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    • A Little Help....

      5 years ago


      So I want to make a couple of new backgrounds and need Ideas. If you have any Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter themed ones you'd like or want please tell me, i'll make it.

      Some I am Going to Make:
      smiley9.gif Red vs. Blue Season 11
      smiley9.gif RWBY (possibly)
      smiley9.gif Some T-shirt Tuesday ones**

      ** I am going to start to look at the T-Shirt Tuesdays that The Risemonger has made. Also am going to make a background for all to come. All credit will go where credit is due, I just feel like it would be cool to have them in background form as well as shirt form.

    • RTX 2014 Planning

      5 years ago


      So i'm slowly realizing that that weekend is going to be like $2500 from airfare to hotel to food and entertainment. Man I should start saving up. But I definitely want to go and I am a definite definite. The only problem I will be alone and the only person who would go with me is my little brother but my parents wouldn't let me take him at all. This journal is all over the place so ignore the organization.

    • Updates..

      5 years ago


      So my first weekend was kind of a dead-end. No exercising was done. That's fine as long as I eat below my caloric limit. Besides this weekend being a complete drag today happened. So I woke up groggy as all hell then went to school. It was a same shit different day kind of deal, and i'm alright with that. When I got home I knew it was time to workout. I decided to use the handy-dandy treadmill again, as this will be my main tool I use. I punched in the numbers and boom I was in it. I guess the treadmill I have has different routines. It has a set thing for time and calorie burn but you would think it just does the same routine. Well I thought the same and I was mistaken, instead of a run, it was a brisk walk. Not bad eh.. but the incline, oh the incline. This workout didn't feel nearly as long as the first but after about 25 minutes of high incline my calves were burning. Then it ended with a nice jog which I was happy with after the "mountain climbing".

      So I guess you can say it went great!

      P.S. Man, my last couple of journals have these but its just a side note straying from the topic of the journal. In the coming weeks i'm going to start posting more backgrounds and other projects of mine done in illustrator. So be sure to look it up and criticize the shit out of me.

    • Cool Find...

      5 years ago


      I don't know if this is well known or not, but I'd thought I'd share...

      Have you ever wanted to set a background you downloaded?
      Yes! Well you probably open it in Windows Photo Viewer and then right-click and set.
      If I was right then stop doing that. Instead of that do this:
      So when you download the image file find it in your documents, then instead of setting it through the photo viewer, right-click the image file and set it that way.

      This makes the image its true resolution and creates a sharper looking image on screen

      Just thought I'd share.

      P.S. Have you ever wanted a RT themed background? Well I make them in illustrator and post them here If you want a special one don't hesitate to message me, I'll be more than happy to make it. Also if you need a special resolution just message me or comment on the image and I'll upload the resolution of your choosing.

      Well Thanks everyone!

    • Alternate Work Out

      5 years ago


      So the day after my first run/workout I'm dead. My back is sore my shoulders are sore, everything is sore. I did NOT want to run today. As those my fellow North Easterners know we just had a blizzard. So instead of running, I shoveled snow. Something I do every year but don't think much of it. Well it turns out, shoveling snow is insanely good for a workout. It burns about 300 more calories than running for 45 min does. So after about an hour of that, my workout is done for the day. Happy I got it out of the way early.

    • Welp Here I Go...

      5 years ago


      Before any of you read this journal just know I am doing this for myself and myself only.

      Over the years I have gained a substantial amount of weight. Ever since I walked into the doors of Middle School I started eating. Sort of like gaining a "Freshman Fifteen" but at a younger age. I entered Middle School at around 115 lbs. I was a little chubster. I didn't grow much throughout Middle School, a couple of inches here and there. But my ending weight when I left Middle School was some where around 160 lbs. that's 45 lbs, for those of you who can't count, or are too lazy to do the simple subtraction. So throughout Middle School I gained an enormous amount of weight. I mean how could little 11 year-old me say no to greasy goodness of the school fries, stuffed crust pizzas, and chicken patties. Come to think of it, I miss those things ever so deeply, because my High School lunches suck. But I digress. That was Middle School. My doctor had always told me, on checkups, that my weight wasn't well and that I should lose weight. I mean no words of encouragement.

      Then... High School hit. And it hit hard. At first I would maintain my weight. I stayed in the 160-175 range all of Freshman year. I grew a few inches but nothing huge. I think I was maybe 5'6" or 5'8" at the time. That was Freshman year and I guess you can say I actually gain the "Freshman Fifteen" hehe. Sophomore year came and went with me gaining another 10-15 lbs. and growing maybe a inch and a half. It wasn't until I saw my weight on a scale that I actually felt shitty. I'm going to use "shitty" instead of "depressed" because I wasn't actually depressed I just felt shitty, like after you do when you get punched in the stomach or just all-in-all feel beaten. I digress yet again, it wasn't until I saw my weight of 190 lbs on the scale that I felt "shitty". But did I do anything about it? The answer to that is obviously, no.

      Then, it's getting its own paragraph for a reason and you'll see why, Junior year hit. Probably the best year of my High School career so far, I say so far because this year has been pretty top. So Junior year hits. I was most likely around 5'8" maybe 5'9" leaving Sophomore year. Over that summer I had grown to be 6'2". And with height, comes weight. I imagine average weight for 6'2" is around 190 to 205 lbs. Instead of staying at this weight, I mean I had to grow somehow. With growing upwards I also grew outwards. I am huge. That's all to be said. at 6'2" 240 lbs, I mean I am a Football Couch's dream. Too bad I don't play football, I probably would have been good. So that is my current height and weight and I've maintained it pretty well.

      So with all this said and me being sick and tired of weighing 240. I decided to do something about. To Google! The search was on. To find the best weight loss program for beginners who have no clue what the fuck they are doing! I searched and searched, not really clicked on the first result. I don't want to advertise or anything but the website is called nerdfitness.com I read up and educated myself on a few things. Like there is 3500 calories in 1 lb of fat. Not fat like on the Nutrition Facts, but fat that's stored in your cells. So with this in mind, cue the basic math portion of this journal entry, 3500cal/7days=500cal. That means to lose 1 lb a week you would just have to eat 500 calories less than you do right now. Not that difficult. Combine this with exercise and you're golden. So I digress, YET again to write down this shit. I have been tracking my calories every day for the past week and have come up with a mean. Then as the article said I subtracted 500 calories from it. I also want to burn at least 500 calories a day. That's not that hard. 500 calories in 45 minutes on the treadmill. Not bad.

      So with that stated I just wanted to get this written down for my own gain. I started everything today. Needless to say I am not that hungry right now. I have eaten around 1200 calories today and burned 500. So i''m doing alright now. In fact right after I am done writing this journal entry I am going to weigh myself in. At the end of 30 days, which is how long your body and mind takes to get used to something, I will post my progress with pictures taken weekly and weigh ins. I feel if I do this it will better myself and help me "level up my life". That's the motto of the website I told you about, pretty cheesy but whatever.

      p.s. As a side note, i'm not JUST doing this to lose weight. I've always wanted to take up running and I feel like this is a pretty good start.

      Thank you to anyone whom may be reading this. Take this as you will. Again I wrote it for myself and the betterment of myself. And hey if this whole thing works out I'll see how much I lose before RTX 2014. I definitely see you all there.

    • Annnnd...

      5 years ago


      I did that thing I said I was going to do in my last post but here's some more stuff.

      Not really...
      Were you really expecting me to write some more stuff about nothing.
      God... You must not know me.
      So get to know me BOOM.

    • Okay So...

      5 years ago


      Well.... I mean I guess its not too late to start this.. eh?

      Okay I am going to start adding friends tonight.
      If you are reading this you are a prime candidate.

      I'm first going to start with Cast and Crew. I mean y0l0 right? [i'm bringing it back]
      Then onto people with similar interests and hobbies. You know, that thing you can fill out on here.
      And I think that's where i'll stop.

      I'm also going to be editing more of my profile, if I haven't already, and maybe if i'm feeling adventurous post a picture of my ugly mug.

      Besides that, Have a Great Night!

    • So A Year... Hmmmm..

      5 years ago


      I guess I'm a little late to my own party. And by a little I mean a lot. Ever since I passed my milestone of a year I've been meaning to write an obligatory journal post about it. I guess I was just waiting for some stuff to be over with and my life to calm the fuck down a lil' bit.

      So this journal is going to have like 2 or 3 parts haven't decided yet I'll decide when I'm writing it.

      Anyways Here We Go.....

      One Year:
      That's like 365 days, like 12 months, 52 weeks, and however many days, hours, minutes, seconds. So much has happened to me within this pass year that my life wouldn't be the same if just one thing didn't happen. That one thing is, you guessed it, yes, the discovery of Rooster Teeth. So I'll start off by telling you all the time period of discovery. Its actually been a little over a year since I found out about Rooster Teeth. It was May of 2012 and what first peaked my interest was Achievement Hunter. I'm pretty positive that it was a Minecraft Let's Play. Either that or some other other video put out at that time. That really doesn't matter. But what does matter is that if it weren't for that one day, I wouldn't have found out about such a great company, such a great community, and such great people.

      The second part of this journal will be what has been happening lately pertaining to my life so bare with me.

      Lately, I've been doing absolutely nothing. Yes boring, I know. But that's the long and short of it. I think everyone has this point in there life where you are a senior in high school and just ready to go to college and start your life. I'm in the middle of trying to apply and its going nowhere. I fucked up on my SAT's last month and have to take the ACT this month. Which the ACT is pretty much a way easier test than the SAT. But how the fuck am I supposed to take this test if IT WAS FUCKING CANCELED. What the fuck right? I was ready to go in and straight up rape this test. But instead they go and reschedule the test because there was less than 3 inches of snowfall. Fucking die!!!!! That's bullshit. Literally the only thing I am waiting on is this test then I can finally apply to college. I have everything else finished besides this test. As soon as that's over I be content and get back to the things I love doing. As soon as that's over and done with I can get back to making backgrounds for you guys, learning Java, and doing loads more. But I don't want to do these things because it will distract me from keeping my mind on the test. I'm done now.

      And that's all I have to say about that.

      One year huh? It's been real.

    • In Recent News

      5 years ago


      I just thought I might make a quick journal entry to explain some things. I haven't been active lately due to some busy things going on. One I was on vacation last week and two I just really hadn't gotten the chance to come on lately. Also in a few weeks I take the ACT which is a test like the ACT but a lot easier. So I will be studying for that in the coming weeks. I guess I just wanted to say that I won't be active for the next few weeks. In fact I might take a "detox" from online for like 2 weeks to get my head straight and ready for the test. I plan to fuck the shit out of the test by the way. But this will be my last journal entry for awhile and i'll be back soon. Oh yea and I almost forgot I finished my College App today for a second time. I rewrote the essay and feel pretty good about it. Well that's all folks!

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