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    • Want a PlayStation 1?

      13 years ago


      I hear that this really good seller has listed one on eBay. You can find the auction here. It's over. I got $66.65! YAY

    • Happy Birthday To Me

      13 years ago


      Today's my birthday! I turn eleven tonight at 11:43, when I'm at the Colts Game.

      Just 9 mod points so I will have 100
      Sponsorship (yea, right)

    • 3rd B-day Party

      13 years ago


      Tomorrow is my official birthday, but today i had the third party. Tomorrow I have another at the Colts vs. Steelers game! I got Star Wars Battlefront! woohoo!

    • Thanksgiving

      13 years ago


      Thanksgiving went better than planned. My dad and I played RalliSport until my grandmother arrived. I helped her unload her car and then we ate. I had tea, turkey [of course], ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes and much more. After we went on a walk with my dog. We opened the chocolate pretzles, white chocolate pretzels, chocolate clusters, chocolate and white chocolate coated popcorn and ate. Then we had my little b-day party and I got the rocks my grandmother collected when she went on her cruise, an x-mas ornament and Ritter's certificate. Also grape juice, gotta love it. Then we played Kings in The Corner. Better than I expected.

    • Turkey Day

      13 years ago


      What have I done the last few hours?

      I woke up this morning and my dad was up on his computer. I left and worked on the computer for a little while, then I played about half an hour of Halo 2 experimenting with four wraiths on Containment. I left and let the dog out and wrestled with him for a while until I got on the computer again and then shower and ate.

      Not exactly an eventful time.

      Yesterday I finished the fourth book of Artemis Fowl. I've now read all four books. I brought home my Lit. book, The Kin: Po's Story to catch up on some reading, though I'm ahead of everyone in my class.

      Today isn't looking like such an eventful and fun Turkey Day as I had thought it would be. Turns out only my Grandmother will be coming. I'll probably just get bored and forget all about it, unless something good happens. I doubt it will.

      I haven't seen a turkey around the house at all today but my mom insists she has one. Let's hope so. Well everyone, have a great Turkey Day!

      40% to 21 karma

    • Game Run

      13 years ago


      Today me and my dad left early for Kohl's game sale. As I had predicted, they had pretty much nothing. We did find a game for my little sis. Then we left to Wal-Mart, where I, again, had a hard time finding a game. My dad found Call of Duty: Finest Hour so we got that.

    • Best Console Games on 2005-2006

      13 years ago


      Spartan: Total Warrior
      Developer: SEGA
      Publisher: Creative Assembly
      Release Date: August 30, 2005

      When you see 200 characters on screen running multiple A.I. patterns it feels like the future is here today. Spartan isn't just a basic hack-and-slash either. There are strategic elements that set the game apart. Enemies like skeletons are immune to arrows and zombies will rise from the grave if not properly dismembered. There are allies, protection missions, massive boss battles, and for the grand finale of our hands-on time a brief glimpse of the sprawling coliseum. This is really gonna be a great game.

      Best Adventure Game

      Sid Meier's Pirates!
      Developer: 2K Games
      Publisher: Firaxis
      Release Date: July 1, 2005

      The one nice thing about ported games is that in some cases i already know the game is good. Sid Meier's Pirates! is a prime example of a highly rated PC game that i can't wait to see hit the Xbox. As a privateer in the Caribbean, players embark on an adventure that includes sword fighting, exploration, ballroom dancing, and huge ship battles. The game isn't just a straight port either. There are new mini-games, action events, and the menus have been completely revamped to better suit the control pad. To further the console experience the ships have been made faster and the quests necessary to complete the storyline have been outlined in order. In short, Firaxis is running a clinic on how a PC port should be handled.

      Best Xbox Live Game

      Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack
      Developer: Bungie Software
      Publisher: Microsoft
      Release Date: July 5, 2005

      It says something about the Xbox lineup when the best Live game at the show is the second half of an expansion pack. Luckily this is one kick-ass expansion. The maps that have yet to be released show that Bungie paid a special level of attention to this bonus content. The new environments feature unique features that drastically change the gameplay. Terminal features a train that runs through the center of the map, crushing any Spartans in its path. Elongation is a twist on a Halo 1 favorite with moving conveyor belts that offer speed boosts and roaming cover. If Halo 2 multiplayer hasn't already drained hundreds of hours from your life, this summer the map pack will seal the deal.

      Best Racing Game

      Burnout RevengeDeveloper: Criterion Games
      Publisher: Electronic Arts
      Release Date: Fall 2005

      The best racing game of 2004 and one of the best overall games regardless of category was Criterion's Burnout 3 Takedown. The reasons were patently clear. The game blazed at 60 FPS, the crash mode was blown out with hundreds of scenarios, the graphics were sharp, crisp and clear on PS2 (which meant they were even better on Xbox), and the super aggressive AI in Road Rage was as close to racing against real people as we've ever gotten in an arcade game. It was amazingly fun. The sequel, Burnout Revenge, is even better looking. Offering split-course pathways, even more aggressive AI, a totally different color palette, and online play, the best elements of last year's game are all gleaned and sharpened for this year's sequel.
      and now what we all have been waiting for The official story:

      "Microsoft has made no official announcements regarding the release date for the Xbox 360. We do not comment on rumor or speculation."--Microsoft spokesperson. When Intec announced its accessories for the Xbox 360--the first for the next-gen console--it wasn't just the peripheral makers who got excited. That's because the very first paragraph of the company's press release says the peripherals "will be available on retail shelves in North America on November 4, 2005, the expected launch date for Xbox 360." [Emphasis added again.] Many Xbox enthusiasts took that tidbit to be the smoking gun they had been waiting for, only to come up against Microsoft's wall of silence. Currently, the conventional wisdom among the industry is that the Xbox 360 will almost certainly be released in mid or late November. So was the date mentioned by Intec a factual slipup or merely a case of copywriting gone wrong. We should find out soon--November is only two months away

      HERE IT IS, HALO 3

      Often the company to reveal a game's release date isn't its publisher; it's an online merchant who accidentally posts the product page ahead of the press release. While the typical perpetrators are GameStop and EB Games, this week it appeared to be Best Buy. On Monday, the site posted a page that seemed to indicate that the most anticipated game for the Xbox 360 would be a surprise launch title. The posting--coupled with the fact that Wal-Mart is letting you pick Halo 3 as one of the games in its Xbox 360 bundles--had would-be Master Chiefs more hysterical than a pack of grunts on the run. However, a sneak November release would go against all logic, especially considering that the very existence of the game was revealed by Bill Gates talking about how it would parry the PlayStation 3 launch. If you need more convincing, just look at the listing now--it says May 2006, right around the PS3's expected launch.In next week's issue of Time Magazine--which features Gates holding the Xbox 360 on the cover--Gates mentioned plans for the release of the much-anticipated follow-up to the best-selling console shooter. In a parenthetical sidebar in the article, Time says the following: "Note to the hard-core faithful: the next version of Halo will not, repeat not, be ready in time for the launch of Xbox 360. It will be part of the all-important second wave next spring. 'It's perfect,' Gates says, radiant with bloodlust. 'The day Sony launches [the new PlayStation], and they walk right into Halo 3.'" While Microsoft reps were not available for comment as of press time, Gates' comments appear to confirm the theory that Microsoft will release Halo 3 either simultaneously or near the release of Sony's next-gen console. It also marks further official confirmation that a third Halo is indeed.

    • MUST BUY PC GAMES OF 2005-2006

      13 years ago


      Developer: Bethesda SoftworksPublisher: Bethesda Softworks, 2K GamesRelease Date: TBA

      Sure it looks quite pretty, but what really grabs us about Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the amazing artificial intelligence, which makes heavy use of dynamic conversation and behavior. And we're talking about two peasants having a conversation on a street corner, not just the enemies you'll be fighting. Watch as a woman feeds her dog, which boosts its attributes and makes it start barking constantly, which bothers her because she's lying down in bed and trying to read, so she throws a fireball at it and destroys it. Watch as another person picks up a bow and arrow and learns how to use it, chatting with you the whole while as their ability gradually increases. All completely unscripted. When you come back to that town hours later, that same person will still be there--perhaps still training, or down at the pub, or eating some succulent barbecued dog.

      Developer: Lionhead StudiosPublisher: ActivisionRelease Date: Late 2005

      Lights! Camera! Ship date! That's right, guys and gals; Lionhead's three-pronged simulation of Hollywood's dream factory is honestly coming out. Though we've seen small snippets of gameplay over the years, the ambitious studio simulator has finally come together as a complete whole. In typical Molyneux fashion, the game promises a wide range of cool features. Happily it looks like most of them will be intact in the final version. The game offers up three different and complimentary avenues of play. On the one side, you'll be charged with running the entire studio, managing the day-to-day operations in true Louis B. Mayer style. You can also play the talent hound, cultivating an entire stable of stars and ensuring that they stay happy. Finally, there's a movie-making game within The Movies! that lets you handle every aspect of production, from the script pitches to the final edit. All in all, it's a game that's almost as big as its subject matter and a welcome change from the more prosaic Tycoon wannabes.
      Developer: Ensemble StudiosPublisher: MicrosoftRelease Date: Fall 2005
      There were plenty of gorgeous games at E3 this year, but we were particularly impressed with the work developers were putting into the visuals of their RTS games. Of all the good-looking RTS games out there, none looked better than Ensemble's Age of Empires III. The graphics go a long way to convincing you that you're playing in a real world and while the actual quality of the graphics here is enough to warrant the title's nomination in this category, when you consider just how the graphics are being used, it's hard to argue against it walking away with top honors. The small Native American camps, the hats and muskets that fly when your troops are hit by cannon fire, the way buildings fall apart when attacked; all these little touches just bring the battlefield to life in a way we've never seen before.

      Dead or Alive 4
      Developer: Team NinjaPublisher: TecmoRelease Date: TBA
      After the gorgeous girls of DOA Ultimate knocked our socks off last year is it any surprise that the game returned with a display of next-gen prowess? The most exciting clips in the trailer flaunted environmental interaction taken to a new level. Fighters knocked over fruit carts, were plowed down stairs, and pummeled by oncoming traffic. The luscious dance moves of a curvaceous masked wrestler and Ryu Hayabusa's high flying antics were enough to get my heart pounding. In a later interview Team Ninja's General Manager Tomonobu Itagaki stated that the game was only 15% complete.

    • Nintendo Revolution: Nintendo's Savior?

      13 years ago


      Let's face facts, Nintendo dropped the ball with the Gamecube, sure it had fun games, but those games were few and far between. Nintendo refused to allow third-party developers to create games for some time on the Gamecube, and many of Nintendo's fans got sick and tired. The loss of consumers caused Nintendo to fall into third place in the console race. Don't get me wrong the Gamecube was fun to play, it had fun party games, but the lack of online support killed the system. The Nintendo Revolution, could redeem the company, or put the final nail in the coffin.


      Pictured: Nintendo Revolution and wireless controller

      Looking at the system and controller raises one question for most people, WHAT THE HECK IS NINTENDO THINKING?!?!?!? At first glance, sure Nintendo seems to be digging their own grave. Upon further inspection however, the controller may in fact be revolutionary. Nintendo Revolution is going to represent the ultimate in backwards compatible, you can play games from all the way back from the old NES days. The system is sleek, sexy and compact. The Controller is basically the NES controller turned sideways and has an attachable thumbstick. The thumbstick comes with two "z" buttons.


      Pictured: The Revolution controller with thumbstick attachment.


      Pictured: The Revolution Controller turned so that the Z buttons are visible

      The movement sensitivity of the controller make it ideal for fishing games and baseball games where you would use the controller as the fishing pole and baseball bat. At the very least it will give gamers a very different game play experience.


      Pictured: The Revolution controller in Motion.

      The simplistic design is meant to encourage people who normally wouldn't play games to pick it up, and to provide veteran gamers with a new experience. The Revolution will finally brind Nintendo into the online gaming age, allowing you to play not only Revolution games online, but reportedly allowing you to play NES games as well. Now you may be saying "HEY I DON'T WANNA USE THAT CONTROLLER!!!" well then my friend the Revolution allows you to play with your Gamecube controller.


      Pictured: The ports for the Nintendo Gamecube controller.

      As with the Gamecube, the Revolution will be available in many different colors.


      Pictured: The different colors the Nintendo Revolution will come in.

      Rumor has it that the Revolution will not be as powerful as it's competition, but from what has been told about it, this may be the system that Nintendo needs to show Sony and Microsoft that Nintendo is not going to roll over and die. The Revolution may not be my first choice for gaming, but the unique gameplay, and the fully backwards compatible feature combined with online play, makes the Revolution a system to look at, even if it is for your secondary system.


      13 years ago


      It's been speculation for years, and heated up when the Playstation 2, Gamecube and Xbox were brought to market. I think that the main reason this is thought to be is because of A.) the price, B) the controls, and C) the portability. Sales for Video Games are up to 4.1 Billion compared to the 3.4 Billion the same time last year. Console game purchases are up 3%, Console accesories are up 6%, portable gaming hardware is up 181%, portable games 74%, and Portable gaming accesories are up 81%. On the other hand, PC gaming is on the decline earning 405.4 million versus the 453.3 million last year.

      I simply think that the common gamer is not going to pay $800-$1000 for a top of the line PC when they can buy a console for $300-$400, And even if you do buy a PC then chances are the equipment you use is going to be dated the next year and you'll have to fork over ANOTHER $500 dollars, because all the new PC games use this "Top of the line" equipment, while with consoles you dont have to worry about upgrades for 4-6 years. Plus with PC gaming, if you are serious about gaming, you need good PC speakers, a Laser mouse, and a better keyboard.

      Console gaming, all you have to do is plug your console into your tv, and plug in the ethernet cable, sure some people spring for the speakers for surrond sound, and the high-definition cables, but again, hardcore fans, although the next gen of xbox comes with high-definition cables, and the next-gen graphics look just as good, if not better than PC graphics, And lets face it, the Console is easier to play on for the average gamer, the controls are basically the same for every game, but on the PC sure the WASD and mouse controls are there, but they are ususally the only ones that are standard. Plus with Xbox 360 console gaming is rivaling if not surpassing PC in online games, with the ability to play MMORPG's and play 50 player multiplayer slayer match in your favorite game.

      Portability, lets face it, PC sucks at portable gaming, sure the laptop has SOME USES but you have to find an area with a fast interenet connection almost eliminating wifi spots. But the console portable gaming market is going strong, with the PSP and the DS, able to play games online, as well if not BETTER than laptops, and they can play with units in the immediate area. Plus the ability to shut it off whenever and then resume from where you were is a real draw to the console portables, plus with Xbox, Playstation 2, and Gamecube, you only have to disconnect 3 cords and carry the system over to a friends house to link up systems, so that you can look your friend in the eyes right as you kill his character, and a console is alot easier to carry than a moniter, PC, mouse, keyboard, AND speakers.

      I think that the next 20 years will see the end of most of PC gaming, because honestly there are many more PC gamers who own a console than there are Console owners, who have a PC able to play any video games worth playing, but PC gaming will never completely die, simply because there are some who simply rather play on a PC and simply too many "small" games on the internet, that people play ie bejewled, among others. Next-Gen consoles, just make it easier for the average gamer to play.

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