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    • red vs. blue

      10 years ago


      man have you ever seen the one episode of red vs blue were those two guys are on opposite sides of a rock trying to kill eachother and wen they pop their heads up one says hey and the other says ho and goes on for like 5 seconds and then some random dude kills the blue guy and the red guy said hey u took my kill? tha episode is soo funny nd for u people who think im weird for typing all this... im not weird im just very very BORED!!!!!!!

    • today

      10 years ago


      man im soo bored right now im sittin at my dads offince cause he didnt want me to be home by myself for 15 hours. i wouldnt know y though lol.

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    • xjunkyardx11

      10 years ago

      i dont really do mods i jus play matchmaking, forge and have fun

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