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    • Fit4RTX, the actual go

      2 years ago


      Who is going at it?  I posted on Facebook and got a lot of good pointers and a lot of people saying 35 pounds is a bit much to do in the less than four months to do it in.  Honestly, I just put a number on it to match what my weight was when I started working in IT and if I get halfway there is nothing to stop me from keeping at it.

    • About one weekend a month I'm a little less human

      2 years ago



      This is a picture taken from Doomsday, a scifi larp based out of Hamburg PA.  I play a Maneater which is an alien race that takes on the aspects of what it just ate that being mostly animalistic and they have to eat human flesh to dull that pain.  It's fun to shed my skin with all the crap that goes on in day to day life.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

    • RT Secret Santa 2016...?

      2 years ago


      Not sure if my RT Secret Santa did this or I randomly got something from Amazon.  Regardless, I'm probably a third in as of last night.  Golden Era of comics and I was three when this book came out.  ...I also swear this picture was portrait when I took it.


    • And I meant to actually post goals.

      2 years ago


      Apologies to anyone irritated as I did not want to put all of these things into one post because tying them together seemed a bit rough.  With the holidays near and my dropping the ball on a handful of things I'm already looking towards trying to pick everything up again after the holidays and having a go at them.

      Fitness... definitely a thing I posted about.  The unfortunate thing is somewhere in there I lost sight of that and definitely gained a good 10 pounds.  That being said, it's not the weight I care about as much as the lack of energy I have.  I've gotten so tired the past couple weeks when I'm working on things or I have a full day of activities.  I'm aware of what I'm doing by not doing things but sometimes my will just isn't there because I've just survived on good genes for it all before.  I bought a rowing machine with my father and I did a good week of doing it daily... until I had to start crafting and got busy after work each day.  So... less excuses after Christmas.  Right?  

      Crafting... I tend to do it when I'm asked to or right before a competition.  Not the smartest way of going about it.  I enjoy it so why not do it all the time?  I need to post more to the Facebook page I made with that purpose (Moore Multifarious Creations) and update it before the year is out with project pictures and newer things as I think I've let it sit there for over two years now without a real update.  Along with that I should look into getting an etsy page as I've had people see some of my chainmail work and ask if I had one.  Then that's a whole matter of stocking an actual store.  A friend is also creating a yarn store locally and asked if I'd be interested in making stitch counters.  So that's kinda cool.

      Amtgard... I really didn't want to make a larp specific one but I feel I need to post it here.  I've gotten to such a severe degree of burnout this last year and it's clear that I need to take more of a break from some things than I have.  A year as a kingdom officer then only one month or so free until I became a local/shire officer.  It's not helping.  There is so much political/childish bullshit that goes on that I had been ignoring or blissfully unaware of until this last year.  It's hard to want to keep going.  I'm hoping to rediscover my actual joy of the game.  I miss when quests actually felt fun and when I could put my competitive stuff aside and actually enjoy a battlegame.  Crafting will always be a thing I do but I don't want to flat ignore the actual game or not aid in leading when I have the mental capacity to.  Before this last even I was just flat thinking of quitting.

      ...I swear I had more goals.  The main two are it.  The third is flimsy at best.  Maybe I'll try to get into streaming more but that seems like an easier thing to do if I can get a place of my own to have a good setup (aka use a wired connection).  I guess I should also try to look into things to mitigate my stress level.  Play guitar, get outside, exercise, go for a walk, see friends, ...I don't know I'm rambling to just place more words on a screen so I should probably stop, right?

    • And this is what I meant to post. *refocus*

      2 years ago


      This has been quite a crappy year.  There were a lot of national shit shows and much smaller things, scale-wise, to happen personally.  I'd rather not focus on that though.  Some pretty decent things happened as well.

      After a month or two cloud/haze mentally I went to an event that would end and begin another reign of me as kingdom regent and didn't think of anything about the person stepping out as king talking to me.  I slowly started realizing it when he came down from Maine to visit me while I was in Boston for PAX East and it became a bit more apparent when he drove down again to get me from the hospital and drive me home after the accident I posted about.  A couple weeks later we made it official when he came down for my birthday.  It's been rough because of the distance and it's made rougher when we see each other at events mainly and both have responsibilities to do but at this point it's still a good feeling.  I'm afraid the distance will kill us.

      RTX was awesome as ever.  Great connecting with friends I get to see once a year and working my ass off all weekend so that the attendees get to have the best time they can.  I'm hoping to have the opportunity to do so again this coming year, possibly get into helping Sidequest again in a pre-event sort of way as I found out it's not the smartest idea to do both anymore.  I'm old.

      The job I posted about?  I didn't get that job perfectly because the hybrid job I interviewed for was removed.  I instead got a position in the same general space just doing one part of it.  It's good I like it but if you follow my Twitter you can see it's sometimes trying.  With that new job I've started looking at the next adult thing, buying a house.  I put two offers in on a house and have gotten to deal with the frustration of people thinking their house is worth way more than it is.  Example, if it was built in 1957 and you haven't updated it in the 25 years of living there, it should probably not be priced like a house that has and also had a garage.

      I went to a new larp.  An immersive one that a couple sets of friends have been talking about for probably over a year at this point.  It was a lot of fun and it's definitely worth the money to not have to deal with any politics or hell, even the lack of drinking made it good.  It was also a bit of a genre change for me as it's a science fiction larp.  It's called Doomsday and I played an alien race called Maneaters who take on the physical properties of the food they eat and the thing that eases the pain of that transformation is human flesh.  Makes for interesting roleplay.  Especially when you go mostly reptilian and the event that weekend is filled with dinosaurs.  I also won the community award for best newbie.  That was cool.  As was wearing a RTX shirt and having a conversation with a RoosterTeeth fan who happened to play the game as well.

      I finally finished that project the sewing project I posted earlier this year and was able to give it to my friend before she got knighted.  That week was a whirlwind of crafting as I was also able to get some other projects done as well as retrieve some scrolls I finished earlier in the year and enter them in the kingdom Dragonmaster... and then somehow managed to win that as well.  I don't know how it happened honestly.  I still think it's some fluke.

      This weekend I just went to a party that re-cemented to me that my local friends are as good as family to me.  It was a holiday party and I didn't expect anything.  I came home with presents I was not expecting, more cookies than I'm willing to consume in the next couple weeks and a desire to start working on things for them for next year.

      Started out this year single, as a officer of a kingdom and a diagnosis hanging over my head.
      Ending the year with a long distance relationship, officer of a shire and mentally better.

    • Where I start typing and get teary.

      2 years ago


      This has been a year.  Chunks of good and bad on minor and major levels.  Started out the year single and if not for my family and friends I would have gone down quite a hole of just flat depression.  I had surgery for the first time and found out I have precancer at the start of this year.  This is the first time I've posted this publically and only my close friends and family know of this.  And you guys now.  There were probably a couple months of going through the motions and just feeling empty inside.  It's the weird thing where they're pretty much just like you'll have actual cancer, probably, at some point just no idea when.  I didn't expect to not just agree to a partial hysterectomy but at the thought of my niece and how adorable she is I couldn't go through with that decision so I get minor biopsies every 6 months.  In all of this I keep hearing from my doctor how this is not normal for someone who is my age.  

      Somewhere in the couple weeks of just existing/working/smiling when my closer friends were there to hear me out I remembered @LoZelda having something medical happen.  On a whim I sent her a message and suddenly the world didn't seem so small.  Same age-group, cancer and choices.  I don't think I can truly impress upon you all how this helped me to not feel alone and how much it crushed me when the choice had to be made.

      I'm happy you're healed.  Thank you for sharing your experience with the whole ordeal.  Cancer sux.

    • Extra Life 2016

      2 years ago


      Fourth year of marathon gaming Extra Life starts tomorrow.  Second year trying to heard cats and get more Amtgarders involved.  I think that might not be as successful as it was last year.  I'll be happy if we get half way to the goal.  I think it's also partially my fault as I've not made the time to promote nearly as much as I have in the past.

      If you didn't know, there is a specific reason I have been doing this the past four years.  It's not because I enjoy gaming of all kinds but because of my cousin's firstborn* and the amount of time they and she had to spend at Golisano Children's Hospital.  Molly is a very smiley five year old now and I do this for the fact that she's still smiling.


      I'll be posting on my Facebook and Twitter for streaming and here, if I remember.  Also will be posting images through Instagram when I take a break from sitting and run off to field to play Amtgard.

      To donate please go to the following link.

      *She and her husband just had their second child last week!!!

    • Passively Nominated.

      2 years ago


      That passive way that @caleb nominates anyone to do the thing


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    • Truth

      3 years ago


      I have been told when running Amtgard things, Gwen is my spirit animal.

      Image result for gwen camp camp gif


    • Must... craft...

      3 years ago


      This is me hoping to craft tonight rather than crawl into a hole and play Warcraft. Yep. Resubscribed. Legion in less than a month.

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      8 years ago

      Halo fellow FREELANCER!!!! hope you made it home alright and your flights were not to crazy. Have a good one and hope to see you again!

    • aeon1 aeon1

      8 years ago

      Hope your trip home went well!

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