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    • Long past due

      12 years ago


      I highly doubted that this was still standing. . . but its here.

      Im still a Lance Corpral of Marines but now Im looking at maybe being a Corpral in the next year or less.

      I made it through school and found a doc who could help me out on Geiger, gave me a plan and now im able to do my job and pt on and everyday basis with little to no pain afterwards.

      Im working the night shift and that just rocks, doing lots of maintinence and learning more everyday.

      engaged to the one person i never thought i would be able to be more than just friends to ever again. oh yea high school relationship turned strong friendship and now im going to spend the rest of my life with this guy. So much for my ambitions to be The Cat Lady.


    • Now im a Lance Corpral of Marines

      13 years ago


      Florida is better than i thought it would be compared to Parris Island this place is heaven

      After a year in the Marine Corps i realized alot of myths about the military are true and some are just plain hoj poj

      Navy sucks - Both fact and fiction, occasionally you find squared away squids and then there are Corpsman. they are a breed apart, green with blue blood and some are just tinted blueish around the tips like the toes and the fingers.

      Air Force sucks too - they are on the nasty side but i dont know beyond appearance. every time i try to talk to one they like go to the other side of the side walk.

      Marines are crazy - yes they are, thats was obvious. the first weekend i was here the big story was how this Marine went nuts on these two guys who came home with his girl, stabbed one in the head killing him and stabbed the other enough to put him in critical condition. there are some amazingly awesome Marines here. they are squared away and locked on and then there are the ones who are shit bags but hey no organazation is perfect eh?

      I have my own room in the barracks. i got so lucky for now we shall see here in a week how lucky i can stay. its very quiet and quite cozy, i have the softest blanket on the deck so i sleep very well too.

      i will be off light duty on the 23rd and im almost afraid but Marines arent afraid so im not.
      i just am still not able to run without having to sit or laydown for a majority of the day afterwards. joy.

      Night now all
      LCPL Fegan

    • HA ha! Not there! There!

      13 years ago


      Ok, im sorry i didnt update on my 10 days leave when i graduated Boot camp, it did not take me 5 months to go through 3 months of training. although i did get an A.C.L. (ligament in the knee) on training day 12 that they never diagnosed, i found out that i am double jointed. (creepy)

      so when they finally find this tear in my knee i have been on Parris Island for 2 weeks after graduating because of unresolved hip pain. so I had surgury on the 7th of december and i came home for christmas and go back on the 3rd of january. ill find out in 3 months if they are going to keep me in the corps or not. all depends on if my knee is stable enough to run on and coninue on to MCT (Marine Combat Training) the last phase of my training before my MOS (job) schooling.

      they supposedly say that even if i get a medical discharge from the Marine Corps i can still do the job i want in the navy (yes this is my last resort) but if its truly that bad ill just keep my title by itself and not change employers.

      if i do get a med discharge ill still be a marine (as opposed to an admin seperation where they do not recognize that you were in the military even for boot camp) i might just start working at Menards again, full time........ or part time because if i get the GI bill ill have money for school.

      Ahh well, i hope for the best but ive been walking around alot (like im supposed to) and i get this nasty click on my knee every once and a while and its not making me feel better about staying in the corps and then there is the people id be in with. not just complete disregard for rules but they are stupid about breaking them! they make it obvious and think that Marines who have been in the corps for 6-8 years already are STUPID and cant see this. now instead of being free to meander around the squadbay we sit in chairs for 10 HOURS and READ books...... smiley5.gif

      death to them >.<

      and im done now! ill be back tomorrow smiley7.gif

      P.S. i told them smiley1.gif (journal entry before "this is it")

    • this is it

      14 years ago


      well this is it, my last post before going in, i leave in 8 hours

      its so exciteing :D

      im pumped and ready to go, got to hang with friends and this is my last post here for quite some time.

    • ...

      14 years ago


      wow 18 days. this will be odd

      with a little over two weeks i wonder if i can break 18 YEARS of shyness and finally tell those i care about how i truly feel. raised with the comforts of a box, a rock and a small deserted island to call my own (life that is) i have just begun to shed those hamperings over the last year or so.

      well so many things remain done and not done, i had hoped to visit Ireland before going away but schooling scheduals didnt set right

      i wanted to just go somewhere for a week and not care about anything but i was forced to quit my job when school, social and family life became impacted by my very bad relationship with my boss.

      school well that sorta recovered, i stoped skipping it
      social, yea i compensated i see my friends all the time now its nice
      family, has almost never recovered we fight or just stay out of eachothers way alot

      somethings will always be for me, like D&D i like it and the minis. i just dont have the money ot buy like i should if i were to be a good player and magic, ill always have a little intrest even if my decks get outdated. and my computer gaming, it has been a HUGE part of my life since i was less than six years old. i hardly think that will dissapate like they say it will.


      -----what i hope to get from my time at boot-----

      i hope i can get the strength of will to stand up for myself and maybe be a little more forceful when i know im right

      i hope i can get the humility to know when to admit to being wrong

      i pray i can make it through my challenges that will be rearing up at me in 18 days

      i know i have the heart to pull through this


      Never give up, never surrender and by God, if Im going to die because of some Shit-Headed, Limp-Dicked Terrorist I'll take the bastard with me.

      and one final note i learned (dont laugh) from a TV show Babylon 5 (highly insirational really) "Never start a fight, but by God, always finish one"

    • Hehe

      14 years ago


      I stole this from Kiara. nope no changes but i love these things.

      1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

      2. Am I loveable?

      3. How long have you known me?

      4. What was your first impression?

      5. Do you still think that way about me now?

      6. How have I changed since then?

      7. Name a few personality traits that you love about me.

      8. What do you think my weakness is?

      9. What do you think makes me happy?

      10. What do you think makes me sad?

      11. What reminds you of me?

      12. If you could give me anything what would it be?

      13. How well do you know me?

      14. When's the last time you saw me?

      15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

      16. Do you think I could physically hurt someone?

      17. Do you think I could physically/emotionaly hurt you?

      18. Describe me in one word.

      19. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?

      20. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?

      21. Now that you've read this, will you comment?

    • ABUHHH??!!

      14 years ago


      how did i get a karma level?

      THIS IS A JOB FOR...... (suspense music please)

      not me


      well i dont know how, but if i got mods thanks ;)

      mublah, i can decide if i am going to put up a pic of me..... maybe my prom picture, that was nice

    • Sum up

      14 years ago


      okay, my week.

      monday - woke up at... wait never went to sleep. ran at 6:00AM, went 4 miles, 1 mile more than everyone else. had fun all day with Phoebe and Angie

      tuesday - still not sleeping much, but we bought some axe at a local Meijers

      Wed - at 3:30 AM we decide we are going to kidnap a guy fried , Seth and hang with him for a while....... NEVER i repeat NEVER let 3 tired pyros alone with butane, axe, and a bunch of lighters. we have no more lighters from that night and all the butane is gone too, we blew up all those lighters with the butane, i will say seeing a lighter spew flames is amazing :D WEd was a quite day, angi went home

      Thursady - i am still sick, 2 weeks running now. went to the doctor and found i have a sinus infection.... yay, cause alll the weezng and coughing and stuff is in my clear nose.... o well so i slept for most of the day until i had a friend stop by and decide that it was WoW time so we chatted while he played with his character a little, then he went home and Seth calls again, we run an errand and then go back to my house for a movie with my family, we watch... uhm.... O Brother were art thou?

      good funny movie.

      i played WoW a little and now im here :P

      all this to ask one question

      what pictures [if any] do you want to see in my gallery?

    • Wow

      14 years ago


      these tags under names are awesome..... maybe ill have to be here more often to get some karma....... ill find something to update about..... really i will

      i know you dont trust me
      yes i do
      no you cant
      why not?
      because i betrayed you
      i always do
      you still havent told me how
      i know, maybe i dont it just feels that way
      well its not true
      how do you know
      not good enough. how?
      lets put it this way, i know as much about you as you do
      what? are you watching me or something
      no not really
      then how do you know?
      im special
      not that special
      you dont know that
      yes i do
      well fine then ill have to tell you the god's honest truth dont i?
      you bet your white ass you do
      well let me ask you first, have you ever seen me come or go?
      well whats my name?
      i..... dont know
      you cant tell yourself who you are
      ... what?
      i am you

      well that was a waste of space here........ maybe not

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      motivator, ...

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      you spelled Pensacola wrong in your profile...on purpose or accident?

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      (X_X)Kill the bunny
      ("')-(''')Copy to prevent Bunny Domination

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      unit, corp, god, country...

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      Gunbound huh? add me up. :D

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      14 years ago .. ha ......funny ....ok ....bye

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      Yeah! Sims2 rocks! :)

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      14 years ago

      Marines, cool. I sometimes wish I would have joined the service.

    • Verty

      14 years ago

      an art student eh? got any good art you can upload?

      i always like looking at sketched art before it is inked (if thats the kind of art you do i guess) though i am not much of an artist (i should say i am not anything of an artist i am a programmer :( ) i have someone who majors in animation in our course to do concept art for the game i want to design, and damm i love concept art

      also.. dragons are very very cool, i like your av :D

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      Be logged in when season three is released, lets see how many people we can get online at that time. Spread the word, ps. it is getting released either between 8am - 10 am, or 8pm - 10pm eastern on monday, cant remember which it was, so just sign in between those times

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      For the better part of my friendship with Winnie, I thought she was a container of Mrs. Buttersworth.

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