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    • This year will be better then the last.

      9 years ago


      So last year we all did THIS exact survey.
      I remember when I was dating Chris we talked about re-doing it because our answers would be so much different for 2009. A lot of mine were. And I actually upheld most of my resolutions and my aspiration of getting closer to my family.

      The highlights of my year this year were definitely the times spent with all the people I loved.
      Nicole, Alex & others.

      So here is the survey, version 2.009:

      1. What did you do in 2009 that you've never done before?
      Went to the City of Sin for some unabashed twenty-first birthday celebration.
      Danced the night away in a night club, on my bosses dime.
      Played laser-tag.

      2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
      I think I really wanted a 4.0 at some point for this year…
      AND I GOT IT.
      Not sure if I will make any this time around.

      3. What countries did you visit?

      4. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
      I would like to leave my house more.
      Less time on the telephone and in front of a computer screen…
      Unless of course I am studying.

      5. What date(s) from 2009 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
      May 31st & August 16th â€" Mine and Nicole’s TWENTY FIRSTS.
      November 4th- Yankee’s 27th World Championship
      September 22nd â€" Grandfather got lung transplant
      February 20th â€" Day I found out my parents were getting a divorce.
      February 16th â€" Day Tim and I called it quits.
      April 10th & November 12th â€"

      6. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
      4.0 Bitches!
      7. What was your biggest failure?
      I feel like other people really let me down this year.
      My own personal failure would probably have to do with allowing that affect me as much as it did.

      8. Did you suffer illness or injury?
      This was a sickly year.
      Broken toe, Stomach ulcers, H1N1 & pnemonia.

      9. What was the best thing you bought?
      My Christmas tree is pretty sweet. And I love my bed.

      10. Where did most of your money go?
      Travel. And rent.

      11. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
      My Christmas tree.
      My promotion to store manager.
      The World Series.
      My trip(s) to California.

      12. What song(s) will always remind you of 2009?
      West Coast â€" Coconut Records
      Dirt Off Your Shoulder â€" Jay Z

      13. Compared to this time last year, are you:
      i. happier or sadder?
      ii. thinner or fatter?
      Thinner. Much.
      iii. richer or poorer?
      Richer. But with more debt probably.

      14. What do you wish you'd done more of?
      Reading. I can always read more.

      15. What do you wish you'd done less of?

      16. Did you fall in love in 2009?
      More so, yes.

      17. How many one-night stands?

      18. What was your favorite TV program?
      How I Met Your Mother.

      19. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
      There is a fine line between love and hate.

      20. What was the best book you read?
      The Average American Male â€" Chad Kultgen

      21.What were your greatest musical discoveries?
      Chic music.
      Lily Allen
      Lady Gaga
      Regina Spektor

      22. What did you want and get?
      23. What was your favorite film of this year?
      Star Trek.
      24. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
      Oh, you mean my three day celebration?

      25. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
      If I had never gotten H1N1, that might have been pretty cool.

      26. What kept you sane?
      My biffl & Chris.

      27. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
      Derek Jeter. I love that man.

      28. Who did you miss?
      My parents. My siblings. Chris.

      29. Who was the best new person you met?
      IRL? It was awesome to meet Chris finally.
      But to actually “meet� Trevor. No questions.

      30. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2009:
      In the end, there is only you.
      And your biffl.

      31. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
      “This was a triumph, I’m making a note here… Huge success.â€Â

      32. Will you be looking for a new job?
      Probably not. Internship for sure.

      33. Will you be looking for a new relationship?
      In time maybe?

      34. New house?
      Who knows?

      35. What will you do different in 10?
      I think 2010 will be very similar to my last week.
      And by that I mean… Awesome.

      36. New Years resolution?
      Not sure yet.
      37. What will you not be doing in 10?
      Moping. That totally stops in 2009.

      38. Any trips planned?
      Florida in June, otherwise pretty open.

      39. Wedding Plans?
      I think I would need a relationship first.

      40. Major thing on your calendar?
      August 30th â€" Little sister turns 18, and probably moves out here!

      41. What can’t you wait for?
      Classes to start again.
      I know, I’m lame.

      42. What would you like to see happen differently?
      I would like to see me more happy all the time.
      And to have more money.

      43. What about yourself will you be changing?

      44. What happened in ’09 that you didn’t think would ever happen?
      I think I was honestly surprised to finally meet and then date my best dude friend.

      45. Will you be nicer to the people you care about?
      I am pretty dang nice.
      46. Will you dress differently this year than you did in 08?
      Nah. I like how I dress.

      47. Will you start or quit drinking?
      I will drink.

      48. Will you better your relationship with your family?
      I think I have a pretty awesome relationship with most of them right now, but it could probably be better with others… That is for them to work on though.

      49. Will you do charity work?
      No. Ha.

      50. Will you go to bars?
      Yes. Yes. Yes.

      51. Will you be nice to people you don't know?
      Probably not, I am generally not nice.

      52. Do you expect 2010 will be a good year for you?
      I sure hope so!

      53. How much have you changed in the past year?
      More then I could ever have imagined.

      54. Will you be friends with the same people this time next year?
      For sure.
      55. Plan on having a child?
      No. No. No.

      56. Major Lifestyle changes?
      No. I am super happy with my style.

      57. Moving?
      Not really sure.

      58. NYE's Plans.
      Party with the people I love the most, my sister and my biffl.

    • Journal whor3

      9 years ago


      Not too much has happened since the last time I journal-ed.
      I suppose the months changed. And that is excellent.

      I fracking hate Novembers.
      I do not remember ever having this month come and go without causing me some strife.
      This month it really out did it's self. BUT! With the end of one thing comes the beginning of another.
      So bring on DECEMBER!

      Lots of plans for this month.
      Working 8-9 hours a day.
      This is immeasurably better then 9-10 hours a day :D
      I will be browsing miscellaneous fairs and fests to capture some of that holiday spirit on my weekends.
      Purchasing copious amounts of gifts for my loved ones.
      Then on the 19th! Or just over two weeks from now:
      My last long vacation was in June to California. I am ready for another!
      Then my little sister, Alex, is heading home with me to spend New Year's with her sissy.
      This is something we started last year... I hope to keep it going.

      Pretty much out of any and all mopings I let succumb me the last month/month and a half.
      Going to focus on being awesome and having a great time!

      Okay. This insomniac is heading to sleeeeps.


    • Oh hai then.

      9 years ago


      My life has been ppprrrreeeetttttyyyy exciting recently.

      Well maybe that isn't the right word!

      Chris and I broke up, everything is cool though.
      The distance was just too hard. He still is, and hopefully always will be a good friend of mine.
      I suppose I don't owe any of you guys explanations or anything...
      But yeah, I am a single lady.
      And he is an awesome guy. So no blasting him or anything in here!

      From the break up and swine flu I have lost like ... 15 pounds.
      I look good.

      No seriously.

      H1N1 and breakup happened finals week.
      I thought this might have devastating consequences.
      Thus far though, STRAIGHT As.
      One grade left. GPA should stay above 3.5 no matter what.
      This is really exciting.
      Sending off my final paper tonight. Oh man. Just glad its done. With 5 minutes to spare.

      Spending Thanksgiving with a friend tomorrow.
      This is a pretty big deal for me. I am super bad at making friends, especially girl friends.
      But this year I did! And tomorrow I will chill with her and her family in Crystal Lake, IL.
      Man. My life is weird sometimes.

      My parents, well dad and step mom, officially moved to different places a week or two ago. No, one week.
      This means that my step mom calls me to bad mouth my dad all the time...
      And my dad and I dont talk.
      Calling him tomorrow for the first time in 3 weeks.

      No roomie or her boyfriend for a week. Taking this time to enjoy walking about in my undies as much as possible before Trevor is back and then I have to wear pants again. Boo.

      Now I am going back to more HIMYM watching and napping :D

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
      I am super thankful for my biffl and all the memories I had this year and everyone involved in them :)

    • MopeMopeMope

      9 years ago


      I am in a mopey mood.
      Being that I have asthma, pneumonia has set into my lungs following the H1N1.
      Nothing severe.
      Just enough that I have to gasp for air after talking, or walking.. really doing anything but lay on the couch.
      Z-Pack and steroids.
      Steroids that make me realllly hungry.

      Like NY style pizza, and wings, and maybe a cheeseburger hungry.

      Right now just working on avoiding a fever, or really getting any worse.

      So I wrote that boy was coming next week. False alarm.
      Due to conflicting work issues he isn't going to be able to make it out here until mid December.
      Another month without snuggles, kisses or any of that other good stuff. MopeMopeMope.

      Speaking of work, I am hoping to FINALLY return on Friday, if in fact my lung doesn't collapse before then.

      I guess I will spend the next month *sigh* finishing up my school work, one week until the quarter is over and being a good worker for Berry Chill since I have sucked it up recently, two weeks of calling out sick. Awesome.
      Also my house must be decorated for Christmas, cookies must be made and somehow, presents must be bought/wrapped/placed under what I hope to be a GIANT Christmas tree. I have some great things in the works for the people I love the most...

      Okay, nap time... again.

      I've got jackets blankets and sheets, its going to be a cold December.

    • Opiate Enhanced

      9 years ago


      I just took enough codeine to put out even the biggest of babies.
      I chased it with a naked juice.
      Some weird green one.

      Excuse me if this gets a little weird at the end.

      Tomorrow is mine and my boys seven months.
      HOLY WOW.
      Did you know our team won the World Series this year?
      I haven't really had time to reflect on this having been stricken with H1N1 for a week now...
      But it feels good to be world champions again.
      I'm not really supposed to share the mushy gushy of our relationship, but in the days after the win my boy would ask how his little world champion was feeling. Still this is just the cutest thing to me.
      Christopher will be in town in like a week and a half.
      Hopefully I have energy for sexyfuntimes by then, considering at this point my boss won't let me work because I generally don't have enough energy to be awake for more then 5 hours. Humph.

      I am going to start taking care of myself better.
      If this means less drinking, then less drinking.
      If this means better eating, then better eating.
      If this means more exercising, then ... you get it.
      Mostly I know I need to get the right amount of sleep and eat better.
      After this semester I am going to practice some self discipline in getting in better habits.
      WOAH. Codeine just almost allowed me to drop a huge secret right there.

      Enough journal-ing.
      Nap time.

    • ughughugh

      9 years ago


      i am awake at 9:16am.
      not so bad.
      i went to bed at like 12, so that is 9 solid hours of sleep.

      i have gotten a lot of sleep recently.
      just me, nicole, the couch, and perry.
      this must be what it feels like to be unemployed.
      no me gusta.

      the reason i am on the couch?
      and have been since tuesday non-stop...
      i have h1n1.
      now i made fun of this flu a lot in the early days.

      most specifically how much everyone was freaking out over it...
      well i think i know why know.
      you see i am asthmatic and i honest to god have not had a full breathe of air since tuesday night.
      i thought it was a cold, honestly, at first.
      i was like oh man, these sniffles are awful... why the heck does my throat hurt so bad... why do i think my head is going to explode... why am i spiking a fever... DOCTOR TIME!

      so now we are all quarantined in the house until Monday.
      we are contagious until then... and bored.
      i just keep drugging myself to get rid of the chest congestion... and then sleeping.
      moral of the story: if you dont feel good, go to the doctor. you have to get better.

      love, amanda

    • Occam's Razor

      9 years ago


      I have a bladder infection.
      And I am on my way to bronchitis/alreadyhavesevereURI.

      That is two illnesses.
      Completely unrelated.

      I am trying to drink cranberry juice and peppermint tea.
      This is a super cool day.



    • Young Hova.

      9 years ago




      Okay. Hai.

      Couldn't remember my last journal, which looking back was probably because it was written on one hour of sleep.
      As the Will.I.Am and crew would say, What's going on?

      First. Six month-aversary is on Saturday. ZOMG.
      I love my boyfriend ridiculous amounts, and basically think he is the most amazing guy in the whole world.
      He comes into town on Friday night, so I can give him all the lovins on the special day!
      Just doing a nice dinner and spending a little time with each other before he heads out to a fencing tournament on Sunday, where he will kick immense butt! I am going to stay back in Chicago to study/prepare for midterms. He will be back on Monday night for a couple more night together before he heads home.
      But I don't want to think about that yet - so I wont!

      Second. Registration for winter quarter classes in like two weeks. Talked with my advisor and got all my scheduling through graduation (May 2011) planned out.
      Winter 2009:
      Online Journalism
      NonVerbal Communication

      Yes. Plato. The class.
      Oh. Major - Journalism.
      Minor - Philosophy & History. Dos.

      Third. Changing my work schedule in January! I will be opening my store instead of my closing. This is exciting because although I have to wake up pretty early I can do more homework at work that way... and there will be days I am home by sixPM. Read that again. SIX PM!

      Fourth. I miss my best friend. And cable television. And I want to watch ALL of HIMYM season 5 today. Not wait howevermanymonths as they debut. Urgh. Best show eva.

      Fifth. Holiday Plans, Thanksgiving I will be alllllll by my lonesome. Lame.
      Christmas however I will me with my momma the week before and then my boyfriend the whole week after. Meep! Also I will be seeing Chris on Halloween this year. :D

      <3 / <#

    • Oh fuck. LIFE.

      9 years ago


      Got confirmation that my grandfather was a match for lung transplant at 5pm.
      Bought to north Carolina by 510.
      Home from work and packed by 540.
      At airport by 615.
      On plane 700.

      At hospital 11.
      Surgery completed 3.
      Held grandfathers hand 4.

      Sleep since 700am Tuesday morning, one hour.

    • When the RedBull Wears Off.

      10 years ago


      School started exactly a week ago today...

      Intro To Philosophy
      I have taken three philosophy courses before. Two of them dealing mostly with Ethics, and another with Logic. I really enjoy exploring theories as to why we are and what we are and what we ought to be doing. I have never found one that I think aptly applies to my life, or what I want my life to be... Any who, I am going for a minor in philosophy and had to get this silly class out of the way to continue my journey.

      What do I make of this class? Well, I think that any 8:30am class sucks. Today a student seemed honestly surprised to find out Plato did not worship Jesus. Doh.

      European History 400-1400

      This class rocks my fricken socks. I remember now why I considered minoring in history. It is an hour and a half long but feels like twenty minutes. The time breezes by. The professor is not only knowledgeable and passionate, he makes it funny... Showing clips on Conan that Barbarian, etc. Outside of class I have about 9 hours of reading a week for this one class. Even that hardly seems like the chore that it is because I am really engaged by the readings...

      News Editing

      My First assignment for this class was to write my own obituary. Not that biggest fan of that. Otherwise it just seems like the first two journalism classes I had, except with less assignments... or focus. I guess we will see how that goes. No real opinion yet though.

      I am taking 12 credits, which is how many you need to be full time. I just can not see myself taking more, plus working the required 50+ hours at work each week.

      Life is okay. Some stupid stuff going on...
      But I rather think about the awesome things, like my best friend.. who I miss because I never see her!
      And my boy! Who I love so much and am super excited to see in like three weeks! 6monthversary!

      I could use a fracken nap.

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      9 years ago

      I must see pictures of this mammoth tree.

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      9 years ago

      Yes it is.

    • Retrac

      10 years ago

      MySpace told me today I might know my sister and your brother. Thought that was pretty funny.

    • NO_YES

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      I love you!


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      Hey girlfriend!

      I love you!


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      Oh, also:

      You are the bestest, beautifulest, most wonderfulest girl!

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      That's a lot of #'s... but I hope it conveys my meaning!


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      happy birthday!!!

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      Happy Birthday!

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      it is your birthday here - so we will get the party started for you.

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      i'm trying!
      tonight! in like 12 ish hours!

    • trilli4n

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      i miss you.

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      Ashley called ME out of the blue tonight.

      Thought it might make you feel better.

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      10 years ago

      I am excited to pay you awesome ladies a visit!

    • Trev

      10 years ago

      Yea, I'm sorry I didn't think to say goodbye last night before everyone went to bed. It's great to finally know you. Thanks so much for enduring a few days of stinky boy in the house like a champ. You and Nicole are an awesome spectacle to witness. I can't wait for a return trip to Steak Mountain (that's the only name the place needs) and B Dub's. Word. Try not to chop off any hands or sacrifice co-workers.

      Also, June = way too far.

    • Retrac

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      You're back! Huzzah!

      There will be much rejoicing.

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      so good to see you back smiley1.gif

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      Wall Virginity!

      O wait that only works in facebook :S

      anyways good to have you back :P

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