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    • Jerks in Gaming

      13 years ago


      We've all played with them, people who think its fun to ruin other people's experiences on Internet games, sure it might be the guy who swears, the guy who cheats, the guy who thinks he's better than everyone, and the team-killer, and by no means is the list limited to these guys. Swearing, ok i dont think its that bad to do in gaming, if done occasionally, but sometimes you get that one guy playing swearing constantly, and using racial slurs. Or worse yet, the little kid that swears, and you're wondering to yourself, where do these kids learn these words, when I was little i had no idea what those words are, where are these kids parents and why are they allowing them to a) play this game and b) swear so much. These guys are happy insulting other players, because it makes them think they're doing better somehow, ironically these guys are usually the worst players.

      The cheat, yeah I've glitched before, and I teach others how to glitch, but it is for fun, I DO NOT encourage use of glitches in matchmaking. Cheaters are those guys who aren't good enough to win by any other means, say like the stand-byer although not as common as before, it still occurs, these guys have to make everyone else slow down so that they can win? wow that doesn't seem pathetic at all. Or the guy who mods because he thinks he's a "REBEL" ooooo wow, seriously do you not have anything better to do with your time, and then they brag on how "good" they are, even though they have to manipulate the game so that they can win and hey if you don't like the game as is, either STOP PLAYING or send a letter to the game developers, saying "hey i really like this game, but here are some things that could make it better" granted you may not see the results as soon as you send this, but I'm willing to bet, if enough people send in an email, it will either be put in through a patch, or in Halo 3.

      The better than everyone guy, these guys are probably jerks in real life, they enjoy constantly reminding you of your mistakes, and thinks he can do no wrong, now he may run into a room by himself and then die shouting "WHY DIDN'T YOU COVER ME" and you're left saying, "You never asked." They can't stand it when people make mistakes, yet when THEY make a mistake, it's never their fault. These guys get WAY too into the game, they suck all the fun out of playing, they usually like to boss people around, because that's what makes them happy in life.

      Last but not least THE TEAM-KILLER, these guys take pride in being able to kill their own teammates even though THERE IS AN ICON ABOVE THEIR HEADS, AND THEY PROBABLY AREN'T TRYING TO a) fight you b) run away from you, so really these guys have no skills, they are upsest because they can't kill anyone on the opposing team, so they have to resort to killing their teammates, wow how sad of an existence do you have to have for this to seem like fun, killing other people, I say that if someone team-kills too much, their account should be banned, then they should have their friends, assuming they have any beat them with baseball bats, so they can feel what it is like to have someone who you don't expect to attack you, do just that, That seems like a fair punishment.

    • ESRB and Me

      13 years ago


      The ESRB or the Entertainment Software Rating Board is designed to help parents and gamers alike find the game thats suitable for them or their children. Using a rating system of 6 labels these include:

      EC= Early childhood, for the littlest of gamers.

      E= Everyone, Safe for everyone to play.

      E10+ =Everyone 10 years old or older, this game is meant for 10 year olds or older.

      T= Teen, This game is targeted for teenagers.

      M=Mature, Targeted for 17 year olds and older

      AO=Adults only, targeted for 18 year olds and older

      Now it is important to remember that the ESRB is self-regulated, not run by the government, and is voluntary, meaning that video game makers DO NOT have to send their games into the ESRB, but choose to anyway, it has become universally adopted by every video game maker.


      In 1992 two games game called Mortal Kombat and Night Trap we're deemed too graphic and Congress, especially Joseph Lieberman and Herb Kohl wanted them to be controlled so that these games did not reach the hands of children too young to play them. These games spawned a congressional hearing where Lieberman and Kohl said the video game industry had to do something about the content of these games, or they would. Sega created their own rating system based of that of the movies, in that MA-13= Pg-13 and MA-17=R. Sega's rating system was enforced by Sega's CEO this rating system would last until 1994. When the entire American video game industry agreed to use the ESRB. The ESRB was created by the IDSA or the Interactive Digital Software Association. The IDSA then became the ESA(Electronic software association.)

      How Games are Rated:

      Game companies submit paper work describing the game's content and gameplay. Included is a video of the worst content the game offers. People, both gamers and non-gamers alike, are brought into to evaluate the video, provide their thoughts, and what they believe the rating should be. The raters are specially trained and come from every race, and background, and they can not have any ties to the game industry.


      13 years ago


      Gov. Blagojevich (D) Of Illinois introduced The Safe Games Illinois Act, House Bill 4023 stating that ALL mature and Adult only games only belong in the hands of 18 year olds, EVEN though you should only have to be 17 to buy mature under the current means set by ESRB. The Governor went on to say "Unlike the motion picture industry, the video game industry has not developed an effective self-regulation system that keeps adult material out of the hands of minors." not only is this purely incorrect (as when i went to go see the wedding crashers, more than half the audience were under 17.) but if the movie theaters allow an underage person to watch a movie, so what no big deal, but under this law a business would be fined $1,000 for each sell. Gov. Blagojevich went on to say. "Parents don’t need government to raise their kids. That’s their job. But government can help them protect their children from influences they may not want their kids exposed to," added Gov. Blagojevich. "This law makes Illinois the first state in the nation to ban the sale and rental to children of violent and sexually explicit video games. This law is all about empowering parents and giving them the tools they need to protect their kids. And giving them the ability to make decisions on the kinds of games their kids can play." So the Government isn't trying to raise people's kids? funny because it seems they're trying to do just that. As for the excuse he's giving parents the ability to make decisions on the kinds of games their kids can play, it's just an excuse to run people's life parent's already have the ability to stop kids from getting games, you want to know the weapon they have, DON'T GIVE YOUR KIDS THE MONEY TO GET THE GAMES. Admitingly i am an online player, and i would love to see the little annoying kids with the mouth like sailors, stop playing, but the Government shouldn't make them stop, their parents should. I do like only one thing about the law, it requires a full list of the ESRB ratings along with descriptions to be desplayed in stores, this WOULD help parents make the correct decision.

      Moving on to the law suit over the "Hot Coffee controversy" where an 85-year-old woman bought the Mature rated games for her 14-year-old grandson. She is suing because she was "unaware" of the x-rated content. This case bothers me in mainly one way, WHY WOULD YOU BUY A MATURE RATED GAME WHERE YOU KILL COPS AND PICK UP HOOKERS FOR YOUR 14-YEAR-OLD GRANDSON?!?!? and why would sex surprise you in a game that has killing, stealing, paying for hookers, and robbery? It's simply a case as in the last "Hot coffee" lawsuit( in which a woman sued McDonalds for making their coffee too hot.) that people don't want to take responsiblity for their own Top of Form 1Bottom of Form 1

      Lastly, I am JUST PLAIN GETTING SICK of people claiming violent games make violent killers, and teach kids how to kill. Okay, let me start off by saying that if someone kills, it's not because of games, it's because that person IS INSANE. Now videogames don't teach kids to kill, it's just a place to act out things you couldn't in real life. Again this is a case of parents looking for something they can blame for their childrens behaivor, Videogames make as much of a killer out of someone as an amusement ride or movie. I am sorry for the parents of these killers, but it wasn't the game that made them do it, something was just messed up with their kids.
      For a full list of ESRB rating please go to www.esrb.org/esrbratings_guide.asp

    • Bejeweled

      13 years ago


      Yesterday I was introduced to Bejeweled. It (to me) is addictive (sorta) and fun. But I only have it on my Pocket PC. I have found several free downloads, but they have a limited time. Does anyone have a free download with no time limit? if you do, PLEASE post it here

    • New Comp?

      13 years ago


      If I were to get a new computer, what do you recommend and why?

    • Halo 2 Super Bounce List

      13 years ago


      Visit my site for a list of Campaign super bounces and Multiplayer super bounces. Displays where the bounce is performed and if it is useful or not. Each bounce includes a video and it is all very organized. Website.

    • Delicious e-Drama

      13 years ago


      To those not in the know (which may be quite a few of you), I have some shocking news for you. DarkFae, who died in a tragic car accident a few weeks back, never existed. Neither did IntoTheFray, her brother. They were both inventions of LtKaraThrace, another member of these boards. I am not kidding. I was there from the first thread to the ninth, reading all eventual 49 pages of information and spam. Now I'll tell you guys the entire story.

      Let's start from the beginning. Duste broke the news intitially to the community in an innocuous thread in the Politics and Current Affairs forum, where he posted an IM conversation between him and someone else, an anonymous 'whistleblower', if you will. Most people doubted him, but Duste continued his detective work and came up with some interesting information. Many more people joined the thread and started debating the ramifications of this information.

      Suddenly, the thread was mysteriously locked and moved to the archive forum, where no one could access it. Not to be deterred, Duste and a few others restarted the thread. It too was locked. This went on (so I've heard) until the ninth thread, but they weren't about to let the truth get covered up.

      Some of the information they discovered: DarkFae and Thrace shared a photobucket account. Darkfae's pictures looked suspiciously like different but similar people. Mail sent to IntoTheFray, DarkFae's brother, was sent 'C/O' of someone named Hill, which was known to be Thrace's last name. IntoTheFray joined the thread just soon enough to warn that he felt 'something bad is going to happen,' and then to report DarkFae's death. DarkFae and Thrace had nearly identical information on their profiles.

      All of this swirled around inconclusively until Sakura stepped forward. Sakura is a real-life friend of Thrace's, and she reported that Thrace had lied and fabricated stories among her group of friends, and that Sakura knew for a fact that Thrace had made up DarkFae. Still, we had to be cautious; one person does not the facts make. Duste, by this time, had located more chinks in the chain, by discovering that a picture of IntoTheFray's tattoo had come from a website, as had most of DarkFae's pictures of herself. Others looked through obituaries and social security statistics throughout the state of Florida, and found no trace of Subiha Coleman.

      Luckily for us, Thrace herself joined the conversation. She had been alerted (by me) at the very beginning of the debate, and she started posting her explanation of events. Yet, her story never added up. First she said she had helped DarkFae create her profile and had given her the photobucket account because DarkFae was 'bad with technology.' Yet, in the same story, she claimed that her and DarkFae only knew each other through a class in school for a few weeks before DarkFae dropped the class. She also claimed she had no idea if the DarkFae on RvB was the DarkFae she had helped. This is quite inconsistant.

      People called her on it. She said that we couldn't find records of DarkFae because Subiha wasn't her real name; she was actually Llane Coleman. According to Thrace, she had changed her name to avoid a spammer. Sadly, this doesn't make sense; to hide, you change your last name, not your first. She told even crazier stories that were even more self-contradictory, until she claimed we were all dead-set on blaming her and left the thread. Then, unbeknownst to us, she asked the mods to ban her. They did.

      This left us with strong evidence but no admission of guilt. Luckily for us, Thrace's fiance, who also has an account, stepped into the debate to help her. His posts were obvious lies and deceptions (and capslock disasters), but the general consensus was that he honestly believed what he said, meaning he was just repeating what Thrace had told him. It's really sad that he is so gullible for such obvious lies. Some of the more obvious ones were that Llane Coleman existed and was good friends with Thrace, but that the two had never met or talked.

      So there you have it. DarkFae never existed. Those who felt sadness at her passing were played for fools. Those who had cared deeply about her, like Thillibill, were very injured. Everyone who put a 'DarkFae' picture as their avatar or 'RIP Subiha' as their title was just playing Thrace's game. The mods, who had previously deleted multiple threads out of confusion (they didn't know what to do, and overreacted), took action. Having already banned Thrace at her own request, they also have deleted the accounts of DarkFae and IntoTheFray.

      I want to caution you guys not to let this jade you. If you put up a DarkFae pic or put words of sadness into her profile, don't feel like an idiot. You did the right thing and you showed your heart. Just be a little more cautious in the future.

      I am a supporter

    • BLAST!

      13 years ago


      Today at the IU Auditorium I went with my aunt, two cousins and grandmother to see BLAST!, "An Explosive Musical Celebration." It was really cool. There were, as usual, a lot of souvenires I wanted, but I'm not really the money spending person. I did, however, help pay for my CD. If anyone has heard of this or seen it, comment here.

    • My Super Jump Site

      13 years ago


      I made this a while back and so I decided to post it here. I'm still working on it. There are a lot of super bounces from Campaign to Multiplayer maps and it's all very organized.

      Halo 2 Super Bounce site.

      My new site for Halo 2 launches

      Halo 2 Launching site.

    • Legendary Movie

      13 years ago


      I downloaded a movie yesterday (2 hour download) :( that shows a guy getting through campaign on legenr\dary without dying. He akips mostly all the fights, running on rooftops and stuff. It's pretty cool

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