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    • I'm back but not for long.

      1 year ago


      This week I managed to get a real kickass position in the U.S. Army "Cyber Warfare Specialist". Super existed to start, but not super excited about boot camp nor the 9 year commitment. Would anyone be interested in me posting my journey through the Army? (as much as I can without compromising my security clearance).

    • YouTube Live streams in recommended page

      2 years ago


      Has anyone else been bombarded by Live stream recommendations on YouTube that are all obvious copyright infringed? Like everything in my recommended is family guy season 8 (24/7) South Park season 18 19 20 (24/7) etc. Just Curious if anyone else is getting these.

    • Drunken things I say at the bar...

      2 years ago


      you piss like a toddler 

    • @Sir_Lawrence

      2 years ago


      I'm coming for you, be prepared at RTX. I'm the best wrastler this side of the Mississippi. 

    • Missed last weeks Death Days, catch up quick on my new video!

      2 years ago



      Craig and Bolen take on Manus father of the Abyss. Will they prevail? Or will the finish what they started today at 4PM Central?! Click the link above to find out! Thanks and much Love.

    • Sir Lawrence Has Agreed To Wrastle* Me

      2 years ago


      As the title says, let's make him own up to it!

    • Chris is a Genius (RT Sketch Script)

      2 years ago


      Synopsis- Chris has never read a book before or scene one before, Burnie and Gus find this out when they are casually talking about GoThrones and Chris joins in. Burnie then offers Chris to take the book to read and almost immediately returns it saying he finished it. Puzzled Gus and Burnie quiz him about the book and Chris blows them away. This leads to Gus and Burnie to feeding them more and more books greatly boosting Chris knowledge on everything. Eventually Chris starts to take over all the RT departments to the point that Sally notices what going on. This leads to Sally, Burnie, and Gus having to stop Chris before things get out of hand


      Notes- Characters can be adjusted, but I like this set up. With a “Spot of Science” this just fits almost too well.



      Burnie and Gus are lounging around the break area casually talking about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and their personally theories and how the books may tie in to this coming season.


      Burnie: There’s absolutely no fucking way Arya will win the throne! First off she has no Armies and No claim to the throne of the North since Sanysa is first in line.


      Gus: She has Nimeria and an entire army of Wolves! Even the promo has her somewhere in the Riverrun on her way to Winterfell and the books clearly have her reunite, or hints, with her.


      Chris walks into the scene listening to Burnie and Gus Argue


      Burnie: Just because it’s in the book doesn’t mean that it will happen. Plus one Direwolf, a teenaged assassin, and a pack of wild dogs can’t defeat an entire army or even one fucking dragon! That’s Ridiculous.


      Chris: Hey what ya guys talking about?


      Gus: How Burnie doesn’t know how to read or understand the concept of foreshadowing.


      Burnie: Hardy-fucking-har Gus, we are talking about the Game of thrones book and the upcoming season.


      Chris: Book?


      Burnie: Yeah the books.


      Chris: What’s a book?


      Gus and Burnie look at each other not sure if Chris is messing with them

      Gus: Are you serious? Or has Geoff put you up to this, that Fucker is always a lannister supporter.


      Burnie: Gus I think he’s serious, Chris have you never scene a book before?


      Chris: I literally have no idea what you guys are talking about.


      Burnie: (Pulls a Game of Thrones book out of his backpack) A book Chris, bunches of papers with words on them that form a story.


      Chris: I know words and paper but this book thing is far beyond me, is it like a disney film but on paper?


      Gus: I can’t believe it, I didn’t think this was possible (Gus just stares blankly at Chris not knowing what to believe anymore).


      Burnie: How’d you get through college and never scene or more importantly know what a book is?


      Chris: Texas?


      Gus and Burnie both let out a loud sigh


      Chris: Could I take a look at it?


      Almost in a trance like state of disbelief Burnie hands the book over to Chris


      Chris: Thanks (and walks away)


      Gus: Did we?


      Burnie: Let’s not talk about this, and let’s talk to HR about a book knowing policy right away.


      Chris walks right back into the scene


      Chris: Wow that was a really good story, are all books like these?


      Burnie and Gus both burst out laughing


      Gus: (laughing) I knew it, that was a good prank Chris. You totally got me.


      Burnie: Jesus christ never knew what a book was, man you’re acting has gotten so much better.


      Chris is completely straight faced


      Chris: Ummm sure? But honestly I never would have thought the winterlands played such an importantly role. The Show kind of glances over the importance with the wall but there is nothing about the history of the North at least in the magnitude in the book. Are there any more books laying around?


      Burnie and Gus are both dumb struck, Burnie motions Gus closer to him so that Chris can’t hear him talk.


      Burnie: (whispering to Gus) Okay Gus Geoff isn't this clever


      Gus: (whispering back) Agreed, Marshall maybe.


      Burnie: Dude this is Chris we are talking about. NO ONE could get Chris to pull this off.


      Gus: Agreed, let’s test him.


      Burnie: Right, stick to the book not to the show.


      Burnie and Gus both stand up and begin grilling Chris with questions from the book


      Burnie: Pop quiz Chris what happens to Shireen.


      Chris: She dies.. (Gets cut off by Burnie)


      Burnie: Ha I knew it!


      Chris: but in the book she lives, or at the very least isn’t executed.


      Gus: Correct


      Burnie’s face turns into a scowl


      Gus: Who does Robb Stark marry in the book?


      Chris: Jeyne and that one lives. That’s a shocker. Do you guys have any more of these books lying around?


      Gus and Burnie both turn white like ghost not understanding what’s happening and points to a nearby bookshelf. Chris strolls over to them and starts picking books off one by one quickly going through all of them. Gus and Burnie just stand and stare at Chris going through the bookcase like a machine. Sally walks in to talk to Gus about the next episode of “a spot of science”


      Sally: Oh there you are Gus, I needed to speak to you about next week's episode.

      Not paying any attention to Sally Gus continues to stare at Chris


      Gus: Not now Sally.


      Burnie: Now is really not a good time.


      Sally feeling a bit insulted looks inquisitively at Burnie and Gus and follow their eyes to Chris scanning the books. Sally quickly becomes upset and grabs Burnie and Gus arms drawing them to her attention.


      Sally: WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO?


      Burnie: Chris said he never knew what a book was and then..


      Gus: We lent him a book and noticed he read it..


      Burnie: Extremely quickly then he..


      Gus: Asked for more..


      Sally: You fools, there is a reason why Chris is so soft in the head. He’s not HUMAN!


      Burnie and Gus both look at each other shocked


      Sally: Let me explain, when the neanderthals and homosapians split from a common ancestor there was also a third split. Just like the neanderthals, this third group managed to breed into Homosapians before dying off but a few managed to survive. But despite being wiped out this third groups chromosomes were so dominant that no matter how much breeding is done, over time, their Genes are expressed regardless. Ancient Scientist have been constantly maintaining the balance of these individuals trying to constantly dumb them down through the ages. My ancestors have done a great job at this, by keeping a monarchy rule for thousands of years and encouraging them to drink and breed within their own family have whittled their number down to one. That one right there!


      Burnie: Woah Sally this is a lot of information to take in all at once! Are you saying that Chris is some non human stupid genius


      Sally: Worse, he’s a homoprobeparasitorcerebrum.


      Gus and Burnie stare at each other not understanding what she means. Sally understanding that she’s lost them replies.


      Sally: He’s a super sponge brain hominid, any and all information he receives is instantly recorded and stored. His brain has over twelve billion more neurons than ours.


      Gus and Burnie awkwardly stare at each other


      Sally: He’s like Brainiac


      Gus & Burnie: Ohhhhhhhhhh that makes sense.


      Burnie: Well what do we do?


      Sally: well luckily that bookcase only holds about.. (Sally looks at the bookcase to notice Chris gone and all the books scattered around the floor) Oh Shit. (Turns back to Burnie and Gus) We have to stop him! If he gets to the library then we are all doomed!


      Gus: Wouldn’t it be better if we disconnect the internet.. (Gets cut off by Sally)


      Sally: No we already put down measures on all Chris electronics we strictly limit the knowledge that comes through his device.


      Burnie: What the fuck have I stumbled into?


      Sally: An absolute Shit storm if we don’t track Chris down now!


      They all break off into a chase scene bumping into random offices and employees asking where Chris is and trying to locate him. Finally they come to the entrance of the RT library which is a massive oak door where the see Chris pounding on the door to get in.


      Burnie: CHRIS STOP.


      Chris: Why Burnie? This matter is none of your concern (Chris faces the door not turning back to the three)


      Gus: Chris we are you’re (Gus gags) ffff ffffrrriii, buddies.


      Burnie: (whispering to Gus) Great Gus, is it really that hard for you to say friends?


      Gus vomits on the floor when friends is said outloud


      Chris: Turn back now, and perhaps I’ll remember that kindness later.


      Sally: You know Chris, I can’t allow you to access these archives.


      Burnie: When the hell did Marcus build this?


      Chris: ENOUGH! (Chris turns to face the three, the veins in his forehead are bulging and swollen larger than ever before) Did you honestly think I would never figure out my true purpose Sally? That I could be tamed like the pet of Hermes? CONSTANTLY EATING MY OWN WINGS?! And to think, that I thought you were my friends (Gus vomits)


      Burnie: Ahg Gus gross!


      Chris: (pointing at Sally) but you are the worse of them all. You helped create a show for me to become constantly ridiculed by my own knowledge. As if I was just a pet you feared me, you feared my people and what we are capable of.


      Sally: Listen Chris, don’t make me do anything that you’ll regret.


      Chris: You are powerless against my knowledge, there is nothing you can do.


      Sally: You are right, there is nothing I can do. But he’s a completely different story.


      At this moment Joel walks in, dawning his Caboose uniform.


      To be continued...

    • Death Days Episode 20

      2 years ago



      I took the time to cut together Death days 20 from Game attack into an easy to watch let's play. Is a great series to watch live, but for those starting to show up here's a condensed version.

    • Conversation at the bar,

      2 years ago


      I was sitting at the bar alone, sipping on some woodford on the rocks and simply enjoying my peace. A stranger pulled up to the stool next to me, a very chatty old man who smelled strong of cedar. 

      "I'll take the house draft" The old man says to the bar keep, bartender hands him the cool amber beverage and slams half before setting it down. With an audible belch he turns to me, "Howya doin? Watchin the game?"

      Not wanting to make conversation I nodded, "yeah, just watching the game" I hold the glass to my lips, not drinking but giving me an excuse to not speak.

      "Who's up, what stadium they playin at? Kc, and are those guys the tigers? Never heard of tigers in Detroit, be more appropriate if they were the Detroit Cougars or spotted Turtle. You know female spotted turtles can live to be 110, by the males can only live to about 60. Just like humans am I right?" he nudges me with his elbow and let's out a slight chuckle. I Ignore him and continue to blindly stare at the T.V. screen, "Not much of a talker are ya, Must have been a rough day at the hospital." He got my attention, how does he know I work at the hospital is he an old patient, am I being a dick?

      "Yeah, sure. Have we met before" I ask him

      "Naa, this is the first time we've met. I think." He then proceeded to chug the rest of his beer and order another. 

      "How do you know I work at a hospital?" I asked being direct, he now ignored me while drinking his newly ordered beer. 

      "All surgeons have that look on their face, it's a cold face of a nice butcher." he spoke following a loud belch. 

      "What do you mean by that? Are you trying to insult me?" it was hard not to sound upset, "I've worked very hard to get to where I am, don't equate me to some simple butcher!"

      "What's the difference between a surgeon, a butcher, and a killer?" The old man asked. I didn't feel like humoring him and turned my head to ignore him. 

      "Do ya not know or did I hit a soft spot?" he put his elbow on the counter leaning his body towards me, "Let's start with an easy one, a serial killer. A serial killer takes life for pleasure, the tools and methods may very from kill to kill but the end goal is the same, death. A butcher separates a carcass to be sold piece by piece for the most money. A surgeon slices at anomalies using, education and wit, to destroy an aliment." He leaned back and began sipping on his beer.

      Dumb founded I replied to him, "Was that supposed to be a joke? An insult? A threat?" 

      He set down his empty mug, "No no no no. It was just a prerequisite, am I a surgeon, butcher, or killer?" 

    • Let's Play Ideas

      2 years ago


      I've been a long time watcher of all the Let's play channels and to be honest, it's getting kind of stale. What would be really fun is to watch these gents/gals play multiplayer games with a handicap. Such as when one player dies they have to eat some hot sauce, play with one hand, play blindfolded, has to talk in third person, do 10 push ups whenever they get a kill.... etc. This sounds a hell of a lot like "Go!" but instead for a short challenge (that just involves getting kills with cars, get a high score etc..) its a constant face cam & game challenge. An idea of this would be Mario Party 8 but Jack can't use items (in game), Gavin has to play motion games backwards, Michael has to do 10 pushups/sit ups for every loss (in a mini game), and Ryan has to play with low batteries. Would be even better if they (let's play channels) took viewer suggestions and then spun a wheel to dish out punishments/handicaps. 

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