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    • Sheila - 1st of the Named

      4 years ago


      Story time #2

      As i mentioned in my last journal i had another HPI Baja 5b model, having owned her for 4 and a half years she holds several personal records:

      Oldest Current model
      Longest Time I've Owned 1 Particular Model
      Highest Jump Made
      Most Expensive Crash

      She is also the first RC car in the large scale category that i've owned, the first petrol driven RC as well as the first RWD RC i've owned.

      As well as all of the above Sheila is the RC were the naming of my cars began, and so we come to our story.

      shortly after getting Sheila a memory of being shown a machinima show by my father got me searching the internet for it, eventually i found it and both me and my brother got interested, this show turned out to be Red vs Blue, which at the time i didn't know about, nor did i know a lot about RT or AH.

      at this time it was clear to most of the people i knew that i loved RC as a hobby, and this HPI Baja 5b was the queen of them all, and i hated her to get damaged, and so i bring you to episode 9 of season 1, specifically the end of the episode where the tank (Sheila) gets blown up and caboose shouts "Sheila noooo!", tucker is confused and so on.

      it is at this point a joke between me and my bro comes in, to name the baja "Sheila" and when i filmed her getting broken at the end of the video, to recreate Caboose and Tucker's little exchange (albeit with small differences), just for a bit of funny comedy and because we could.

      while the video never took place the joke carried on for a little while and eventually i just started calling the baja "Sheila" out of habit, after a while only naming one of my (at the time) 3 models seemed rather stupid, so i named the other 2 as well.

      since then almost every car i got ended up with a name, all from what started out as a joke. now its become more of a personal tradition or a habit i can't break and while no one else seems to understand why i do it, or even know what car i'm talking about, it brings a smile to my face so i carry on.

    • Flash play sound

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      i use youtube alot, which runs on flash player.

      for awhile now the sound setting for flash player keep getting changed, lowering the volume bit by bit until i can only just hear it, and i have to go into the mixer and put it back in order to be able to hear youtube and other things that require flash player, and i have to do this atleast 3 times a day because it keeping fucking changing.

      never used to have this problem so what is causing it and how can i stop it, because its seriously pissing me off at this point.

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    • Ruby - My 1/5th Scale Electric Buggy

      4 years ago


      Story time (this is going to be a long read, just to warn you in advance)

      This not my first of these HPI Baja 5b models, my other one, named sheila, has been in my RC fleet for the last 4.5years, back then i didn't know much about the model or even the petrol power side of the hobby.

      Skip forward to February 2012, i had a min wage job, still living in my mother's house, with a lot of disposable income to spend on my hobbies, i decided to build another baja, but with a big engine in it so it was fairly fast, but i didn't want to just buy another one, that wouldn't be fun, instead i chose to take what i had learned from running Sheila buying the parts when i could and putting upgrades i knew I'd need or want right from the start, and so i did, opting to have something different to the blue, silver, and purple of Sheila, and go for something Red (my fave color), silver, and black, and with the amount of red i had in mind i gave her the name "Ruby".

      Life had other plans, i lost my job and getting a new one became a problem, money became tight and a project build that was to take a few months lasted for 2 years and 3 months. i had got a fair pile of parts before this though, and while i had wanted to build it all in one go, i was on day bored and a pile of parts turned into something at least looking like a baja:

      Then comes November 2012, and the arrival of the "Red" Trailer, at the time anime was new to me, and i liked what i saw to begin with, more so as i was just getting interested in RT as well, and slowly i looked into it more and more, and i eventually discover the character i saw, happened to have the same name as my half built baja and the same colour theme, the plans changed over night and a combination was worked out.

      The set up of the car changed dramatically, no longer was it to be powered by a loud engine and messy fuel, it will be powered by an electric motor and batteries, faster and quieter, just like the character of Ruby Rose that the build had become based on. All the petrol related parts were removed, some went to Sheila, others sold of to fund different parts.

      over many months the odd part got added, she eventually came to the job of fitting a body shell, which required painting, by this time i was a RWBY fan, i had some shirts and used the Beowolf design as a base, these shell are normally paint with masking tape and spray cans but i wanted to try something new, something Ruby herself may have done (Fun fact, I am left handed, as is Ruby) so out came a paint brush, i'll admit, i didn't do a good job, but i learned from it and could do better next time, but i have ended up with something that i had done myself (often i get my shells painted by a professional, but gets expensive)

      its has take along time to get her finish but at last the time has come for the maiden run, of which will be videoed when it comes to it. looking into being able to use one of the songs from the RWBY soundtrack for it but no doubt it won't happen just like everyone else i ask.

      i even have a camera for some first person action.

    • Lets Talk

      4 years ago


      So in my last journal i mentioned that gaming is not my main hobby, which is still true.

      i also said if it was my main hobby i'd be more interesting, which is probably not even a little true.

      that said i figure why limit myself to just talking about gaming, wheres the fun. i want to use the journal more, i'm not interesting but someone may think different (although i doubt it).

      so gaming is the 2nd hobby, in 3rd i have photography and video filming, and in 4th i have anime, but i'm only just starting to get into that.

      oh wait, i missed out my main hobby, that would be anything and everything Radio Controlled, or RC.

      mostly i'm into cars, i currently own 8 rc cars of varying sizes, from being able to sit on my hand, to taking up a whole computer desk and more.

      i also have a mini quad copter, but i don't often use it.

      i'll leave it here for now, but at the lest this will give you an idea on what i'll be talking about, you can wake up and leave now if you wish.

    • Minecraft Construction

      4 years ago


      Journal entry #2.

      Yea, it not often i have something to say, i'm really quite boring.

      Recently i've been spending a fair bit of time building a lets play idea i had for The Good Guy Gamers to have ago with, if they ever stop playing the pc version that is.

      Like many of my construction projects, there was no plan and no real end goal to aim for, so with that in mind, along with the inspiration of Alcatraz and several films i started building a prison. after getting the out side edge worked out in the middle of a large and fairly deep section of water, the design in my head seemed too small, so i set about filling the center in and then digging it all out again, this was boring and so took me about a month of on off work to do, i then started the actual building itself, using my usual method of frame working the outside walls, before filling them and the floors in, then working out the inside as i went. end result turned out fairly well, even though the water removing turn out to be a waste of time as i didn't use the space (there is a massive sealed off basement, with no safe way down under the prison) but it does mean i won't have to do it later when i go to making the facility larger, but here are some pics of what i've ended up with.



      At the time i had no use for building it, but since starting and finishing, i've come up with 3 ideas should i even choose to hoat a 360 minecraft game in the future.

      This was built even though i still have Ice Cube, Wipeout, Mega Tower, and Underground/Subway system i've still not finished building.

      Shortly before typing this @AshleyBren came on wanting to rebuild the Wool Challenge she had built many months ago, something i didn't have a problem with, while i left her too it i soon found myself bored so started to help along with @Phels who i was showing the newly finished prison to.

      Ashley quickly proved to be doing a fair bit more than just re-building the site, she went quite mad with the whole thing, but the result is fairly cool to look at and after myself, ashley, phels and @Gn0m3 alittle later on we ended up with something you won't be walking past without noticing any time soon.



      So theres abit of an update for you all that are interested, shame gaming isn't my main interest really, if it was, i may be more interesting and have more to talk about lol.

    • Loading Forum problem

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      luck i can get into this one so i can ask for help easily.

      i'm having a problem loading some of the forums on the site, some of them work find but some, like the "General Disscusion" forum and "RT Originals" forum, when i click on them i get nothing but a blank screen and i can't work out why.

      i've clearing the cache and cookies twice and its made no difference, anyone got some bright ideas on why i can't load this forums?

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    • Before i start showing it off.....

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      some of you know that i'm into Radio Controlled models and that its my main hobby (gaming comes 2nd in my life)

      i'm also a fan of RWBY, now for almost 2 years i've been buying the parts to build another RC with a red, black and silver colour theme, this all started before i knew about RWBY and as a tradition i name all my cars, just so happened i call this one Ruby lol

      now to my point, i've had the body shell sat here for months and i'm finally at a place where the car is getting finished so i'm going to paint it but i'm wanting some opinions from you guys, because i know you lot better than anyone else on this site.

      i was thinking of keeping it simple, like they have with the t-shirt design (which i have), but what i want to ask is this:

      should i go further and actually paint Ruby on the shell and tie the background in with both?

      i know this isn't gaming related but i don't know of any other RTfans that i can ask, see the picture below of what i have to work with, i've spent alot of time making the colours used go in a good place to make it look decent, think i've done a good job but i'm sure not everyone will think so, but it is mine so screw them people lol.


      any thoughts at all? once the shell is done and mounted i was going to send a picture of it to monty and the others (because why not) with some of the RWBY stuff i've bought over the last year (including the Ruby Rose figurine

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    • 5 years ago


      Ok so first journal entry, so i'm not sure what i'm doing or how it works.... which covers social media for me in a nutshell.

      shall start this off with another first, in the form of being the host of a game for TheGoodGuyGamers group, which i would link if i knew how to on this site, but i don't so use the search function instead

      game shall be taking place on my minecraft world.

      game of find the tower followed by the wool challenge.

      felix baumgatner or grillball at the end if people are up for it, if not we can all ways go into creative mode or make something up as we go.

      space is limited unfortunately so its going to be first in get the place, which sucks but it can't be avoided.

      shall be starting at around 10pm UK time, which i think is about 5pm in the center of the US (feel free to correct me)

      see you there (and maybe i'll make more of these journal things in the future......maybe....

    • GTA V Talk

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      rather than take another topic over thought it would be a better idea to have a GTA V thread, bit like the mine craft one we have.

      been enjoying the 2 games i've had so far with you all (damn you Ash for taking me out last night at the final corner).

      GTA V is currently my main game of choice so i'm often found on it, so i thought a thread to show off what myself and all of you have been doing or have done on the game would be worth while.

      snapmatic photos welcomed.

      main thing i've been doing is A. getting rank 100 which i final did last night and B. enjoying the creator, races specificly.

      would like afew people to try out the playlist of 5 races i've made for some feedback if anyone has the time, they are only my first attempts and i'm hoping to improve them if i can but i need peoples input for it.

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    • 2019 years ago

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