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This is my official thread board complication for all my theories, reealllly in-depth analysis’, and also a discussion thread for us wild theorists who love to go overboard for the fun of it.

Just some ground rules for anyone who wants to jump in:

- This is a *no bad ideas* board. 

- Keep it friendly; this is for fun and just getting out any wild ideas or things to notice. If you want to debate things, don’t name call or put a person down or downplay their ideas. 

- Have fun! Feel free to go all out on discussing your own wild theories, analysis, and anything else! 

RWBY Volume Analysis+Theoires 

(This list will be updated as I do new ones/New volumes come out)

— Volume 1

- Trailers [Theory Heavy]

R: Red Trailer + The Moon

W: White Trailer + The Moon

B: Black Trailer + The Moon

Y: Yellow Trailer + The Sun & Moon

- Episodes

 Volume 1 Opening (Visuals; Not the Song)

Chapter 1: Ruby Rose

Chapter 2: The Shining Beacon (Part 1)

Chapter 3: The Shining Beacon (Part 2)

Chapter 4: The First Step (Part 1)

Chapter 5: The First Step (Part 2)

Chapter 6: The Emerald Forest (Part 1)

Chapter 7: The Emerald Forest (Part 2)

Chapter 8: Players and Pieces

Chapter 9: The Badge and The Burden (Part 1)

Chapter 10: The Badge and The Burden (Part 2)

Chapter 11: Jaunedice (Part 1)

Chapter 12: Jaunedice (Part 2)

Chapter 13: Forever Fall (Part 1)

Chapter 14: Forever Fall (Part 2)

Chapter 15: The Stray

Chapter 16: Black and White

- Songs [Hiatus/Discontinued ATM]

This Will Be The Day [Opening song]

Volume 2

Volume 2 Opening Animation

Chapter 1: Best Day Ever

My RWBY Manga Translations

— Official Anthologies

Vol. 1: Red Like Roses

Vol. 2: Mirror Mirror

Vol. 3: From Shadows

Vol. 4: I Burn

Theorize, discuss, have fun! If you want to talk to me 1-1, feel free. 

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