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      4 years ago


      These are personal goals that I hope to achieve by the end of August

      1) Learn animation in Poser (for the most part). I`d like to get to the skill level of having the capability making a mediocre fight animation. I`ve already installed Poser debut to start off.

      2) Get into voice acting in terms of trying to record lines in various voices and pushing my limits. I`ve bought a mic online and I`m currently waiting for it to arrive.

      3) Start to make achievement guides for the AH community. I`d like to make videos in Things to do, and and make basic achievement guides at the very least. I`m going to buy the software required for this goal within the month. I hope to get the right materials for this goal before the Witcher 3 comes out.

      In 5 months time, I`ll look back and see if I have gotten as far as I hoped.

    • Monty Oum

      4 years ago


      The news was very difficult for me to process, and it still is. I don't have good writing skills, but I am not an artist nor an animator, so I will do the best I can in this journal because I have no other way to honour Monty.

      This is what I guess would be an internet eulogy, despite the fact that I am complete and total stranger, who has never had the chance to meet Monty in person. I only knew of Monty from behind a monitor, either listening to podcasts, or watching YouTube recordings of panels that he participated in. But I will still miss Monty as though he were one of my greatest friends, mainly due to his impact on my life. I got into RT content because my best friend showed me a really cool video with Halo. It was the fight where Texas beat up the Reds and Tucker in season 8 of RvB. I'm a member of the RT community because of Monty, and his unbelievable artistic talent when it came to fight choreography. And I am extremely thankful for him being a member of the RT crew, otherwise I might not have been here, I might not have been a part of this amazing community. I realize now that as a community, we normally take people for granted, but now we lost one of the most creative minds in our generation. It's a hard lesson to learn that we should never take anyone for granted, and that we don't realize what we have until they're gone. And we have lost quite an amazing artist, who wasn't nearly done with sharing his incredible creations with the world.

      But while I was in high school, I took a rather difficult chemistry course. In that course we as a class learned that "Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be converted in other forms of energy for different uses". I forgot that rule until I read the journal that Patrick made, concerning the same subject as this. This is indeed a very difficult subject to talk about. But when I remembered the rule about energy, I also remembered how Monty was not just an inspiration to me, but to the whole community. I never noticed how he affected the RT community until I was on the subreddit, checking for updates. Instead of updates, I found out how several community members either became animators because of Monty, or are striving to do so. And I have seen a lot of incredible art on the RWBY subreddit over the last few years as well.

      That rule of "energy can never be destroyed, only converted into other forms of energy", also applies here. Monty has always been famous for his incredible drive and creativity, and while he may be no longer have the ability to create anymore, the vast amount of animators and artists that Monty has inspired will be able to take up the mantle, to have the drive and creativity that he had. Monty's creative energy will be converted and will transform into an energy that the RT community will use. While we have lost one of the most artistic minds of our generation, his work and drive will inspire many others to become amazing artists in their own way. The proof of this can be seen on fanmade-videos on YouTube, the art on the RWBY subreddit, and several other places on the internet. Monty made a quote on the internet which said "Can you match my resolve? If so, then you will succeed". Monty, I will do my best to achieve and to have my dreams become a reality. I will do my best to match your resolve.

      I know I speak for the rest of the community when I say: We love you Monty, and we will forever miss you. Thank you for being an inspiration. smiley12.gif

    • 2019 years ago

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