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    • Technology hates me

      3 years ago


      i love technology, i like consoles, computers, etc.... its the main reason i own a 3d printer and partly why i have the RC models.

      but for some reason, none of technology seems to like me, take this computer for example, 2 or 3 days ago i was complaining it wasn't working because the hard drive is failing and it keeps corrupting files, be them documents, photos, programs, or windows itself.

      well it did eventually fix itself using windows repair, though it required me leaving it alone and letting it loop, i was at work and sleeping for most of that time but i know it took about 2 days and did at least 4 restarts before finally booting windows which is great.....until i started using it again

      since wednesday i've been trying many programs and looking at loads of my files and so far i've found so many failures its depressing.

      the software iuse for making the 3d models, which i was planning to use to make art work for the GGG art store, as well as the models that are used for the 3d printer isn't working (again), nor is the .net framework for windows (i have no idea what it is, nor do i care, but it mean 3 other programs won't work because they need it)

      steam works...sorta, rocket league, which i've had an issue with for awhile now, was uninstalled because no worky, trying to add it back just comes up with a disk read error, even though i wiped every trace of it from the program files and registry, yet it re-installed block n load and cities: skylines without a problem (both of which were not working)

      games that do run, don't like it, TF2, which we played for game night had a 30 min tantrum before working again, by which time i was so annoyed playing wasn't any fun....not helped by not having played TF2 before that night and doing nothing but getting killed 89% of the time, which i'm told is a big part of a game but constantly getting killed can only be fun for so long before its just annoying....which is why i've never played dark souls.

      on top of that i lost about half of the photos on the computer, some fo which had alot of meaning and i'm not even sure if i got backups of them. several other files are gone, most of which don't matter too much, however if you saw the last entry, i mentioned 2 projects i've spent the last year working on, well one of them is now gone, its a minecraft game i came up with back in the GGG xbox days, but was unable to work out how i wanted to go about it, the file (a 20+ page word file) contained all the info i had worked out, list of thing that could work, what wouldn't, event he plans for when it game to build it, all typed up over about 8 months on and off, possibly the most thought out minecraft game i had (minus the other project, also a minecraft game)

      but its not all bad, i have a good idea on how it will work at this point so i don't mind, the biggest set back is the game build plans, which i now need to start again.

      yes "you should have back up everything in case this happened", i should have, i have 4 hard drives here for that very purpose, but its difficult to back stuff up when you can't afford enclosures or usb drives, it not like i have only one copy on purpose, not having work and renting a room isn't exactly easy, even less so when i need to eat.

      safe to say the hard drive isn't going to hold out for much longer (i've been having issues for the last 2 or 3 months now) but as i've mentioned....many times in fact, i am going to be getting my own pc soon, after all this is my little brother's pc, that he kindly let me use as it was better than the laptop my mother's husband was letting me use for that.

      truth is since my laptop gave up (cpu cooked itself) around 2012 i've not had my own computer since, i've been using/borrowing other peoples unused machines, something that bothered me greatly but i had little choice. but now i'm back in work and have some income i can finally start sorting stuff out, like building a decent pc, as its been awhile i'm making it capable of playing games, something i've not done since the days of battlefield 2142. and yes, i'll be getting stuff to make back ups....when i can afford it.

      i also need to get myself a car...not a rc one this time (though i got 3 of them in mind also) a real one, because no one is ever able to give me a lift and walking for everything is fine...until what you have to do is in a different town and you have to get on a train.....and i hate trains, but thats a story for another day.

      yea i figure i'd use this update thing abit more, not that i have anything to say, it probably going to be me complaining alot....because if there is one thing i know about me, it that pretty much everything in the world is capable of pissing me off.

    • Well shit

      3 years ago


      this week is starting badly then,itsonly tuesday and the computer is stuck in a start up repair loop, been on for about 28 hour straight and is on its 3rd try.

      So my options are limited, seems my hard drive failing idea may be right, but getting it working again has drawbacks.

      Main drawbacks being spending money i don't want to spend, or losing all my files, including 2 projectsi have been working on for almost a year, meaning i'll have to start from square one again.

      Option 3 is to wait 6 weeks until i can afford to buy my own computer (this one is my brothers old machine) but i don't want to be out of a pc for that long

      Technology never works for me, considering the GGG PC, Movie, and Minecraft nights are all my choice this week, the computer picked a great time to die on me.

      For the people wondering, i made this on the internet explorer app on my xbox one

    • Small announcement - Small GGG Tower

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      Hello GGG members.

      Got a little announcement to make to you all.

      But first, a little background info:

      The last few weeks i've been talking to @BeepBep about putting stuff on the GGG Store. As some of you know over the past year i have gotten very interested in 3D models using a program called solidworks. this program has a plug in that is designed to replicate what an item would look like should it be made.

      That program has resulted in 2 pictures being added to the GGG store for everyone to have printed on an item of your choice, be that a mug or a phone case, or even a poster. the money spent goes towards paying for the servers and hosting the group uses, which Beep explained in the thread for the store, and donating those pictures, as well as others that i'm working on is something i'm happy to do to keep our games going and we can enjoy them together.

      But i'm not happy enough doing that, recently i've made a big purchase in the form of a 3D Printer, using this and the files i made to get those pictures, i will be able to make 3D models, that you can hold in your hand.

      I'm a little way off from being able to make them right now, but i am happy to say that after the last few weeks of planning, this will be happening. i need to wait for the printer to arrive, as well as build it and get it set up and working correctly before i can go about making stuff, but it is happening.

      Anyone who plays our minecraft games will know all about our GGG Tower of Victory, getting that tower may be too difficult but soon it won't be the only one, as i shall be making some that you can put on your desk, on a shelf, or anywhere you like really.

      there will be 2 sizes to choose from once i get everything going, i've sent the file to a mate of mine who is printing out a basic example of the tower, it won't be 100% true to what the final model will look like but it should serve as an idea of what you can expect.

      Some of the money will be sent to the GGG funding for the servers and the like, while what remains will be used to pay for the materials and keeping the printer running. The tower is but the first step, there are many other things i can make with this machine so if anyone has ideas of what to make, be that a model of something or even something you think may be useful (i will be making some RC parts on this machine myself) by all means let me know and i can see about getting it made.

      Price is as yet unknown so i'll let you know when i work that lot out, one step at a time.

      and yes, i will post outside the UK, i'm not that much of an asshole.

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    • Remnant Castle (Minecraft)

      4 years ago


      Ok, the Castle is almost done, just minor things left like furnishing the remaining bedrooms, but the main building side is done, not including the odd thing i suddenly think about.....anyway...

      i could rattle on about loads of thing but i figure why not give you all a picture driven tour of the place, i won't go through everything because effort and pointless but i'll show of the main sections.

      One thing i've finally thought of is its name, because it will be home to more than one game style i had to think of something more general, after thinging about it for awhile i came up with a history for the place and came to a choice of name.

      Remnant Castle

      and now the tour:

      From the portal you have the main gate, this is the only place you can get through the perimeter wall without having to do anything.

      On the left you will find the first house and on the right is a stable area.


      next on the left is a small markets, a 2nd house is on the right opposite


      On the corner you will find a Church, GGG style, complete with a graveyard on the right.



      Next to the church is a 3rd house. (the only thing i didn't take a picture of)

      Opposite the 3rd house is the blacksmith with an attached shop.



      Next to the blacksmith is the 4th and final house.

      Next we go up the hill to the tavern/pub.


      Further along the path we get to the (small) mine, complete with outside work area and mine carts.

      Back down the hill, opposite the 4th house is the Entrance Tower. This tower serves as the main way to getting into the castle itself via an angled bridge.


      Through the front door we have the Entrance Hall. This provides routes to the 1st and 2nd floors as well as the balconies in the Main Hall/Throne Room. The castle has 2 main floors, with the Royal Bedroom, Kitchens, Dinning hall, and Main hall, as well as a library, all located on the first floor.There are also several bedrooms. The 2nd floor is dominated by Bedrooms and the servants

    • Minecraft Castle

      4 years ago


      Well i've begun to build the Castle in minecraft and while its taking longer than i would like, i'm having a lot of fun, mostly due to me not having built a castle in minecraft before.....or in any other game for that matter. it may also have something to do with building in a different way to my normal system so i'm trying something new at the same time.

      before i start showing what been built so far i just want to thank @beepbep and @killerkel for letting me even build it on the GGG server, as well as @IndiaRT28 and @OsageOrange for their help today/night in some of the changed i made because what i had wasn't working.

      i started knowing only 2 things, the general shape and what the main hall would be like, general shape i can work out as i go, the hall i built 2nd after getting the main entrance figured out. the rest i'm kinda just working out as i go.

      so here we go, i'm only showing the main bits in this journal, i'll make another once its built some more.

      this is the main gate in the perimeter wall as it stands now, there is a small thing i want to change but for the most part i'm happy with what is there.


      once you walk through the main gate it opens up to show the castle keep itself as well as the entrance stairs/bridge set up, this was much taller with a flat bridge but it covered the castle a lot, so with some help, it cut it down to around a 3rd of the original height, look much better now. the space you see will be turned into a small village of some description, when it get around to it.

      here we have the view from the bottom of the stairs, this probably won't change all that much if at all. the original bridge didn't have the imposing view this does.

      facing the other way at the top/just outside the main door, at sunset...because reasons.

      through the main door you come to where the build began, the main entrance hall. this went through about 4 different block types and 2 or 3 different layouts before i settled on this one, its had bits added and taken out about a dozen times since then.

      Straight ahead from the main door is the great hall/big ass room. by far the biggest single space of the build it has a Emerald, Gold and Diamond throne with a GGG style Tower either side on the far wall, balconies to the left and right, huge ass roof "supported" with 6 large pillars, complete with red carpet. this may change but i kinda like the simple, open space atm.

      here is a shot from above, the draw distance i'm using atm is 10 chunks iirc, this shot shows off the (incomplete) perimeter wall i made a start on, still some work to do on what is there now as well as getting it built on the other sides, i started this as a break from building the main castle.

      slightly off topic, new minecraft skin beign used, no long rocking the Ruby Rose, replaced with Neo...what can i say, she is my fav character from the show after all. took a selfie on the throne, it wasn't until a few minutes ago i realize i should have changed it to Nora for this...

      so that more or less what is built so far...

      still got the rear of the castle itself to build, wall need completing, small village needs building, inside needs decorating, dungeons need to be built as do the kitchens and there are several other things i need to do so it can function as a few lets plays.

      like the Prison i built this should hopefully serves several game types or styles of the same game, one because they can be interesting in how the feel of the area changes depending on what you are doing, plus its better justification for making something that is A. big, B. Takes ages to build, and C. because it a challenge.

      taken about 18 hours of building to get this far.

    • Minecraft Prison

      4 years ago



      ok i'm not a big minecraft fan, i don't play it on survival as it not my style of fun but i like building things in it.

      last year i built a prison in my 360 version, which will eventually go to my xbox one version when i can be bothered to do it. no real reason for building it other than to build it, classic case of "i want to, so i did".

      like most things i built it with no real aim and made it as i went, while doing so i thought up way it could be useful and ended up with 3 lets plays for The Good Guy Gamers, but no one really plays on the xbox consoles in the group any more so a few months ago i rebuilt a smaller version in the GGG pc server. we played the games had a bit of fun and , i'll admit, i fucked up a few times, but for my first time hosting a GGG game night (2nd over all) i thought it went well....

      fast forward to a couple of days ago and a lot of thinking i came up with a thought, i could improve the place with what i found out in the games.....i got a bit carried away and i made it bigger....a lot bigger...

      on top of the now bigger prison i also came up with 2 more games, 1 of which is totally new and i'm not sure why i hadn't thought of it sooner, the other is just another variant of 2 of the original 3. 5 games for a single building...not bad imo.

      For everyone who played the last time, here is what you can expect when we come to play it again with the new layout, @beepbep and @killerkel know about the expansion but it their call on when it gets used

      the extension from the outside doesn't look any different, because it isn't i have cleared some of the forrest near the main gate and added a lava pool for gubbins destruction.

      when you go inside the guard house is the same, although i've fixed the low roof problem we had

      the reception area is also no different, the first cell room has changed slightly, the stairs leading to one of the exercise yards has been shortened (using stairs instead of the slabs) there is also now another cell under them, the double iron doors have changed to a single door, there is also a 2nd door now further up the room.

      The main cell however has changed, @McDom (one of the 4 or 5 GGG members who had alook today, confirmed my expected reaction but doing exactly what i thought he would.

      the slabbed stairs either side of the door are gone and replaced with some more compact stairs within the cell sections, the tower is mostly unchanged other than the few blocks because i'm boring and think it looks better, however i've dug a massive hole and added another 3 floors to the building. there is a bridge from the main door to the tower, said tower and its spiral stair case have been extended to the new floor and can be used as an escape route, there are 4 ways up and down the now 6 floors of the main complex, they are however still confined in order for the place to still provide a challenge.

      in addition to the main area there is now a third Cell block added, taking up the space under the main exercise yard it covers the lower 3 floors, main points to look at are there are 3 stairs in the block itself with a 4th just outside. there are a total of 6 exits, 3 door on the far side, 2 on the stairs on the nearest side and a spiral stair case going up to the exercise hard (continuing up the watch tower its under)

      there is also a small change to all the cells, none of them have torches in them anymore so monster spawning inside the cells is possible but i've not tested it out to be sure, lighting in general has become an issue, but i like the atmosphere it gives the place, i mean its a prison not a theme park.

      i have had a count and found there to be a total of 268 cells, about 280 chests, and 536 beds. plus a shit ton of torches lighting the place inside and out (some i'll be removing because it looks dumb)

      i think that covers everything, the games, old and new i can explain when we come to playing it, if you want to check it out feel free to do so, you can find it on the GGG server (you need to be white listed) and the portal you need to use is on the lowest floor on the right hand side, select "prison run" and it will spawn you right outside

      Thanks to Kel for helping out with the 3rd cell block a bit, saved me a few hours filling and digging, and thanks to Dom and the others who have had a look for their nice words about it, sorry but i've forgotten who you were/your rt usernames.

      Have fun, and remember, don't be a dick, we have a place to keep you now.

    • Story Time - CAD

      4 years ago


      OK, the following is going to be a fairly long read, as are the other Story Time entries i've made, but it something i've become interested in so you will need to read all of it if you want to at least try to learn something about me.. I can't say it will make complete sense and i can't help that but this is the best way i can think of explaining it.

      the TL:DR version is however quite simple:
      I'm doing it because i can, and i am showing people because i can.

      at the time of typing this i currently have 114 renders (these are the high def pictures that show you a rough idea on what a part would look like if it was made) actual cad files i have are 95, this includes the part assembly files where i have put parts "together". this doesn't count the files from the first program i used to get started however, not that i made many.

      This started out as something to do, nothing more than messing around in my spare time, making random things just to see if i could. a friend of mine got a 3d printer last year and this is why i started at all, it was a case of curiosity more than anything else.

      this was how it was but like anything, the interest changed, for CAD it was building the Ruby Rose RC car, you can find it own Story Time lower down aswell as a picture of it in the images tab. i came upto 2 problems, the first was the motor, the shaft was quite long and stopped me fitting the gear cover, there were 4 options:

      i could cut a hole in the gear cover, but i didn't want dirt getting into it.

      I could have cut the end of the motor shaft off, but what if i wanted to sell it? i'd lower the value more than i had already

      i could get some washer to space it out.....this motor i huge and heavy, it would have bent the screws without support else where.

      i went with the final option, design a simple spacer, one that would go between the motor and motor mount, bring the motor into the chassis by 10mm, enough to be able to fit the gear cover but keep the support the motor needed...i sent the file to my mate and he printed it out for me, at the time i had him make up a simple mount that i could use to mount my go pro at the back for a different filming angle at meets, some of you will have seen this already.

      at the time i was very happy, CAD had brung something to me that i couldn't do before, custom parts, i had been into this hobby for 9 years (at the time of this being typed, i'm just afew months off from being in the hobby for a decade) in them 9 years this was the first part i hadn't bought from a shop or off a shelf, but in my hand i had something i was unable to find, something that came from my own mind.

      the 2nd problem came in the form of mounting screw holes for the esc not lining up and the gear box stopping it from sitting flat, in came the cad program and i had a plate made, because i didn't want it cable tied.

      around the same time i worked out a few things, the first is i was enjoy the challenge of making things and doing it right, the second thing was that i wanted a 3d printer, and finally i worked out i may be able to make money from doing this if i could get it going.

      and that basically brings us to today. i've got several small projects on the go in terms of cad, the first is making a virtual rc car, much like the Ruby car mentioned above, the reasons are simple enough, i can change the colours of the car and plan out the other cars i have in mind with out having to buy anything. and i may even be able to print out new part if i break them, asuming i have a 3d printer and the tech was suitable for said part, would be cheaper over all.

      i'm also making cad files of everyday things, mugs, spoons, plates and so on, what better way to replace a broken mug than to just print out a new one?

      i'm also designing upgrade and bling parts for rc cars, and when i can get the money to start producing them i hope to turn it into a small business, even if it just pays for the hobby i enjoy. it may work out, it may not, but at least i'd have given it a shot.

    • Ruby Rose RC Car

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      I can't draw to save my life, nor do i have much interest in tying to learn how to.

      so i went for something i know far more about, starting buying the parts for this before the red trailer was even released, in the end i changed my plans of the build to match that of Ruby Rose's character.

      long story short i changed out the idea of fitting an engine to an electric motor, making it quieter (like Ruby can be) and also means i can get a lot more speed out of it (Ruby's Sembiance)

      colour theme never changed, black and red but i replaced some of the white ruby has for silver to give it a bit of shine in places and to split up the red and black a bit (i often run a 3 colour theme, 2 main and a 3rd to add some interest)

      in light of finding out ruby made crescent rose i can into a few issues so in that spirit i made up some parts myself on a cad program which i had a mate print out on his 3d printer.

      the shell i also painted myself, normally done with masking tape and spray cans i went for using free hand and a paint brush instead, attempting to mimic rubys drawing style, didn't work out like i hopped but i guess it could pass as is.

      Some of you may have already seen this on Twitter afew weeks ago.

      anyway, thats enough talking, here are some pictures -




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    • Words of the Conflicted

      4 years ago


      Very few people know me on here, even fewer, if any, know me well.

      i live very much to myself, i like saying what i'm doing and what i want to do sure, but feelings and my personal thoughts i tend to keep to myself, talking about it works for people, acting on them works for others, but my own view is its my life, what happens in my life and what it makes me think or feel are just that, mine.

      yesterday i got out my new (ish) large scale car, aka "Ruby", for the very first time, details of which are in a journal lower down if you want the full story but i will explain a bit of it here for context, along with abit of my own past.

      in our lives we all suffer with loss, and as life continues that loss follows, friends, family, pets, and so on. some of us will see loss such as these much less than others, some will see it more, and if they are lucky they will only ever know the loss of their own life.

      i have witnessed my nans partner suffer and degrade from the effects of cancer, a difficult thing to watch people you know, love, respect change from a strong person, into someone who need assistance almost constantly, before finally even the assistance isn't enough to keep them around. i was given a very nice swiss army knife from this person, several years ago now, but the knife is still here, right in front of me now, used to open bottles and cans, even letters....no longer seen as a tool to get things done, but more like a memory of a person i knew and loved.

      on the other side of the spectrum comes my former Step Father, a man i had known since the age of 6 he was a large part of my life, the father of my brother and sister, the man that made my mum happy, even if i didn't see why. i never liked having him around until someone drunk in a car made that possible. i never understood how adults could say "you don't know what you have until its gone"...i do now, ironic how hindsight can change your opinion on someone when you can no longer act on it. it was another hard time for me, not knowing who to talk to, or even if i should...

      i bought my first large scale car in this time, and used it to let my mind wander, into an area i understood much better than the morbid tone life and family interaction had become....i guess in away i now see that car less of a toy and more a memory as well, my reason for not getting rid of it set by not wanting to loose the thoughts of a better time...

      and now i find myself in the same boat once again, with my new large scale rc, a car i started building when i was looking into RT more, and turned to RWBY and got interested in making the car more like ruby rose, but as a car...maybe because i saw a lot of myself in her character...both of us a left handed, we put more care and attention in to objects more than making friends, feeling that what we do are more important than what we say....but i digress,

      a happy time to use a car for the first time, questions of what will happen, will i like it, will i break it, did i build it right??? how do i know unless i drive it???

      i enjoyed using her for the first time, it wasn't perfect but i can work with it and improve, just like ruby and her training at beacon....after getting home though, something totally different had crossed my mind, something that may just stop me from selling her on like i have done with so my cars and models in the past... how would this had played out without looking at RT after getting interested in RvB (a story for another time i think) and finding RWBY and the red trailer...

      before RWBY i was just making a large rc that i wanted my fav colour...i changed the shell design to work with a RWBY theme.... i change the engine for a electric motor so it should be fast but (fairly) quiet like ruby herself.... i became a bigger fan of RWBY than i have with any other show of video i have seen, only RWBY has had the effect of me buying shirts based on the show.....

      I guess by now its clear where i'm going with this.... i find myself being confused with my own thoughts.. the loss of Monty sucked, i know that, but then why am i making this connection with my car? i don't know Monty as a person, i've never met him, i'd have liked too...but why is someone i know only through videos and things he has made effecting my life so much to associate him with a toy car?

      i suppose you could question how that car would have turned out without RWBY, maybe the connection with a character of a show is what i'm thinking of and not the man who created it...

      i changed alot of the ideas for the car for what Monty saw for Ruby Rose.... in away the design is as much his as it is mine, even if most of it was bought from a shelf.....

      i live very much to myself, i like saying what i'm doing and what i want to do sure, but feelings and my personal thoughts i tend to keep to myself, what happens in my life and what it makes me think or feel are just that, mine.

      But sometimes what i think, have a meaning that should be shared.

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