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    • darkwolf16

      13 years ago

      Welcome to Red vs Blue. I try to help any newcommer that I see. If you want you could add me to your friends list or ask me some questions about Red vs Blue.

      By the way it's a tradition to give your first helper 5 mod points. It's just a nice thing to do, but you don't have to do it.

      In case that you don't know, mod points are the currency of Red vs Blue. By giving somebody mod points you in turn raise thier KARMA. Which is a system used to see how respected you are on Red vs Blue. Putting up pictures of cool or funny things is a good way to get mods (Modpoints). If somebody likes the picture then they may give their mod points to the owner of the picture. You can also put up Journal Entries. Which are little news updates on your life. People may mod you on those too. If this was any help to you would you please consider the tradition and give me 5 mods.

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