy within that has the GGG members names as the soldiers i control, thats been going up 1 episode at a time every sunday, on episode 5 right now.

      i've recorded the entire play through of the minecraft game which i'm editing right now, the first episode will be up in a few hours, going to be a fair few parts to it though as i'm not sure how to split it up, hopfully i'll work it out for episode 2 when it comes out.

      they are currently the only 2 videos i got going, like i said, still learning but i hope to have game play of Planetbase, BeamNG.Drive, Turmoil, and Polybridge on there soonish.

      depending how i get on i may do the odd video from Gary's Mod, Minecraft, and any other game i play with the GGG.

      and i may do the odd video on World of Tanks, World of Warships and War Thunder if i can get them to work well enough.

      Cites skylines and some old school sim city 4 may also be a possibility......yea i got a fucking long list ok i dunno what i want to do just yet, but they are the options i have open to me right now, so if anyone is interested in what i may upload i'd like to know....or not, i probably won't listen anyway.

    • GGG Minecraft stuff

      3 years ago


      Life still sucks, but thats how it is
      but sometimes it rocks or i just need a piss

      though good things do happen from time to time

      man this really is beginning to rhyme

      life often gives me the shaft, but i can't stop me playing minecraft.

      jesus i must read Beep's game and movie announcements closer than i thought.

      anyway, basically, yea, life is still shit but time waits for no one, and there isn't any favors in tinging things out too much so i've been deciding my time up doing various things...like work.

      but also minecraft on the GGG Server.

      for the last 3 or 4 months, as some members know already, and some have even helped out in the building of it, but i've been slowly getting more and more done.

      It been called "Crystal Arena" and up until afew weeks ago i had no real time limit, until i mentioned it to Beep....who then agreed to play it for the GGG 24hr extra life stream next month, you can ask her for more info on that ;)

      anyway i'm happy to say that after all the hours i've spent are now almost to an end as its almost finished, most of what remains is just the final set up, which for most of my game means i wander around for 30min putting shit in chests, but thats a job i'll do for afew days before the event.

      here are some of the screenshots of the site, this is possibly bigger in terms of size than the castle, and i think most of us know how big that is by now.







      But that isn't the only thing that is built anymore.

      afew weeks ago i built "Bucket List", after spending along time thinking i wondered, how could you change wool challenge, shopping list and block list into something else..... and i didn't think of anything so i put them all into one lets play instead, meaning a requirement to find a combination of wool, various blocks as well as items to put into item frames


      but it continues even more, we all remember the GGG Prison right?...well it seems someone has left it abandoned for awhile, something about spending cuts.

      but a prisoner on a transfer list is being moved soon, and their stop off is the prison so they are going to hold up there, but the local gang has found out, and they want their mate back, and they are waiting.

      luckily the cops got a tip off so someone was able to drop some stuff off, lets just hope their back up arrives before its too late.


      there you go, 3 games finished over the past week or so.

      to top that off, construction on "Heist" has just begun:


      more info on that another time. (must remember to ask for that portal to be linked)

      construction has also begun on "Sea View" though no screenshot of it right now.

      Plans on "Turbulence" and "Siege" have also been made, the later needs setting up (its at the castle) the former i need to find a place to build it.

      there are also 2 others that are still in the planning stages, and hence, do not yet have a name for them.

      what can i say, building stuff for people to play is my favorite part, though i am putting more thought into them these days, all always forget something or miss some info.

    • Whispers of my mind

      3 years ago


      Before anyone reads this, the following status update is not a happy one, not that any of them have been happy anyway but you know, fair warning and all that. if you are the sort of person who doesn't like to read unhappy things that can potentially go into a really dark area, then please, stop reading this now and move onto something else :)

      i don't know who actually reads the things i type on these things, be then the RT site, facebook or so on. i don't know who is interested in what i have to say, be that on the internet, chat room, skype, or even talking face to face. but recent.... lets call them events, have made me make considerations about many things.

      things like what i do and why i do them, things like what i say to others, things like how do i really feel about other things. i guess you could say i thought about how honest i've been, not just to others but to myself, because for a long time now, alot of what i have told myself has been a lie.

      a lie.

      you won't tell from the text but i've since been staring at them 4 letters for almost 5 minutes just lost in thought about how after many years i've come to that conclusion.

      i spend so much time trying to find a place for myself, somewhere i am truly happy, somewhere i can sit down and say "i belong here".

      i rarely talk about how i'm doing, in my mind. but then no one ever asked how i was doing. no one asked how i was when my nan's partner died from cancer. no one asked how i was when my step father was killed in a road accident. and yet when someone i know, be them family, or a friend, or someone i know through nothing more than a computer screen and a username, when they are in trouble of any kind i am there to help.

      afew weeks ago while hosting a very quick minecraft game for GGG members i lost my cool over a silly thing as someone talking while i was mid sentence. not something i'd have done but my mind was on other things at the time.

      the day before i had skipped work because of a girl, who i had known for a long time through nothing more than a computer screen, sent me a message saying she was sorry and that she was going to end everything for the good of the people she cared about..... i spent the next 6 hours talking her out of it.....then silence.

      the next message i got wouldn't come until earlier this week, it came from her phone, but it wasn't her. it was her mother. it was a message thanking me, she had read what both of us had said over those 6 hours, how i had tried so damn hard to change her mind... but it didn't work, 2 days after that talk she had taken her own life...

      Her name was Amy...

      its funny how i known her for so long and i never found out her last name...the girl i knew over the internet. but now there is only one thing that i can remember.

      all that time, all the things we had said and i never said the one thing that mattered... that even though we had never met, and there were thousands of mile between us...i never told her the truth... the truth of why i had kept her in my life... because i cared for her a great deal.

      through this i had kept quiet about it, until last night while playing minecraft with the GGG what started as having a nice drink ended in having far too many and making myself look like a complete prat.

      weird as it sounds that was the best mistake i made, 2 GGG members were kind enough to hear me out, in my drunken mess they listened and they talked. a talk that i've never had before.

      i personally have no problem saying who they are but i shall not do so, it wouldn't be right to put it out there unless they were happy to do so, but they know who they are, which is all that really matters.

      i've been making conciderations about many things, and my stomach has spent all day returning the water i been drinking, i guess thats what happens after drinking 70cl of vodka with 3 liters of dr pepper does to you.

      so why do i keep my thoughts to myself so much? - because i don't like seeing people unhappy, i'd sooner help them than help myself.

      why do i spend so many hours on minecraft building and setting up games for people? - because watching everyone argue, joke, and laugh while they play it is all the payment i need

      Why do i try to help out the GGG group so much, even if i probably end up being alittle pushy? - because i don't want those moments of laughter to end.

      but, why are you in the GGG?

      because they cared enough to help me, in a time where a probably won't remember, i found people that wanted to help me....

      because now i've realized something.....

      i finally found a place i belong.

      and while i may never see their faces, or know their real names, and may never met them face to face...

      at least i have a place where i can be happy.

      So to everyone in The Good Guy Gamers.


    • Why bother trying

      3 years ago


      once again i've been given another reason to not bother trying

      i try to do something interesting and different that i think will work out and tried really hard to see that happen and for what, fuck all thats what.

      just like every other time i've put even the slightest bit of effort into something it gets thrown right back at me.

      people ask me why i care so little about anything, it because caring ends the same way, getting pissed off, depressed, or both.

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