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    • 5 Years and change

      4 months ago


      Can't believe it's already been five years and a whole week since I signed up here. I also can't believe how little I've updated my profile in the last year. Here's some of the things going on in my life.

      Started studying biochemistry at university (of Turku) this has pretty much defined my life and played a part in all aspects of it ever since. I'm liking it. I've met a ton of new people and made many new and different friends, and only like two enemies. There's a group of four I'm especially close with and I'm looking forward to actually continuing that for more than a year which should be a breath of fresh air. I've gotten involved with some student theater, which is a first for me, I'm doing some photography for the production along with some general help anywhere I can.

      Just a couple weeks ago, after some coaxing by a friend on new year's eve, I played the french horn for the first time in ~7 years. It hasn't been easy to shake the rust but I'm cautiously excited to see if that happens, thankfully I play with some understanding and far more talented people.

      For some reason I thought I'd take up German too while I'm doing things I haven't done before and that's finally starting to show any signs of improvement. I've also been involved in a fair amount of "networking" which comes with the student lifestyle, and though I've never been a party animal or anything, I've managed to avoid drowning in social situations.

      I still actively follow hockey and listen to ridiculous amounts of music even though my RT Radio attendance has fallen off a roof. I also moved and live alone now, I guess a lot has happened but this'll do for now. If you're interested in anything in more detail I'll be here (occasionally).

    • 347 days later

      1 year ago


      Whoops it's mid June and this is my first journal of the year, I can explain I swear. Well not really.

      Anyway it's June 19th and that means I've been out of the army for almost a week. Since the last of my 347 service days was on June 14th I should catch you guys up on what I exactly I did there in the last six months or so.

      I was promoted to officer trainee (upseerikokelas) in mid January which meant that life got a lot easier physically but the tower that was my responsibilities grew sky high. I was in charge of a platoon of 24 conscripts, our mission comprised of making long range cable connections (I was in the signal company after all) and quickly reacting to unexpected enemy maneuvers. After we got the necessary basic training done for our group it seemed like we had training exercises non stop. It's not far from the truth, we took part in a couple cool ones like arrow 18 in which we unfortunately did not get to fight US troops like we had hoped. I did see a bunch of tanks so at least there's that but that's not quite the same as saying you took down an M1A1 Abrams, even if it would've been just a simulation. Although honestly we joked about us going head to head with them and just hearing the referees (man that sounds dumb) say that our lil bazookas barely scratched it, we're no jaegers after all. I also got to fire about ~100 rounds with a heavy machine gun (ITKK) which was cool and got promoted to vänrikki (ensign or 2nd lieutenant) on my last day. I could go on for forever about this stuff but that's enough for now.

      In other news I have 100000% more free time and I'm not quite sure how to use it yet, probably playing persona 5 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm also struggling from some serious RT Radio withdrawals right now so I'd really appreciate if the chat would get fixed once again.

    • December music stuffs

      1 year ago


      Without further ado, let's find out how I closed out the year musically.

      Total plays

      1,506 - 50 a day on average, largely thanks to our Christmas break which allowed me to actually listen to music as much as I'd like.


      1.Arctic Monkeys - 63 plays

      2. Neck Deep - 46

      3. Anti-Flag - 43

      4. Scott Bradlee's postmodern jukebox - 31

      5. Jonathan Young - 28

      Pretty much same old same old until you get to postmodern jukebox which if you haven't heard of before, is a great cover band and does amazing old timey renditions of modern songs. Jonathan Young is a YouTuber who also specializes in covers but his are metal/rock and equally amazing.


      1.Jonathan Young - double trouble, 11 plays. You'll have to hear this one to get how great this is. The music video is pretty cool too and Jon's team rocket counterpart has some serious vocal chords on her.

      2. Slipknot - Snuff, 10 plays. If I didn't hear Corey Taylor singing this song I couldn't believe this is actually Slipknot, it's definitely not what they are known for but this ballad is phenomenal.

      3. Scott Bradlee's postmodern jukebox - Crazy, 9 plays. A great cover of an already classic song, I honestly like this version more but I know people disagree with me on that. Anyway it's a duet and slow as molasses but it also works super well.

      4. Scott Bradlee - City of Stars, 8 plays. I don't seem to get enough of this song and another version of it making this list pretty much proves it.

      4. Jonathan Young - every time we touch, 8 plays. This was kind of an addiction for me and the real number is a lot higher but I've listen to it offline so I don't know what it is in reality.

      Other stuff

      Also I kinda proofread last months post (probably should've done that earlier) and noticed that buried in Verona's chart topper had been autocorrected to like, when it was supposed to be LionHeart.

      That's the last update in the "series" which was my attempt to post at least monthly for a year here since I'm kinda awful at writing journals. Some things worked while others didn't but overall it was a good time, I'm not going to continue posting these here in 2018 but I might post something similar on my blog...

    • TJ179

      1 year ago


      Oh look a post about of the fabled "personal life" for once. First things first - what the hell does TJ179 mean? TJ, or tänään jäljellä as literally no one calls it, is essentially a commonly used acronym for counting down days until something ends. It's most often used by conscripts to count down to the end of their service (like I use it in the title) but high school seniors also have TJ100 and TJ0 celebrations.

      So what's special about 179? Nothing at all, it doesn't even have its own TJ song, like the number of the beast on TJ6 or Metallica's one on TJ1, among many others. I just happen to have a lot of free time for the first time in forever. 

      That's enough questions for now. I read my last journal and thought to myself "oh you sweet summer child" and as I'm getting ready to talk about my recent hardships and know what's still ahead of me I'll probably get to think that again while reading this one before a post I'll eventually make about the coming weeks. Anyway - I ended up being selected to RUK, reserve officer school, where I've learned a lot about military tactics, surviving in the woods in freezing rain, and myself. With 32 of the initial 98 days remaining of RUK we've spent 16 nights in the Eastern area of Hamina during which I've averaged less than three hours of sleep thanks to many different patrols we have to have during nights, as well as using the precious night time to plan tomorrow's actions like moving to another area, attacking or defending. We have four luxurious hours of free time usually when we're not at a training exercise like I described earlier and I decided to use some of that time running. We were promised a vacation day if we ran a certain ~9 km route 10 times. I managed to get it done and have to talk to someone about getting that extra vacation day since a friend of mine struggled having his extra days transferred when he got back from RUK.

      The military tactics part I mentioned has been 50/50 practical and theoretical, I've spent countless hours in classrooms learning about how the enemy uses its resources and troops and how to counter that and then seen if any of that information suck in my head while setting up a defence in a wet-as-hell swamp. So far there have been failures (many) and successes (few) but we're trending in the right direction. After the upcoming five day Christmas break we'll have to continue that trend as we'll spend just three nights (could turn to two nights) at our base in the first two weeks of next year. I have a feeling I'll learn exponentially more during those weeks so while I'm not looking forward to it, I know I'll feel great after it.

      Outside of army I haven't done much (surprise surprise) but I'm hoping that'll change after RUK is done. I've been playing Nier automata on my few off days and can't wait for Christmas break when I'll see my sister for the first time since September. Oh and you should check out Scott Bradlee's postmodern jukebox's new cover of crazy, it's worth it.

    • Suomi 100

      1 year ago


      Today is a very special day: it's been exactly one hundred (100!) years since Finland declared her Independence. That's a big freaking deal given our geological location and deserves recognition around the world. So, as a proud Finn, to spread the word I'll list some Finnish people, inventions and general accomplishments, some of which you'll recognize instantly and others may require some research to grasp the true beauty.

      Awesome Finnish things (in no particular order):

      A bunch of metal bands (Children of Bodom, Nightwish, HIM, Apocalyptica...)
      Santa Claus

      Molotov cocktail
      Dish draining closet
      Disc tumbler locks
      Heart rate monitor
      Nine time Olympic gold medalist Paavo Nurmi

      Simo Häyhä, the most deadly sniper of all time
      Salmiakki, black licorice you probably won't like
      3 Noble prizes, one for chemistry, peace and economics
      Nokia (rest in peace)
      Jean Sibelius
      Jari Litmanen

      A ton of hockey legends

      Finland's also the freest and safest country, among other things (this is where I'd cleverly put a hyperlink to elaborate those "other things" but I'm on mobile so this'll have to do)


      Needless to say that this wouldn't be the case without the effort and sacrifices of those who defended this country in the winter and continuation wars. I had the honor to lay a wreath on the grave of one our fallen heroes today as soldiers and civilians all over the country paid their respects.

      Here's to the next hundred years of Independence!

    • November music

      1 year ago


      Second to last music update of the year, I'll probably review the whole year in January/February when I have considerably more time. Aand as you'll notice from bad formatting, I once again wrote this on my phone.

      Total plays

      1,040, 34 a day on average which is decent given that I spent a good chunk of the month in the forest without a chance to listen to music.


      1.Anti-Flag - 70 plays

      2. Arctic monkeys - 43

      3. Ensiferum - 37

      4. In Flames - 28

      5. Bullet for my Valentine - 27

      Did I mention Anti-Flag released an album? I'm pretty sure I did. I also quite like it. I've gotten into Ensiferum recently and it's scratching a certain itch for fantastical music which I guess I've had.


      1.Buried in Verona - Like, 22 plays. Not sure how I stumbled upon this song but it's been as addictive as any I've listened to this month. I don't know how to describe it but it's definitely worth a listen.

      2. Bullet for my Valentine - tears don't fall (acoustic), 18 plays. I guess I never found the acoustic version of this before. I love the original and this version works phenomenally as it amplifies the punch straight into the feels.

      3. Ensiferum - Feast with Valkyries, 14 plays. Just looking at the cover of this album (which is gorgeous) should give you some sort of indication of how fantastical the songs on it are. Feast with Valkyries is no exception and I encourage you to give it a listen if that's something you know you'll like.

      4. Anti-Flag - digital blackout, 13 plays. One of my favorites from their new album. The song is as political as you'd expect from Anti-Flag, it's also pretty catchy after the intro.

      5. Ensiferum - Victory song, 12 plays. Like I described it last time: an epic masterpiece. The 10+ minute song couldn't be more appropriately named and I'm quite frankly disappointed that it's not on the background of all viking related movies for at least 30 seconds. It also includes a Finnish part which is surprisingly emotional.

      That's it for now, I probably won't continue this "series" here next year but I'll try to write life updates and other stuff more frequently to at least maintain the journal a month minimum that these posts have allowed me to reach despite me being oh so lazy.

    • October music

      1 year ago


      You should check the other stuff section in this post if you aren't that interested the lists and such, there's a cool moment I try to describe.

      I kinda picked up running which has allowed me to listen to a decent amount of music despite not having a chance to listen to anything at all for about a week of the last month due to multi day training exercises.

      Total plays

      1,090 which makes for 34 a day, like I said I'm pleasantly surprised by that number considering how many days the number was 0.


      1.Anti-Flag - 65 plays

      2. Arctic monkeys - 48 plays

      2. Neck deep - 48 plays

      4. In flames - 21 plays

      5. Jeff Williams - 18 plays

      I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I'd been enjoying A-F’s new singles last time. The album dropped early this month (November) but I kept hyping myself for it by having the singles pretty much on repeat all October. Neck deep also remained an obsession and the songs by the two bands formed most of what was stuck in my head during the training exercises with lines like “pain pain go away” and “these are the days that test your heart and soul” ah good times (not).


      1.Anti-flag - The criminals, 16 plays. The one with the “these are the days that test your heart and soul” line, an absolute rock tune. Doesn't sound like a traditional Anti-Flag song aside from the lyrics but a great song none the less, especially the catchy chorus.

      2. Anti-flag - American attraction, 13 plays. The first single from the album really showed that there was a new style to the old name. Heavier and far more rock than punk feel with a slower tempo and a guitar riff that'll sick in your head for weeks.

      3. Anti-flag - racists, 12 plays. A far more traditional Anti-Flag song with fast pace and upbeat melody and of course topical punk lyrics.

      4. Neck deep - where do we go when we go, 10 plays. A great song to run to and many great lines to sing while waiting for a long day to finally be over, such as “pain pain go away” and “the world is a funny place, it kicks you when you're down and knocks you out when you get up again” with slight alterations the latter is almost too perfect.

      5. Neck deep - don't wait, 9 plays. I think I've said all I have to say about the songs on this album already so I'll only repeat myself by saying it's worth listening, do it right now.

      Other stuff

      Ensiferum's victory song is an epic masterpiece which I'd recommend listening to, fits especially well in the background of fantastical viking battles. Also a quick mention of a once in a lifetime moment courtesy of Finnish defence forces. After a couple mentally and physically super draining field days (and nights) we had an event one evening which opened with Petri Laaksonen's version of täällä Pohjantähden alla. The atmosphere of about a hundred soldiers staring at a couple campfires with a touching Finnish song playing was something else. Tears were shed and minds wandered as the warmth originating from our hearts beat the darkness and cold of the harsh October conditions. The poetry I poured into that paragraph hopefully helped you picture the moment.

    • September music thingy

      1 year ago


      Had a decent amount of time to listen to music this last month which was a nice change but I'm not sure if that will continue.

      Total plays

      1,452 - only 36 short of the last two months plays combined and an average of 48 a day, although a couple days with about eight hours of music probably helped that number more than consistency.


      1. Neck Deep - 165 plays

      2. Arctic Monkeys - 51 plays

      3. Enter Shikari - 44 plays

      4.Anti-Flag - 30 plays

      4. Jeff Williams - 30 plays

      4. Lama-ajan lapset - 30 plays

      A couple newcomers and a landslide top spot for Neck Deep. I was absolutely obsessed with their newest album and I couldn't stop myself from listening it through completely multiple times. I also figured I'd give an Enter Shikari album a chance since it's one of those bands that I've always kinda liked but never really actively listened to. Lama-ajan lapset is a punk band from Turku which I heard about from a friend in the army, and I immediately fell in love with one of their songs.


      1. Neck Deep - In Bloom, 20 plays. I don't quite know how to start describing these songs because 4 of the top 5 songs are from the same album and you can only say "a pop-punk masterpiece" in so many ways. Anyway In Bloom is the most popular song from the album and although I wouldn't automatically give it the title of best song on the album, it makes a very good case for itself to be called that.

      2. Neck Deep - Parachute, 19 plays. This is one of the chiller songs from the album and the first song to really capture my attention on the initial listen of the whole album while being the fourth song from it.

      3. Lama-ajan lapset - Pommittakaa Vatikaani, 18 plays. This is almost too fun of a song to listen to, it's just a great combination of not too serious lyrics (or very serious if taken seriously) and sweet instrumentals. The chorus goes: pommittakaa Vatikaani, aloitetaan ydinsota, USA c'mon! From Russia with love. The Finnish parts translate 'Bomb the Vatican, let's start a nuclear war'. The rest of the lyrics are equally awesome and the way they're delivered just adds to it.

      3. Neck Deep - Where do we go when we go, 18 plays. The final song of the amazing album with some great lyrics, perhaps my favorite song from the album. It's so upbeat and easy to listen to and makes you want to binge through the whole album again immediately.

      3. Neck Deep - The Grand Delusion, 18 plays. Okay I may have run out of ways to describe this album and the songs on it but surely I've convinced you it's worth a listen by now? I know it's claimed a spot on my top albums of all time list but you should judge it yourself and maybe find an unexpected love for pop-punk.

      Other stuff

      Anti-Flag's two new singles have been great but so very different from past Anti-Flag songs. American attraction doesn't sound like any A-F song I've heard before but it's got a very catchy riff to it. Their new album seems to be called American fall which is quite clever because it's a pretty obvious reference to a certain election result (it is Anti-Flag after all) but also because their last album was called American Spring. Really looking froward to the full release after only really liking two songs from American Spring. 

      Also a more general comment on me writing this, I was a lot more motivated to write this month's installment than usual and I hope it shows by being more fun to read as well.

    • I've done some cool things recently and I can't come up with a title

      1 year ago


      Heyo! It's been quite some time since I wrote a proper journal but I think I've mentioned most of these things scattered around the site. Why not collect some of them here?

      So how's army life been treating me? After a bit over two months (can't believe it's been that long) I'm starting to get a hang of it. Basic training was a blur as we were taught everything from military discipline to safely crossing a road in a large group in a potentially dangerous situation. I got to shoot a bunch of times with an assault rifle, both at a range and in the woods shooting at targets popping up, which is a ton of fun. I also got to throw a live grenade, try tear gas without a gas mask on, patrol a camp site in the middle of the night, walk under burning napalm while covering myself with a fire blanket, march for hours in full combat gear and practice attacking after the march while being tired as hell, and I've learned a thing or two about living with very different people 24/7 for longer periods at a time than I'd necessarily like.

      I've gotten stronger both physically and mentally, full combat gear is over 20kg (I think it's close to 30 but can't remember for sure) and if carrying that isn't tough enough, why not put your gas mask on? That'll instantly make it about 15 times tougher. Mental strain is no joke either, when we don't get off for weekends you'll start noticing restlessness almost instantly as people get sick of being around each other 24/7 even if it's your friends. The whole thing definitely builds character which is why I'm applying to the reserve officer "school" it sounds kinda dumb in English but I can't come up with a better term. Essentially I'd spend three months in intensive training in the dead of winter and become a reserve officer (an ensign if Finland went to war) after my year long service. I'm not sure if I'll make the cut but I'm mentally preparing for it because it'd probably be the most draining three months of my life.

      Outside of army my life has been pretty uninteresting since I only have about two days of freedom at a time before heading back. I've been playing a bunch of games though, I've bought Horizon zero dawn, GTA V (finally), Metal gear solid 2, 3 and peace walker, Bioshock triple pack and a couple other ones I can't find the proper time to play. The only one I've played through so far is MGS 2, an amazing game by the way, but I'm chipping away at the rest so hopefully I'll get done with most of them this year. Unfortunately I haven't had many chances to meet friends but I've made some new ones in army and you can bet you'll get to know a person when you spend two months with them 24/7. This is actually the third year in a row that I've had to basically rebuild my circle of friends counting my exchange year, first year back at my old high school in Finland and now army. Minus a couple of friends who've stuck with me for my whole life. Looking forward to doing it all over again next year when I start Uni.

      Told you I'd actually catch up at some point but I'd also love to hear from you so drop a comment about anything really, I know I must've missed a lot of happenings especially from RT Radio folks since my newfound appreciation for sleep on weekends.

    • Music update for August

      1 year ago


      Been another busy month, I'll (hopefully) soon write up a journal about life stuff too but in the meantime here's a semi rushed update about the music I listened in August. Oh and I couldn't get the formatting to work on mobile either so there's that.

      Total plays

      628 - 20 a day. Quite a bit down from last month, not really sure why since I have slightly more free time now than a month ago.


      315 total

      1.Arctic Monkeys - 25 plays

      2.Haloo Helsinki - 13

      3.Jeff Williams - 11

      3.Richie Branson - 11

      5.Anti-Flag - 10

      5.In Flames - 10

      5.Royal Republic - 10

      The usual suspects once again and Richie Branson. “Who's Richie Branson?’ I hear you ask, well he's the guy behind camp camp's end credit songs. I've got to rewatch season two soon and enjoy these again with the full context of the episodes they're for.


      1.Richie Branson - Outro Outro, 10 plays. The outro song of the season finale of camp camp. A chill song which works surprisingly well without any context from the show. That being said, if you haven't seen it you're missing out.

      2. Paddy and the Rats - Ghost From The Barrow, 7 plays. I briefly mentioned this last time and it hasn't lost any of its goodness. A very solid Irish rock (is that a genre, I think my words are failing me here) song. It starts out beautiful and builds up from there.

      2. Mike Oldfield - Nuclear, 7 plays. First things first: I may or may not be slightly obsessed with metal gear solid V: the phantom pain. This song was used in one of the greatest game trailers I've seen and Spotify happened to suggest this to me recently. Needless to say that there's an emotional connection but the song itself is phenomenal.

      4. Otherwise - Soldiers, 6 plays. What can I say about this one? The name of the song should indicate that me being in the army at the moment kind of pushes me to listen to similar songs more.

      4. Five finger death punch - wrong side of heaven, 6 plays. I should really start listening to more FFDP. They're one of those bands I really like but somehow end up never listening. This song is just a pure metal tune.

      That's it for now, talk to you soon though.

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        Thanks! Training's gotten more interesting now that we have more physical stuff. Tear gas is definitely worth its name but I don't regret testing it without a gas mask on. Although it'll only get tougher I'm looking forward to the rest of my service.

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