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    • Sea World

      13 years ago


      Well the first time i ever went to Sea World that i have seen this.

      I go to the dolphin show, and i expect to see the same thing i've seen before, Dolphins, Flips, and Divers, but no not today, as a matter of fact in the middle of the show a dolphin was let loose and wouldn't leave, so i thought i guess this is a new part of the show, cause it was doing flips and stuff, but what the dolphin was really doing was "on the prowl" if you know what i mean? And the best part was when the guy came out and explained to us what exactly was going on, he was saying like, "its like the birds and the bees" and well you know, but what got me was that he was explaining it to like 5 year old. Unless I'm wrong i dont think that is a very good idea to explain to children that young, but thats just me.

      Can someone tell me if I am wrong, because i would really like to know?

      seriously confused

    • The resons why you should hate me...

      13 years ago


      Well by now i guess that you have all seen that i haven't really been paying attention to this "Contest" so as of right now i am giving you all permission to send me all the bad comments and spam you want.

      Thx, i guess...

    • Contest update

      13 years ago


      Okay first matter of buisiness, a change in the rules:

      You are aloud to post more than one picture


      Please tell everone you know about this if you can!!!

      That is all for now


      13 years ago


      Alright i finally have a great contest idea:


      Okay here's the story, lately I've been browsing the internet for really good WTF puictures for my profile, but to no avale.

      And so thought hey why dont i get some help on this.

      1- One post per person
      2- No porn! ( I dont want to get banned, or something stupid)
      3- Should have somewhere on the picture WTF
      4- Post the pictures in this Journal

      1- If you made it yourself
      2- A real picture
      3- Complements are always nice

      I'll probobly run it for a solid month, so if you want tell your friends about it

      As of right now, a good bit of mod points, but more details will come with time

    • Apology to friends

      13 years ago


      For those of you who have been waiting for a contest from me i apologize that i havent yet started one. Not quite sure what i want it to be about yet, but for now just keep waiting


    • Contest!!! Well not yet...

      13 years ago


      I should begin a contest in the next week or so. Havent givn much thought about what it should be about, but i'll get something good.

    • Joke of the Day

      13 years ago


      Well i heard this from a really good friend and I thought i would share:

      A Dry-wall guy goes to a school to fix a wall. He enters the classroom and the Teacher walks over to him.

      TEACHER: Hi dry-wall guy, Im going to teach you about logic

      DWG: Okay

      TEACHER: Dry-wall guy do you own a weed-wacker?

      DWG: Why yes we do own a weed wacker

      TEACHER: Well then you must own a yard correct?

      DWG: Yes we do

      TEACHER: I noticed you said we, that must mean your married, correct?

      DWG: Yeah, I am.

      TEACHER: Concluding that you must be heterosexual

      DWG: Yes i am heterosexual

      He leaves. He find the tile guy and goes over to him.

      DWG: Hey tile guy, I'm gonna teach you about logic

      TG: Okay

      DWG: Alright then, do you own a weed-wacker?

      TG: No, i dont own a weed-wacker

      DWG: What are you, queer?


    • X-box 360 or New Computer?

      14 years ago


      Well I've got to thinking about what exactly I would like to get, for those of you who dont know me I have wanted a computer since as long as I can remember. But I might change my mind to get the X-box 360 for a hell of a lot less than the computer i want. But i just cant honestly decide...

    • Major n00b...

      14 years ago


      I honestly have been getting on more and more often, but i have no idea what my limits are on here if someone could please tell me besides some of the usual crap...

      So please help this n00b...

    • Micky Mouse

      14 years ago


      After countless years of watching a sing a long Micky Mouse movie with my little brother I came across a disturbing find. In the movie they are touring Disney land when in the background of this safari boat ride, a lion is eating a zebra.

      I mean what the hell...

      I admit the video is quite old, I watched it when i was 2, but I never noticed that they would show a zebra getting eat'n on this 2 year-old video. I'm speachless, it's just down right terrible.

      But you know, shit happens...

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    • Reptile3x

      13 years ago

      Contest! Look at my journal

    • wtfx2

      14 years ago


    • SniperJTS

      14 years ago

      wtfx2... you're my friend... here's proof...

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