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      2 years ago


      So while i was streaming i got a message from a friend, seems i'm the Featured User.

      so.... yea i dunno what to put here.

    • Now i can get started on the real stuff...

      2 years ago


      Remember 3 months ago when i talks about Warship Warriors? well just scroll down to fine the essay on it.

      i'll keep this one much shorter so here is the completion list:

      World - 100%

      World's history - 90% 

      Faction info - 95%

      Main Characters - 99%

      Support Characters - 100%

      Major Events - 80%

      Story - 100%

      Random Info - 100%

      basically i'm at the point where i can take everything i got so far and start writing the 2 scripts i'll need to make the show.

      both will have all the dialog of the show, but one will be just for me and will tell em how each shot will play out, the 2nd is what the voice actors will get and have the way things are said instead.

      the general plan here is to get the scrit made and the voice acting done, then the real reording starts.

      My plan is to have most of this done by the end of the year. but what i plan and what takes place are 2 very different things, so who knows.

      main thing, having never done somthing so complex or in depth, i'm proud of myself.

    • Warship Warriors

      2 years ago


      This is something that i've been planning for awhile now.

      what started as abit of a laugh has changed form afew times, from a one off "wonder if i can do this" thought to a pilot episode, to a clip show concept.

      now it a full on show.... yea.... ambition is good right?

      TL:DR = Making Machinima, because fuck you/i can. & scroll to the bottom for a trailer / teaser

      ok so i've spent afew days now wondering what to do, and honestly the more i tohught about it the more it kinda worked. now i'm not great and comign up with my own thing so i ended up drawing alot on stuff i watch, so you'll see alot of paralels to stuff like Arppegio of Blue steel, RWBY, RvB, Kantai Collection, Black Lagoon, and many other web shows and anime i've watched these last 3 or 4 years.

      as it stands right now i have the basics figured out, i know the over all flow of the world prior to the show starting, so for the history, i got the big picture which i'll be adding more detail to as i go so i can referance it in episodes... cause we all like exposition don't we.

      as for the show itself i've worked out the main "characters", and got a rough idea of how they will be in terms of their personality, again this will be something i'll give more detail to as i move on and work out the flow of thing and come to understand how each one thinks (the biggest hurdle of The G-Town Adventure i'm also working on)

      as for the show i got a good idea of its direction, i have a good idea on the begining/introduction and i also got a fairly good grasp of the major elements and plot lines i want to follow, i'm also certain of the final destination for the show that wi'll comprise the final episodes.

      for the show as i've mentioned many times to various people, i'll be doing it machinima style and its being treated as a jump start for the G-Town Adventure, a way of learning how to put a show together that doesn't take as much learning. by doing it with the use of a game i can ignore the challenges of TGA's need of 3d modeling and animation, since the game engine will be doing all that for me i won't need to learn it before having something to show for my time.

      as for the game itself i'll be using "World of Warships", for though who don't know, the game is made by Wargaming, the same company did the very successful "World of Tanks" and the lesser liked "World of Warplanes", WoWs is currently in open beta and has been since sept 2015.

      it is a free to play game with tier progression, in short, battle get exp and credits - spend exp reserching upgrades for ship, use credits to buy upgrades - eventually get enough exp to get to next ship/tier, -use gredits to buy ship - repeat process until you get to Tier 10 and then start/continue another nation or different ship class.

      being free to paly progression becomes a massive grind, game play wise its a cross between arcade and realistic, if you think of call of duty as arcade and use operation flash point as you realistic, if you wanted a mix of those then you play battlefield (ok not the best description but thats the best i could come up with)

      technical side of things come in the form of getting the shots i need involves certain steps and is probably the only real challenge that i can think of right now, so for those interested in what it will take to get what is essentially gameplay footage (albeit co-ordinated gameplay) here is a rough idea of the process.

      1. I need people that have played the game enough to have gotten the ships i want to use in the show, be that someone with a cruiser of some kind all the way upto someone who has the T10 battleship of this specific nation with this specific camo on it and flying this specific flag combination.

      2. those people also need to add a trainning room mod as well. SHORT VERSION: logistically it makes sense. LONG VERSION: This allows us to get into a lobby of sorted without having to deal with people actually playing the game, it also lessens the effect it has on preoples progress and stats (i.e. each battle costs credits which are used for buy modules, upgrades, camo, ships,etc trainning room dosen't cost these as so doen't mean making the game means playing for x hours so we can get x numbe rof shots for the show) it also means we get more time to get what we need, a normal battle is upto 20 mins, then points max out/hit 0 or one team is completely sunk, which ever is first, since trainning room can have upto 60 mins and we won't be shooting each other all the time,we can focus on getting it done and no worry about a destroy coming around an island and taking out the main ship of interest wth 15 torpedos mid recording.

      3. once the video side of it all is done i can go through all the voice acting (so far the only voice  actor that will 100% be in the show is myself, because its my show) and i can check everything people have done, getting people to do things again if not quite done right for the show, i.e. something said in the wrong tone for the scene it is in. i'll then fit all these together so i get an understanding of the flow and loads of other long and complicated words that make it sound like i know what i'm doing.

      4. once the voice is done me and all my game playing helpers can jump into the training room and do what we need, which in reality is a nice way of saying i get to boss people around for afew hours. baiscally i'll instruct people to do the things i need to get shots of, which will range from "sit here, don't move, don't shoot, got afk if you need to" to "go here, then here, the here, then when here shoot in this direction while turning this way until you are going to here"

      5. once everything is done i pretty much take over everything, since each "match" is recorded and can be played again through the client i can then go back and this is where the actually recording takes place, using the cinamatic camera i can get all the shots that people will see in the actual show once its done.

      6. with the voice acting and video recordings done i can put them all together, it around this point that the show will really come together, it will be around this time that things like trasitions and filler footage will be added, so while this is going on i'll be in and out of the game possibly with other people to get extra shots as and when i need them.

      7. with the basic i guess you could call it the bare bones show, video and voice acting i'll edit it all into the rough cut, going through each episode, taking part that don't work out, adding context and establishing shots, aswell as adding all the sound effects, credits, and all that jazz.

      8. once each episode is finished i'll be handing it over to a musician who will then watch each episode and we'll get the music made up for the action scenes and pretty much anywhere i think is too quiet/needs a sick beat....ok never saying the last bit again....

      9. once the music is added it just the finial touches, getting the intro and credits finalized, making sure i didn't miss anything out and so one, once i'm happy it will all go on youtube and be available to watch by anyone who wants to.

      gonna be a long process but it should be fun, if you wondering, here is the trailer i made for this.

      it was made for the good guy gamer 24hr live stream and was play with other stuff the group made dur ing the breaks, it also served as a get test and learning phase for what i'd have to do to make the show itself, oh and that logo is 99% likely to change for the end result, so don't look at it too much lol.

    • GGG Extra Life Minecraft Info

      2 years ago


      Since playing the Minecraft game for extra life i had a couple questions both on stream and off about it and the surrounding area.

      As said in the Minecraft Quiz at the begining of the stream by Kel i've been known to be one of the biggest builders in the group.

      so below is a list of facts about some of the builds ive done first, some may know these already, some may be new to you, so here we go.

      1. Prison Run is the first build i did on the server and was originally build on the 360 but was never used. it was later copied block for block on the pc server and was the first actual lets play i was apart of on the pc.

      2. everyone knows about Remnant Castle, it also well known to be my fav build of all. currently it is being rebuilt to be bigger and more interesting, however there are 5 copies of the original spread out over the server, all in varing forms depending on what they are being used for. what people may not know however is that there are 3 other sites i originally planned on building a castle at before settling on the one everyone has seen.

      3. Skee Ball is the smallest build i've done, i watched the AH video of it and copied it exactly right after as a break from building remnant castle, it took 4 hours to build, then another 4 hours and the help of at least 4 people to actually get it to work.

      4. Bombing Run was the first build using world edit, it took 20mins to build. it only been played once and i had internet issues and couldn't join in, i'm yet to see people playing it.

      5. My Gtown house has been rebuilt 6 times, though the sign only says 4

      6. There is a lets play somewhere on the server that i almost finished, but i since lost its location and can no longer find it.

      7. the original remnant castle was built using no commands at all, since at the time i didn't have them, 5 other people helped me building and decorating,  even so it took over 150 hours to build, not including the help.

      8. the crystal arena used in last years extra life started as one of the 3 sites of remnant castle before being abandoned, it was later built up specifically for the stream.

      that all i'll be saying on the other stuff for the time being, so how about the area around this years extra life game? well here:

      1. Its called Good Game City, or GGC for short

      2. it is the 2nd largest build i have done, it also not finished.

      3. the tower that the portal in my house basement leads to has been rebuilt 4 times, the one everyone saw was built 4 days before the event.

      4. the city currently has the following: Docks, complete with a dry dock, International Airport, Naval Base and the beginings of an aircraft carrier, motel, incomplete shopping center, inner city train station, and obviously, the school.

      5. construction of the city started almost a year ago, it was one of 4 sites i lost the locations of, so the current city was started roughly 8 months ago, the original site is still out there somewhere and i spent a full 2 weeks looking for it before starting again.

      6. the city is the longerst running build project i have on the server, and although its only the 2nd largest (and growing) it is the site of the most building, the largest build was mostly done with copy and paste of mine and other peoples original lates plays.

      7. this city is also built right next to the 3rd location that was going to be remnant castle, the frame work of which is still there and will likely become part of the city in the future.

      8. when i originally found the area i have placed a marble on my W key and left to get a drink, and didn't come back for sometime, when i came back and decided on the area i was about 95,000 blocks from Gtown on both the X and Y axis. it is the furthest build from GTown on the server as far as i am aware.

      Now the school:

      1. the school was originally built next to Heist, i decided shortly after that it would fit in at the city more and copied it over, however a server crash meant i had to start again.

      2. the school actually has a name "Yokosuka Academy", "Yokosuka" was taken from the anime "Appeggio of Blue Steel: ARS Nova" in which the port of Yokosuke becomes the location for the Kongo Class based Battleship "Kirishima"'s introduction (as well as other events). Kirishima is my fav character of the show.

      3. the school and game was based heavily on Japanese anime, most notably "Asassination Classroom", "Clannad" and "A Certain Scientific Railgun" <- that last one gave the school half it name, as the location is "Academy City"

      4. The schools outer looks was based on the currently indevelopment game "Yandere Simulator" which i've been following for some time, this game was also one of the main reasons this was thought up and played a large part in the game itself.

      5. it was decided the the number of rooms in the school would make finding people difficult, so most of them got blocked off.

      6. the school grounds and the swimming pool/sports hall were not going to be completed in time for the stream, so i found a blueprint online for an excavator design and made the ground look like a construction site as best i could, i later had problems and wasn't able to finish this change in time but it was enough.

      7. now the game has been finished, the contruction aspects have now been removed, i changed the color theme of one excavator and put in in my gtown houses front yard as a reminder.

      8. the roof of the school was originally completely wood, when i found out what the texture pack was going to be for the stream much of this roof was replaced with daylight sensors, which looks like solar pannels in the texture pack.

      so there you go, might be interesting to some of you, hopefully you found something new out, i don't know, if you wanna ask questions then you are welcome to do so, but before you do, here are 2 extra facts before i go.

      1. The School and GGC will be visited again in the future as it will be used for my King Lets Play

      2. until now the GGC was only known be a select few people, however there are 3 builds that are completely unknown to all except myself, i don't even have them on my home list so the mods and admins can't find it, just in case. 1 of them is almost ready to play.


    • Post Extra Life Stream Report

      2 years ago


      So its now 1:20am on the 7th of november and the Extra life stream i did is long over.

      so how'd my first charity stream, and first 24 hour stream go? well it could have been much better but over all it went better than expected... thats the short version... now for the long version.

      the stream started at 12 noon on saturday, starting off playing Rocket League i did some 2v2, 3v3, i did a game of hoop and the hocket one too (i liked the hockey) i also found an interesting thing, this game is alot more fun when i'm playing people of my own skill level... or at least close to my skill level...you know, cause i can actually do something and i'm not sat there feeling like i'm not needed... but thats beside the point... i also did the power up "wtf just happened" game mode.... that actually was a shit ton of fun and i'll be playing that with the good guy gamers when it next comes up... maybe... problably not.

      i played afew hour before then going to overwatch... for clarity, i've not played overwatch in at least 2 months, maybe more. i completely missed the halloween event. yes, i sucked at playing, but i had much more fun, sometimes you just need toleave a game for awhile if your not having fun, and now i can paly and enjoy it again so i'll probably play over watch abit more now.

      also got a donation of $20 from one BeepBep...which was cool, alert didn't work right away but i fixed it....this was the first and only donation i got (which is 100% more than i expected to get so i'm still happy) i may have gotten more but you'll see why not later (you know, unknown and stuff, you never know what i'd have gotten)

      anyway after overwatch was Stardew Valley, yet another game i've not played for awhile so some things were new to me, like the choice of farm style, i went for the river because i liked fishing in the game, and i went for about 19 game days, pretty laid back, nothing overly interesting...in fact i got abit bored and sleepy so changed over to a game with abit more action to wake me up alittle... before that i had a dog on Extra Life Farm....named Emma... in honor of the only donator i had.

      by this time i'd been going about 11 hours, had afew breaks but it was at this time i played a game i play alot right now (for reasons i'll save for another post because surprises) and a game i streamed afew times already.... World of Warships....

      at this point, things start going south for a number of reasons. the first is, sleepy, so i made some poor life choices and often got my ass handed to me, one game had an ashole telling the other team where our carrier was. nothing overly bad until i noticed a problem with the stream itself something i was aware of but didn't fix before streaming.

      long story short, my setting were using too much of my graphics card which mean tthe cpu had to do some to compensate, the cpu does all the streaming, basically i was dropping frames left and right which is fine on shorter streams but on longer streams it builds up, so by the time i went back to stardew, the stream was about 1min behind, this is made worse avery game change.

      17 hours in though, playing stardew..... computer shuts off.... i'm tired at this point and it won't turn on... not even alittle bit...

      and this point i'm not sure what happened but while trying to get it to work i must have sucomed to the effect of no sleep and passed out.

      fast forward to 9:15pm on the 6th as i wake up, cables everywhere, laying on the floor, i realize the cause of the problem...

      the plugs to all my equipment is located under my desk... the same place my feet tend to go while playing. off the 6 plugs, 4 where loose (2 of them were for my monitors) and the 5ht was out completely.... that 5th plug went to my computer tower... so... yea.

      so there it is, over all, good time and for the first time of it it went well and i know some things for the future.

      1. move the fucking plugs away from my feet.

      2. settings of games need to be improved to avoid the dropped frames and stream dropping behind (normaly it about 12seconds, after 4 hour on WoWs it can go to around 17 seconds. at about 100.000 frames that makes for a 60 second delay)

      3. be alittle more active in promoting the stream, i only have 20 followers so most people that came in over the space of the 17hours had either found it through the few people the retweeted my tweet or had been looking for extralife streams and came across it randomly.

      so there we are, not the greatest result but something to improve on next time... and yes, there will 100% be a next time.

    • Live Stream

      3 years ago


      Few changes to the first live stream thing.

      1, new poll with fewer games here: http://www.strawpoll.me/10437922

      2, i have a date and time, friday/tomorrow at 4pm uk time

    • First Live Stream

      3 years ago


      Over the last few days i've been reading and testing my computer and internet connection regarding live streaming and it all seems that its something i'll be able to do. so i'm going to give it ago later this week or maybe the weekend.

      The only problem is i don't know what game to play so i made a poll for every game i have set up (for now) and that are ready/almost ready to be live streamed for people to vote on.

      Follow this link: http://goo.gl/DmNTKu to get to the poll (and the 13 odd games i have set up) and vote for which ever game you would prefer to watch me play, you can vote for as many as you wish, i also left an "other" option to allow you to put in a game i may not have thought about myself just in case)

      Right now this is looking to be a one off, basically just to see how it goes but if i enjoy it i'll be doing more. For those who would like to watch and join in when i do finally do the stream i'll be doing it on Twitch, so if you want to keep in the know about it you can do 2 things.

      1: You can keep an eye on my youtube channel where i'll post a video announcing the date and time of the live stream afew days in advance, that channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkmJaaq_JGW2MGzil...

      2: Follow my Twitch account and get a notification when the channel goes live, that is here: https://www.twitch.tv/v_thunderwolf_v/profile

      As a final note, the game played will be dependant on my mood, the votes, and if it even works for streaming a the time.

      i.e. if the highest voted game could be rage inducing and i've had a bad day, i'll be playing something else.

      thanks guys.

    • Username Change

      3 years ago


      So i've been using PimpLippy for my username in gaming for a number of years, but it happens that i actually hate that name, and i have recently been changing them all to my normal username, the one i do like and use most often, or at least a variation of it.

      So from this point on i'll be using "v_Thunderwolf_v" as my used name on the RT site.

      steam already uses "Thunderwolf"

      i changed it on War Thunder

      Minecraft used "v_Thunderwolf_v" anyway

      World of Warships and World of Tanks also use a variation fo "Thunderwolf" anyway.

      While Xbox Live is still "v_FireHound_v" (Pimplippy got changed by MS) it will be changed to "v_Thunderwolf_v" again once i have the money that MS asks for...when ever that will be.

      as for why i used a name i didn't like, long story short is it was originally used as it was a nickname given by some mates, for reasons i won't explain it, over time it started to sound more like an insult than a nickname. i kept using it as everyone in the game world knew me better as Lippy but now, it pisses me off.

      so i changed it., if that confused people, so be it, it better than using a name i dislike intently.

      side note, would like it if people stopped calling my Lippy/Pimp/etc and start calling me wolf, Thunder or TW instead....cause reasons.

      Thanks everyone.

    • The G-Town Adventure

      3 years ago


      I'll split this up for people who don't want to really know too much about this and want to be a surprise.

      Long story short i've had this idea for a web show of sorts in my head for some time and well now i'm actually doing something about it, and so far it been awesome.

      figured i'd tell people about it, as i'm enjoying doing this and i've had a fair few people asking me about it so here we go. i've split up the info abit so it upto you how much you learn.

      the following links go to documents on google drive for you to download and read in your own time.

      The first link explains the basic setting and plot line of the show, as well as character info on what i'm considering the main cast: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Wx2Zp6SwYhQWtYM...

      This link will give you a file containing the above and information on the other factions of the show: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Wx2Zp6SwYhSzIxN...

      This final link contains the same info as the 2 above, only this also has some location info as well, detailing areas and how they may/may not look: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Wx2Zp6SwYhSTJzd...

      so there we are, something i've been thinking about has actually gotten pretty far, in total i've been planning it for about 3 months but its only really taken shape in the last 2 or 3 weeks, so i'm kinda proud of myself.

      obviously i'm not going to tell you all everything, won't be any point watching it when/if i get it done if i did, but feel free to ask questions, pm or otherwise, don't really matter, long as it won't ruin the show for you, i'll answer it :)

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    • madmanmoe Keeper of Shenanigans

      2 years ago

      Ah, yet another human being F-ed by the RT powers that be.  Congrats on being F-ed big time.  Happy  FU day!

    • andytheciderman RTCyclist/Keeper of Wine

      2 years ago

      Happy FU day! GeeGeeGeeeeeeee  jack

    • OsageOrange

      2 years ago

      Welcome, Thunder, to the Featured User Club!

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      2 years ago

      Happy FU day!

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      2 years ago

      Not sure if you'll notice this, but you just got an Achievement down below:

      Congratulations for unlocking the Achievement: "Featured User!" Enjoy your 100 gamerscores!

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    • OsageOrange

      2 years ago

      Hey, managed ot catch the end of your stream, including the bit with a donation!  Gotta say that you were getting pounded in World of Warships

      • v_Thunderwolf_v A.K.A. PimpLippy

        2 years ago

        yea well the end of the stream wasn't actually ment to be the end, but after 17 hours (or there abouts) my computer turned off and wouldn't turn back on. i'll make a profile post all about it later on.

      • OsageOrange

        2 years ago

        It would explain why it seemed "over" when I got back from getting some water

    • gerito2014 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Haaaapppyyyyy Biiiiirthdaayyyyyy!!!

    • AshleyBren

      4 years ago

      WHY ARE YOU NOT ON MY FRIENDS LIST?!??!?!? *dies*

      • v_Thunderwolf_v A.K.A. PimpLippy

        4 years ago

        i didn't know we were friends?


    • BeepBep

      4 years ago

      Are you feeling warm? Are you feeling fuzzy? Well get ready to! (And then go see a doctor because those things aren't normal D:)

      Lipppppppppppy! Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so happy that you've been participating in our PC nights! I remember you from the Xbox days but we never got a chance to talk much. I feel like I'm getting to know you and it's great! You're a wonderful member of the GGG and your comments (and sometimes confusion at the other's antics - I'm right there with ya'!) are brilliant! Thank you for being wonderful and awesome~! :D


      • v_Thunderwolf_v A.K.A. PimpLippy

        4 years ago

        haha, thanks Beep.

        i would say something nice but i've been told to treat everyone equally and there are just too many people that annoy me, so it just easier to say nothing lol

    • Heyuinzebush FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      So I'm just casually catching up on all the daily fails from achievement hunter, and on the 23rd of jan, 2015 episode, I noticed a familiar gamertag/RT name who submitted the 3rd clip ... which was a gta v clip called "shoulda worn a seatbelt"...

      was this you? and if yes, congratulations! Otherwise disregard this message and replace it with hello.

      • v_Thunderwolf_v A.K.A. PimpLippy

        4 years ago

        pmsl yep that was me.

        thanks for pointing it out, you just made my day.

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