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    • Update on life!

      1 year ago


      It would seem me posting once a year is now a pattern, and it shall continue!

      As seen in my previous updates, me being very ill and somewhat disabled is a constant; welp! But I'm aight, dealing with what's thrown at me and such. One great thing that's happened is I did in fact hit 1,000 subscribers on youtube; I'm now at 1.2k (link below, I do RWBY edits sometimes)! I'm now 22, going on 23, and I'm going into my third year of university. All fun stuff!

      Some sad stuff to do with family loss happened this year, twice, but I'm doing good despite that. On a positive note, I've been in a relationship with the GREATEST guy for over a year and a half now (his very first convention was RTXLondon last year, he loved it).

      I spend most of my free time, which is everyday till end of September when university starts again, on World of Warcraft (Steamwheedle Cartel EU) so if anyone wants to hit me up there, poke me.

      Next week is RTXLondon and I will be attending! Last year I met so many great people, and I'd love to again; so if you're going, hit me up here or on twitter @xenxaa (I do check both regularly).

      This post was a mess, but it sums everything up nicely 

       wave Xenia, signing off!

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/xenxaa

      Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrU8TEatrHTRCoi595Ms7A

    • Update on life

      2 years ago


      Hey guys!

      It's been so so long since I've been here and actually posted (i watch stuff on the site all the time though). So I thought I'd update you on life stuff.

      I'm in uni now, moved here in September. Doing pretty good, just got my first two assignments to do. I'm almost at 1k subs on youtube (45 away), pretty excited for that milestone. I'm 21 in December, oooh exciting.

      Thats the good shit. Now for the :( stuff

      In the beginning of this year, I was diagnosed with having a cyst on my brain. It's painful af, but I've got meds to counter it and the pain. It's causing some trouble with my words and stuff, like I can't quite find the words I know that I know.

      I'm not bitter though, I'm just trying to get through it all.

      I'm also currently down with the flu, migraines, tonsilitis and an ear infection (which has made me temporarily deaf in one ear, annoying).

      But yeah, that's my life right now.

    • 3 years ago

    • Update on life!

      3 years ago


      I'm not sure if many remember me on here, other than those in the LBF skype group, but yeah.

      I thought it'd be awesome to update y'all why I've not been around.

      I've been sick since I was a kid, and it has been steadily been getting worse over the years. It's gotten to the point now where I can't stand up for very long at all (worse than it was back during the MCM London where I met Jack & Adam). I have also damaged some nerves in which it's caused me to lose some sensation and control over my left arm. There are other things, but it wouldn't be a great idea to talk about them.

      But anyway, all this combined means that I am not able to leave the house much as it causes me a lot of pain.

      So yeah, that's a thing.

      BUT I've almost finished college (finally, after 3 retries) from home, so that's good.

    • TEAM FNKI!!!!

      3 years ago


      I love Team FNKI so much, I'm sobbing. I can't deal. Those beautiful people.

      I also had to make a video of them because of the love I have for them.

    • MCM London October 2015

      3 years ago


      This past weekend, I managed to make it to London MCM (a convention) and had the pleasure of meeting @AdamKovic and @jack

      As some of you know, I have to use a walking stick a lot of the time, and I get sick often. During my time waiting in line to meet the two (at about 12:30 - lunch time), i suddenly started shaking a lot and went pale, even had trouble standing with aid of my walking stick. I reckon it's because I had been up since 5am and only had a sandwich to eat that day. Adam & Jack noticed this, and they were so helpful and gave me some candy (chocolate and hot tomales) to try get my blood sugar up (it really helped too).

      Adam and Jack are honestly so kind, and I'm very greatful. It may have only been some candy, but it helped me keep moving till I got some lunch. Thanks for that guys.

      During us taking some selfies together, I made a funny face and Adam started laughing at it. I assume because everyone else had just been doing a lovely smile. But if you know me, you'll know I literally can't smile in photos. I just had to muck about.

      But anyway, the convention was amazing. Got me an amazing new shirt and hoodie which are so cozy. Met 2 amazing people from the company. I also met up with some old friends I hadn't seen in months, and some friends from a Garry's Mod deathrun server I'm the head of.

      It was a fun weekend, and I can't wait to do it again.

      ((I might upload the photos later, not sure))

    • Cosplay - Help!

      3 years ago


      At the end of this month, I am going to London MCM. I would like to cosplay as Coco from RWBY when I go. I found a site (does all sorts of character inspired outfits, by the way) to help me look for 'normal clothes' that could pass as a the cosplay, but it's all sold out.

      Any ideas on what I should do??

      SITE: http://www.polyvore.com/coco-rwby/set?id=141174500

      EDIT~:: Now I'm conflicted between that link above (coco) and this one (Ciel) http://www.polyvore.com/kuroshitsuji_inspired_anim...

    • 4 years ago


      So the past few months have been real rough for me. The death of two close friends within just 3 weeks of each other, and finding out a family member's leukemia is getting worse.
      It's taking it's toll on me, with the emotional stress and what not. But I've found solace in editing and such, and decided to make a video for one of my friends, who passed.

      This is for my dear friend, Aya.

    • 4 years ago


      I have actually made it through an entire academic year without anything going down in college. I am literally so proud of myself. Bring on second year!.....but not for a few months, please, I need to catch up on sleep.

    • Youtube

      4 years ago


      Just an update on my youtube channels.
      My main; www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrU8TEatrHTRCoi595M...
      My secondary, which I am using primarily till August; www.youtube.com/channel/UCTFQpBrFwMnUrSPNPJMd...

      Keep an eye out for an Achievement Hunter video sometime soon!

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      Yo Xenia!

      Happy Warm Fuzzies Day!


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      Thanks for the add and generally being awesome smiley0.gif

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