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    • Battle Field 3 vs Modern Warfare 3

      7 years ago


      For the past few months I have been seeing several promotional videos for Battle Field 3, and hardly any for Modern Warfare 3. Seeing as how MW3 (Modern Warfare 3 comes out in almost three months, 11/8/11) and Battle Field 3 (BF3 comes out in almost two months10/25/11) you think that Modern Warfare 3 would be marketed like a SOB. However, that's not the case in the least. BF3 (I hate abbreviating like that sounds like butt fuck 3 ) has been cranking out the marketing like crazy. Almost every YouTube video I watch has a BF3 promotional video for the AD space, and every Hulu Plus video I watch has an AD in it as well! I CANT GET AWAY FROM THE AD! If you have not seen the AD, here it is www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ymHOH0Vlfs. From previews I've seen and the AD, the game looks awesome, but the constant marketing is just over whelming, and killing the game for me. I know marketing company's have a job to do, but I am just not hyped about this game; and shoving the AD down my throat for minutes a day just makes me less interested. I feel like the game should have already come out, and I don't know why I have been seeing this AD pop up so many places; but hopefully it will stop soon once the game comes out. In two months.... RageQuit! Phew.... now that the rage is over.... My question to you is, have you seen the AD? And which game are you rooting for? ( Which game is the comment question) Modern Warfare 3 or Butt Fuck 3 sorry--- Battle Field 3. ;)

    • Graced By Nobel Team.

      9 years ago


      Deep space. Looking out a window you see meteors, stars, and a vast planet known as "Reach". You’re on approach to Reach when the pilot yells furiously, "Hold on Hell jumpers! The Engine just cut out! We’re going to crash land on a river bank!" you and your squad mates nervously await impact, when all of the sudden, you look up and see something that doesn't seem real. Out of all the panic and stress you shut your eyes franticly, clear your mind, and then open them again. You are in the company of a Spartan, but not just one,you look around and see four more Spartans. The Spartan looks at you with an intense glare, all you see is a shiny golden visor. You hands start to tremble, and then without noticing your weapon and helmet falls on the ground. The Spartan looks down to see the dropped weapon and in courtesy kneels down to help you. The only thing thats going through your mind is that there is a legendary super soldier in front of you. As the Spartan is retrieving your weapon you see the beaten up and seared armor, but the thing that stands out the most are the numbers on his chest,S- 259. All of the stress suddenly goes away; you know you are in good company. You are graced by Nobel Teams company.

    • 2019 years ago

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