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    • Survey, why not?

      5 years ago


      '“ Name: James Taylor Roberts *cough* I mean Walter White, uh... Heisenberg
      '“ Birthday: July 25, 1993
      '“ Nickname: Heisen-B (I'm not kidding)
      '“ Eye Color: Blue
      '“ Hair Color: Dark brown when not shaven
      '“ Zodiac Sign: Leo
      '“ Height: 6'0
      '“ Your weaknesses: Fear of rejection
      '“ Your fear: Failure of any kind.
      '“ Your perfect pizza: just mushrooms
      '“ Goal you'd like to achieve: To find something in life that ignites my interest
      '“ Your best physical feature: Most compliments are on my eyes, so I guess my eyes
      '“ Favorite color : Blue
      '“ Favorite food: I don't really have a favorite. I'm not very picky.
      '“ Favorite Number: 7

      This Or That...
      '“ Pepsi or Coke: Mountain Dew since it's a Pepsi product
      '“ McDonald's or Burger King: Neither, Subway.
      '“ Adidas or Nike: Neither again. As of now, Clarks.
      '“ Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
      '“ Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino
      '“ Xbox or Playstation consoles? : Xbox

      Do You...
      '“ Smoke: Nope
      '“ Curse: Only when I'm in company that doesn't mind it. I can turn it off completely if I want to.
      '“ Sing: When I'm by myself mostly, or in the shower.
      '“ Dance: For the sake of others, no
      '“ Take a shower everyday: Absolutely, I don't like feeling dirty. Getting dirty and feeling dirty are two different things for me.
      '“ Have a crush: Not anymore.
      '“ Want to get married: Not really. That might change as I get older
      '“ Get motion sickness: Nope.
      '“ Think you're attractive: I think I have some attractive features, but overall, I'd say average. No more than a 6, but no less than a 4 (hopefully)
      '“ Get along with your parents: I do with my mom. I did with my dad before he died.

      Have you ever...
      - Flashed anyone: No one wants to see what a guy has to flash
      '“ Been beaten up: Nope
      '“ Shoplifted: Maybe twice? I remember once from a gas station I stole some gum. I was a kid.
      '“ Eaten Sushi: Yes! It's fantastic!
      '“ Been on stage: I've had to accept awards on stage before. Nothing more than that though.
      '“ Made homemade cookies: Just this past Christmas actually :)
      '“ Gone Skinny dipping: Nope, my man parts already don't like swimming with trunks on, much less off.
      '“ Stolen anything: I've done this a few more times. I almost always returned whatever it was. Again, I was still a kid.

      In the opposite sex...
      '“ Best eye color: Blue or green
      '“ Best hair color: Brunette, but nothing wrong with blondes or red heads!
      '“ Short hair or long hair: Preferably long, but I know some girls that really pull of the short hair look.
      '“ What's your type: Someone that could tolerate that some days, I just don't want a lot of contact be it physical, emotional, or social. I can still be around people, I just won't be very open. Also, she absolutely has to like at least one of three: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter, video games, or watching movies.

      Love life...
      '“ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: A what?
      '“ Does anyone like you?: It's possible, but I have no clue. I personally don't think so.
      '“ Have you ever kissed anyone?: No
      '“ Hugged anyone in the past week?: No
      '“ Virgin?: Yes
      '“ Longest relationship: Never had one

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    • Dear Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter

      5 years ago


      I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. Even though the probability of any of you reading this is low, I still wanted to say thank you for all that you've done. You all have no idea what you have done for me.

      I'm not exactly living an ideal life. The past events that I have experienced aren't very bright in nature, and even the more recent ones are pretty awful. I have been caught in the dangerous storm that is self-loathing. I am under an enormous amount of stress right now as well. None of this is something that I'm willing to go into detail publicly. However, my point is that even though I have to force myself out of bed in the mornings because I just don't feel like going out, all of you are still able to put a smile on my face. Not a smirk, not a half smile you give to people when you pass them, but a full on grin that reaches from ear to ear. Not only can you all make me smile through this, you can make me legitimately laugh out loud and not care who hears.

      To conclude this thank you note, I would like to encourage you to keep doing what you're doing. You produce quality comedic content that helps me, and most likely many others, get through their day.

      James Roberts

    • 2019 years ago

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    • ozzy786

      6 years ago

      Welcome to Rooster Teeth & Achievement Hunter! smiley0.gif

      • xleo725x

        6 years ago

        Thanks! I've been watching these guys for years. Absolutely hilarious.

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