So I picked up a copy of Ori and the Blind Forest definitive edition on steam. I've meant to play this since hearing about it on The Patch last year - but work and uni always get in the way. Go figure. Since exams are approaching fast, naturally I decided to make a start on it.

What a game. The sound design is phenomenal, and the game is absolutely gorgeous. The first 5 minutes had me completely hooked. The level design didn't become repetitive, and the combination of different moves and abilities actually made traversing the different environments pretty tricky at times. I found myself visiting certain game areas again for no reason, just for the hell of it and to get another taste of those crazy visuals and sounds.

I don't generally have a heck of a lot of time on my hands, but something about this game got me to spend at least an hour on it every night until I finally completed it, in just short of 10 hours (over the course of a week or so).

TL;DR Ori and the Blind Forest is amazing, and is probably one of the best platformers I've ever seen. Go play it dummy!