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    • Must... craft...

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      I started a project a little over four months ago as a gift to a friend that was to be given her master garber in Amtgard (to put it simply, she makes costuming that is goddamned flawless). Her knight was the one that suggested I make a master hood as that is what she was going to get. Not much is given to people when they make the level of master in a craft or service. Usually nothing more than a scroll with the record that they've gotten it (which are typically hand made and gorgeous... I saw one out of stained glass recently *gape*). I had only about a month's worth of time until it was due. Totally doable without a full time job and a need for sanity.

      I decided to pull from her heraldry and started working. There are a lot of progress pictures and I'll probably post them at some point but for now, a little bit of the progress I had had. Hood drafting...


      Testing applique... or just lazy zig zag because there's no way in hell I'm going over that line several more times.


      Pinning down the last wing before I sew it on...


      ...swearing profusely that my sewing machine foot broke.


      Needless to say, even with the help of the recipient getting me a new foot while being in the area it was too much work to try to accomplish. Other than getting all the fabric down I didn't get much father than sewing on some of the chainmail accents you can see on the one above the last image. I need to finish it in the next two weeks because I will see this friend in person and can properly gift it to her.

      Those of you who know me please do me the massive favor. Pester me about this. Poke me here, Facebook, Twitter. If you have my number, text me. I should be starting work on it again Saturday, along with another commission that I realize I should not focus on to get this done but because the guy is local and I've had his piece for.... two months he's getting antsy to see it.

      Must. Craft.

    • In retrospect​ of my last post...

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      I haven't lost really any weight and haven't walked nearly as much mostly because of the heat. I need to make some actual goals rather than feeling like I'm just floating and waiting to see what the tide may bring my way.

      Laziest otter ever.

    • In which I ramble about weight

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      I've wanted to lose weight for a bit. When I was in college I thought I wanted to lose weight as I did the opposite of what other freshman do with the Freshman 15. My mother would occasionally ask me if I was eating enough. I did, I wasn't starving myself. There were definitely times where I would almost forget to eat (thanks World of Warcraft!!) but I wasn't hungry so it was easy to forget until I would realize mid-raid that I hadn't eaten dinner and either heat up ramen or run down to the campus center and get a chicken finger sub just as it was closing. It was the fact I was walking a lot more than the typical person every day. Walk to food, walk to classes. walk out to hang out with friends. I didn't realize how effective it was.

      After college my body did a little bit of what it always did over summer breaks in high school where I was spending more time sitting and watching TV and playing video games than moving around then conditioning and swim practice would start and I would slough the baby fat off. Except this time there was no swim practice or school to go back to. I went from vaguely active jobs to ones that were less and less active. Working in a warehouse, radio station, mailroom, editing video and into IT where I've been for the last 4 years. I went from 123lbs, that I can remember in college to just pushing back down under 150lbs as I started working in IT. I was eating well and simply. Yogurt and carrots at lunch with water. It was working to keep me under that threshold and enjoy a large meal at home with family at night. And then I started liking beer and slowly caring less.

      About a month ago I weighed myself and I was at 182. I shrugged and said fuck it and went back to snacking out of boredom and tried to ignore the nagging in the back of my head. One that was getting more consistent about working out. Clearly playing Amtgard wasn't doing anything anymore and admittedly I had stopped doing the side of the game that actually would get me moving. I wasn't actually playing Amtgard I was watching it happen. I was reeving (think referee with potentially less movement) and had plateaued with my fighting, which is another post for another time. My care cup was empty and though I kept having that little voice in the back of my head that would tell me to go work out, you have a gym membership you're not even paying for use it *flail* it was being ignored. When you only have pushed yourself to do a little and that one day or week of consistent working out, though it feels amazing, ...well it's really easy to fail you're will save when you don't care at your core.

      Fastforward to now. I stood on the scale on Tuesday and weighed 179lbs. This morning the scale said 173.

      Did an app on my phone make the difference? A game I was not a fan of when it initially came out as I saw my cousin ignore my brother and I to keep playing on Gameboy. Did Pokemon Go really do this/and is doing this.

      I need to see if this momentum continues.

    • ramble

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      Oh mans. Good things and exhaustion.

      Note to self, do not drink an energy drink when just latently tired. It makes me weirdly twitchy and still tired.

    • Apologies, a month has passed.

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      For those who are curious, it's been interesting. Let's see if I can remember a bunch of things or not.

      PAX! That was fun. I walked more than I've walked in a weekend in a while and it was worth it. Sat in some panels about ladies, got really pissed/sad at one of them for not knowing what they were doing (I think there was a little noise on the internet about it, or I was told there was. I didn't search it out). I wore my Rachel Cole getup (which just really looks like a female Punisher) and was successfully called Francie Castle by some guys that wanted my picture. Realize that the number of League of Legends cosplays just re-proved to me that comic book characters don't really work at video game conventions. Had a friend from Maine visit me most evenings because one hour is much shorter than eight for drive time.

      Speaking of driving... got in an accident on the way home.

      I was in the passenger seat. Thankfully, I was just starting to doze off so all I had to deal with was tiny cuts from the passenger side glass and bruises. I will say that if I hadn't been half asleep it would have been much worse and I try to not think on that too much. Random note, don't get in an accident in another state as a New Yorker as a passenger who owns their own car and has insurance... somehow I/my insurance has to pay for my hospital visit. Yay. Still waiting for that to appear. It was a very late night and it was about 3am when I finally got to sleep. ...and my friend from Maine drove me home.

      I've not really heard much more about the position I applied for. I pestered people to make sure they realized I didn't want to be paid what I'm currently paid and that is obliquely that. They said sooner than mid June or July... but here we are nearing the end of May. It's vaguely stressing but know the manager who did the interview took what I wanted away from my talk with him about money. That was specifically "Adult" "40k" "Buy a house." So that's good.

      I'm also less alone. Myself and the man from Maine are now making the distance work as he tries to get transferred down here. So far it's nice. Here's a picture of us from March, larpin' in the snow.


      So yeah, generally, good things all around. I get to see him in a week where the both of us will be stupid busy at an event as we're both in Kingdom office. ...and I have about three pieces of creative work that need to be finished by then. I know what I'm doing when I get home.

    • PAX East

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      Who am I going to see there this year? I'm finally getting to go.

    • Overdue shortform

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      Apologies it's been a while and there's definitely a bit I could update you all on so here's it in a tunchated bullet form.

      • I may be getting another job where I work
      • I need to buy my flights for RTX today
      • I won my first Dragonmaster (Arts & Sciences competition in Amtgard)
      • I'm dealing with someone talking a lot of smack in that community
      • I am just about ready to start being creative again, just need to clean

      Hopefully I can get some pictures up of what I've been up to. For now, here's me and a bunch of larpers from this last weekend.


    • Some things.

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      I took a day off from work for sanity. I wish it was longer. I did nothing but get caught up on Agent Carter and start watching Limitless again. I love the narrative play of Limitless. Also went to my favorite pub with my parents and had great beer and chicken and leek pie.

      Everyone is super excited about getting their taxes. I'm just happy they existed to pay off bills that no one would have planned for. Medical type. Only slightly irritating that I got another one last week when I thought I was all done and it was more than the others but hey, that's what paydays are for. I'm not underwater and again am thankful that I get to live on the cheap with my parents as I sock as much money away as possible.

      I might have mentioned I was running for office again. LARP Office of Craftiness AKA Regent of the Kingdom of Goldenvale AKA Princess (because my knight likes reminding me that's a title). I won again and my competition, same as the old competition, moved to another town entirely. YAY. AND I'm super excited that I won and the other officers I'm serving my term with are great.

      So far I've gotten all the time off I need for Amtgard, RTX and need to look into when family is going to be up so I can take some more time off. Need to keep a positive mindset as there is just a lot going on and when I get off of work I shouldn't keep thinking on the negatives but be happy to be off of work and immediately get to making things. Just happier existence sort of things.

      I'm going to PAX East this year!! First time in years I'm going to a convention and not working it ...anyone I know going to be there?? I want to do things!

    • RWBY finale.

      3 years ago

      ytrahne Guardian x8

      SO much crying. That's all I'm saying.

    • Blazeryang asked ytrahne a question

      What is your favorite part of Rooster Teeth and did you Lazer Team?

      Answered: Feb 10, 2016

      You're making me pick a favorite! That's damned impossible!! All that content, the friends I've made through the community, RTX... hard to pick. I did get to go see Lazer Team though. So good.

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