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    • Some Finnish Place Names

      1 year ago


      Ahem. They include a lot of dirty words, by the way. Just a warning. And there's more out there, too.....

    • I Got to Keep the Orange Key Chain Thingo!

      1 year ago


      :D My title skills, hah...

      So yeah, the Conference is over aaaay!

      Was honestly a good experience!! Really feels like the type of thing I would love to do in the future as well. :)

      I was standing by the Information Desk today, and remained there after my shift ended 'cause I enjoyed talking with the other girls - and as they were exchange students, they seemed to be glad to have me around to quickly answer any questions any guests had in Finnish. And getting to help was awesome, too!

      A lot of people asked for directions around the campus. We had ONE printed out map (lololol) and as I was showing this one elderly lady where to go, she took a pen and started drawing circles around the buildings I'd pointed out... and then... she... walked away with our map.

      Luckily I had printed out a map, too, but it was... small. Me and a couple of others named it the Mini-Map and had a few giggles over it. 

      A lot of people were also asking from us about some other events going on around the campus, but with those I for one said "Honestly I've no idea but we can check it out if you'd like", most just said OK thanks and went away, a couple of people I showed the directions for (and the map thieving lady) were not coming to our Conference at all but (there wasn't anything else to do so) I figured it'd be polite to help.

      So yeah, I woke up this morning around 6:20am and realized I have to be at the bus stop for 7:05 to be on time for my shift, which started only at 8:45. NOTHING DOWNTOWN WAS OPEN BEFORE 9AM. I was infuriated, and then I saw a dude walking in front of me who dressed and walked exactly like my ex and had similar body figure... but he seemed shorter... anyway, and when I went to the main building the doors were locked, and me and the other girl on the 1st info shift were like ???? and then the janitor couldn't get in either and he had to wait for his superior to come open the doors xD so it was quite the start of a morning. 

      I had no tasks after my shift, but yeah I really enjoyed socializing with the other assistants so I stayed there and had fun talking with one Chinese and one South-Korean girl; it was great to get to hear about their experiences here in Finland, and we discussed some stereotypes of us Finns. :) I also taught them about 'kuusi palaa' and even some Swedish (jag ska gå till en öde ö = I shall go to a desert island). xD And whenever I spoke in Finnish with a guest or random help asker, when the customer was gone they'd ask me to repeat bits of the conversations - they both have their oral exams next week for their Finnish proficiency test. 


      We also started cleaning around the desk already as there was nothing else to do; some others came up too and helped, and then we just stood and sat around talking. Me and another Finn discussed our exes, and I went to lunch with one girl who hadn't gotten to eaten all day, and as we got back most of the others had left, so we left too and went to sit the library cafe for a few minutes to talk, and even exchanged contact infos so we can go study together some time. 

      So yep!! For years I've thought myself to be totally socially inept, especially around other women (feeling inferior etc etc), but... I... I feel strangely energized. (I think the nap I had on the bus earlier helped, too; I honest to God fell asleep on the bus and 'cause it's dark out there, it took me a bit to recognize where I was lololol.) LEMME DO THIS STUFF AGAIN.

      Of course, I feel like I had it relatively easy. That I could've done even more. But for someone like me, this was a huge step already. 

      Aaaaaahhhhhh. When's the next one!??? Where do I sign up? XD 

      Also I need to figure out what to make for a card... taking part in the RT Christmas card exchange~~

    • I Like It (so far) + Question about FinFri

      1 year ago


      2nd day of the Conference done!

      I'm not sure if I'm doing great or not, but no one's complained to me directly so far (nor indirectly) - I've actually liked going around places, trying to come up with solutions to problems like... how to make the projector work; where to get more chairs and how to politely persuade the janitor to agree to let me bring more chairs to a room than the safety instructions allow because the 'customer' wanted so; and where to get water for a speaker when the cafeteria at the building is closed. And finally, standing around with a microphone and giving it to people who wanted to have a turn at speaking at a panel. 

      Tomorrow I've a workshop or two, then... *gasp* information desk duties. Kinda nervous about those. 

      But still, if all goes well *fingers crossed* I'll let my group mentor know I'd be interested to help with future events... more than just interested - happy. As long as I'm given clear instructions on what to do and how, then yeah, I could imagine myself doing this stuff more often, maybe even for a living of sorts. I mean I know there'll be situations when instructions won't help much, but apparently I can manage.

      Also points for me for changing languages swiftly despite the tiredness and being able to give people good enough directions so that they found the rooms they wanted to get to.

      The hardest part of the day was staying awake in the stuffy classrooms; the topics were intriguing but... yeah. I don't remember much of the speeches. But I did do my best to at least look alert and smile at people whenever I was looked at. I'd always get a rush of energy when I was asked to do anything.. the crash afterwards was awful as heck.

      Also I need to start actually introducing myself instead of just showing off my assistant badge lmao. <____<;;;

      One more daaaay. 

      Also not sure if I've the energy for a Finnish Friday post. >___< Today started off with my right eye having decided overnight it's the most perfect time to swell, and my shoes let in some water after I accidentally stepped into a puddle so on my break I had to go buy some new socks 'cause I had prepared poorly lmao. So to make up for all the missed FinFri posts, I WILL make a video with subtitles for Finnish words once my timetable clears out a littl! Will probably be easier, although I don't really like being 'filmed'. xD 

      Related to that, I'd now like to ask you guys what kind of things would you like to learn to say in Finnish? Leave a comment below! :) 

      ...now to eat some dinner and then once again become a human burrito...

    • Uuunf

      1 year ago


      First Conference Day done with. 

      I got to talk with one of the organizers who's also been my mentor in a group, and we discussed the mentoring group things and I told her why I'd joined up, how this year's gone and all. Got a lot of positive feedback about how I present myself to people and stuff like that. It felt nice, considering how I still see myself through a pretty dark, negative filter.

      I didn't have much to do today, but it's still been a bit of a taxing day. Tomorrow is gonna be even more challenging. Kinda nervous and excited at the same time. 

      (I hope they let me keep the orange chain thingo, it's so cool.)

      Man, I'm tired. XD Hope you're all having a good week! If I survive these couple of days without embarrassing myself too much, I'll go for a drink or two at my fav bar on Saturday... 

      Now I just want some food and then become a human burrito. We have a feckin blizzard. Brrrh.

    • Zeit Tries to Date, part 1

      1 year ago


      Soooo notifications are back..? Wowsers. 

      Soooo I didn't post on Sunday, but here's a new... series... from me for your entertainment!

       ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ She hopefully writes 'part 1' in the title... hah. 

      So yeah, I've been trying to warm up some of my past friendships with little luck, I got involved with some local FB groups to meet more other ladies (my previous circles with ex around were mostly male), but that's not gone too well either. So when a guy started chatting me up and asked me out for a walk, calling it a date too, I was like "Sure, why not?"

      That was to be on Sunday. Well, gran was here so I told the guy I could hang around after she's left, in the evening. I wasn't sure of the exact time at first and told him that, then told him the exact time. "Cool", was the reply. Well, his replies to me are quite scarce, just like ex's, and eventually he asked if he could take a raincheck on the 'date'. I was like OK, fine, I'm busy later this week, so we agreed to meet today, on Monday. 

      Originally we were to meet at 4pm, right after his work I assumed, then at 5pm. I had business downtown anyways to fix my glasses a little (the other 'pillow' has been pressing on the side of my nose), so I didn't mind going way earlier in case it would take long with the glasses. 

      Well, time passed, guy said he was gonna take a bit later at work, I went to a book store (and found a book I'd been drooling after for some months now, Big Data - How Information Revolution is Transforming Our Lives.... 150 pages and I'm already on page 56). Went to read somewhere because well, Mondays are a day off for me these days so I figured I could wait for a bit.

      Then a friend passed by and we started talking, talked... and talked... She had to go, and since I'd heard nothing from the guy, I decided to get home as well. 

      Now, I have also - against my better judgment and previous experience and swearing to never do this type of thing again - joined... Tinder. [¬º-°]¬ Signed up a couple of days ago or so. [¬º-°]¬ Anyway, been getting several matches and have tried striking up a few convos; there's one about games and books that's been going on pretty well, and another turned out to be a RWBY fan.. :D So far the experience's been better than previous ones.

      Basically I'm still not looking for... dates, but just trying to practice meeting new people and stuff like that. If more comes out of it, well, great. 

      But yeah, maybe I misunderstood something or the guy wasn't as interested in me as he first indicated and couldn't say it straight, but yeah, this counts as an experience. +1XP gained? 

      (Plot twist, someone from T is now reading this...  see_no_evil)

      Anyway, I'm not too disappointed or anything. (Okay, at first I was a bit pissed off and even embarrassed.) I'm trying to take it slow anyway and not jump into anything too soon, too fast, trying not to erase my boundaries too quick just to be nice to someone. I just want to talk to a guy with whom it'd be cool to hang around, too, dang it. ^^;; 

      What about you lot? Any endeavours of this kind lately? :3

    • Ta-Daah!

      1 year ago


      So many posts from me, but I just have to show this off here as well! xD My first ever RT Store shirt, and of course it's RvB related. xD 


      I know, I'm so good at posing... Also my hair just has a life of its own. xD

    • Halo: Compiled Thoughts

      1 year ago


      So hey. (  ̄▽ ̄)/ Prepare for a lengthy post! With images!

      So as you may have noticed, I recently played through like... 7 Halo games. As some of you know already, I had heard of the franchise before and seen people play it too but had not gotten interested in it because 1) FPS and 2) thought for years it was multiplayer only and multiplayers were a no-no for me.

      But then earlier this year I discovered Red vs Blue, found my way to the forums on this site, and somehow got persuaded into trying out Halo. So on October 14, 2017 I decided to start with...


      ... I tried it out solo at first and though I was very confused and lost, I thought it was pretty damn awesome!! I also tried co-op with a couple of friends, it was fun but I made a realization that sleep deprivation, gaming and speaking in a foreign language aren't that much of a great combo so I was mostly quiet. Plus my headsets sucks; using Discord voice chat was slightly better. :D

      Then on October 18, 2017 I got this:


      and I got to the last mission on October 19... then had a bit of a break. It's been a steady downhill since then. xD So as a recap, I've played through all of MCC, Halo 5, ODST, and Reach.


      * Ms Team-Killing Fucktard. I was taking my sweet time aiming with the sniper rifle in Halo 5. Clear shot. Pressed shoot. At that same time an AI-controlled team mate walked right in front of me and got shot right in the head.
      * Trying to board an alien aircraft in Halo 5. Managed to push the aircraft off a cliff and then I fell after it, too.
      * The Flood. AgentValkyrie mentioned the Flood but didn't tell me what it was. No one else did either and I didn't Google it or anything. When I finally encountered it, I started screaming and kept going "Oh shit oh shit" while running away from those things.
      * Driving the familiar vehicles from RvB for the first time!



      + SUCH PRETTY MANY LANDSCAPE SO AWE that I sometimes just stand around admiring the areas and then suddenly something shots me in the back.
      + Exciting, entertaining, easy to get into.
      + Quick to play even for a noobie & there's much to explore & try out & learn about the universe.
      + A lot more of RvB makes sense now, like the creature that helped fragmenting-- wait. Can I say that? Is there someone who hasn't seen RvB that far yet?? I don't know, and I don't always get the spoiler warning thing to work on this site. D; Anyway, I know RvB is its own separate story and all but still, a lot more of it makes sense now. And it was fun recognizing creatures and equipment etc from the series in the games. :'D
      + Controls responded pretty well IMO.

      - THE MAPS. THE F*CKING MAPS. ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ I kept getting turned around and lost so much (tempted to say the RvB season 1 jokes about getting turned around is about this...). Although +
      is that whenever I got the loading / check-point text I figured I was going the right way.
      - In most of the games, waypointers were either non-existant or showed up only when the game apparently realized I was dumb. ლ( ̄■ ̄ლ)
      - Some areas were really confusing and I couldn't figure out where I was supposed to go, or what I was supposed to do there. Then again I can be simple and dumb at times, so when I finally realized what was up I'd be facepalming my glasses off my face.
      - Subtitles, or lack thereof. I'd selected subtitles to be ON all the time, but at times someone would talk a lot giving me important instructions and I'd totally miss all of that 'cause I was in a goddamn firefight with the goddamn aliens.
      - Login issues, but these could be because of my Xbox 1. Whenever I stopped playing then continued again, the game would tell me I was logged out of my Xbox Live account; pressing any of the buttons didn't help until I'd press the console start button for about 10 seconds....
      - Aliens would rudely move when I was trying to shoot them. STAY STILL, MY PREY.
      - Hunters. I know how to kill them ... in theory. My plans are usually foiled somehow.

      +/- The environments were sometimes more dangerous than the enemies... I kept falling into holes... ( \o°o)\

      +/- There's soooo much to still learn about the universe and how to be more efficient in missions etc etc.


      Now I try remember pointers for each game. Might add to these later after replaying them all. But not as speedily as I uhh did this month... So anyway, in the order of completion:

      HALO: CE
      * Started on October 18, finished on October 30.
      + The graphiiiics.
      - The Flood scared the fuck out of me, I was almost crying when those things kept coming at me.
      + but I found out that if I'm resilient and keep on trying then I can do just about anything.

      HALO 2
      * Started on November 4, finished on November 10.
      + More missions!
      + Driving things was easier!
      +/- Dual-wielding. While it was fun, I'd sometimes need a grenade and of course at that moment I'd forget controls...


      HALO 3
      * Started on ... right after Halo 2 I guess? Finished about 17 hours later??
      + The graphics got even prettier...
      +/- I went through this so fast I can barely remember anything??

      HALO 3: ODST
      * Started on ... well fuck I guess right after Halo 3. Finished on November 11.
      + but ohhh hey THERE'S AN ACTUAL MAP and I can have waypointers
      - that still confused me!
      +/- So much to explore!!
      - Enemies were a bit more... resilient. I just pretty much ran through this one to avoid dealing with them. <__<;;


      HALO 4
      * Started on... ummm... well November 11... Finished on November 13. :'D
      +/- This was more challenging, even on Easy, which was both nice and frustrating. Mission 7 took me forever. (¬、¬)╯︵ ┻━┻
      +-/ I had to / got to fly things!!!
      - The plot got a little ... ???!
      + I learned to drift with the Warthog.....

      - The flying ring creatures. D:<


      HALO 5
      * Started on .. OK restarted solo campaign on uhh I think November 13 or 14 ... and finished on November 15. <__<;;
      + Have I mentioned these games have awesome graphics?
      - Some of the buttons had gotten remapped. Yes, I think I could've mapped them myself but... still. CONFUSION.
      - The fucking map again...
      + ...but hey there's a button to get a (quickly vanishing) waypointer!
      +/- Quick run through.
      - Cortana annoyed me. D:<

      - Warden fights. D:< 

      * Started on November .... 15 or 16. Finished on November 17.
      + CUSTOMIZABLE SPARTAN. And the customization actually mattered for the solo campaign!
      - Oh my god the hecking map again.
      + The plot was intriguing!!
      + Flying things wasn't all that difficult!
      - ...'cept in the space. I actually got a little nauseous during that part. xD
      - The Lone Wolf 'mission'. D:< Whyyyy....

      All in all 11/10 will play again! :D Hope you enjoyed reading this newb's thoughts and aren't too offended by what I wrote~~ (and yes I still consider myself a noob ahhaahaha)

    • Halo Reach

      1 year ago


      Sooooo. Yeah. *grins weakly*

      I completed this game, too, BUT. Because Xbox Live suddenly decided to shit itself, my solo campaign says I'm supposed to continue from Mission 4: Nightfall. 


      While I enjoyed this game a lot, I don't think I'm ready to go through all of this again.... *mumbles to herself* Stupid Live... 

      Now that I've played all of the ... 7 Halo games I have in Easy solo, I will jot down some of my thoughts about the game in a collective post. Though it's safe to say I will play these games again, and try them on Normal mode. :D

      I might get through Reach again though, when Live works again. And I'll get to that collective post at some point, but probably not tonight. I'm both excited and pissed off right now, and I need food. And probably some sleep, too. Gran's coming over for the weekend, so I need to get up relatively early and clean around a little.

      Anyway, good games! It's hard to close my eyes without seeing aliens and weapons going pew pew pew. [¬º-°]¬

      (And no, I'm possibly not going to get the Halo Wars games. Not for now anyway.)

    • Finnish Friday: Some Agencies etc and Their Acronyms

      1 year ago


      So hey, posting this early because tomorrow is possibly a long day and my grandma might be coming over! :D This week's post was inspired by Gorlin! x)

      No Vocaroo recordings this time because it's not working for me on any browser I have, so hopefully you can find the pronunciations for these via Google Translate or something. x[

      Anyway, let's begin! Some of these are not government agencies but you might come across them when dealing with Finland and Finns. :) Some I just found amusing to write down the Finnish versions for! Some are not really acronyms, but oh well. xD Some are never really called by anything else but their acronym, like Kela, Trafi, VR, and Yle. 

      The first that comes to my mind is KELA, the bane of our existence as well as our savior (when it's not being the bane of our existence). Kela is short from Kansaneläkelaitos, literally National pension agency, and all social welfare is handled through them. 

      Next is TRAFI, with which I've only really dealt with when I got my licence and stuff like that. Trafi is our Transport Safety Agency, Liikenteen turvallisuusvirasto. I think 'Trafi' might come from either Swedish or English, something like 'transportation' = tra and 'Finland' = Fi.

      VR (vee-är) is originally shortened from Valtionrautatiet = State Railways. Going by the train is pretty expensive, though, even with the 50% student discount, so I rarely use their services anymore. <.<;; Anyway, when people started talking about virtual reality and shortened it to VR, I was... confused. Until I checked up what else it could mean.

      STT is Suomen Tietotoimisto, but apparently they don't have a page in English? Lol? But well, basically Finnish News Agency. 

      YLE is Yleisradio, basically our version of BBC.

      HS is short from Helsingin Sanomat, I think that's the biggest newspaper over here. 'Helsinki News.'

      IL is Iltalehti, literally Evening Paper, and IS is Ilta-Sanomat = Evening News. Both are popular tabloids. 

      MTV aka Mainostelevisio (Commercial TV) is a media company with a few popular TV channels like MTV3 (Äm-tee-vee kolme) and Sub. 

      HÄKE is short from Hätäkeskus(laitos), the Emergency Response (Centre Administration). The emergency number here is 112, by the way!

      VALTORI ... Oh boy, you guys will love the Finnish for this. So in English, it's Government ICT Centre. In Finnish? Valtion tieto- ja viestintätekniikkakeskus. You are welcome!

      VRK is Väestörekisterikeskus, Population Register Centre. According to them, our population is at 5,521,659!

      AVI is Aluehallintovirasto = Regional State Administrative Agencies. 

      MAISTRAATIT are Local Register Offices. This is where I've sent my old and new address information a bunch of times in the past 7 years, ahaha..

      TILASTOKESKUS is our Statistics Agency. (Apparently the site is currently under reconstruction?)

      VERO is another 'bane of our existence' agency. Verohallinto = Tax Administration.

      EVIRA comes from the word Elintarviketurvallisuusvirasto. That's Food Safety Authority. Yep. All of that in a single word. Trust me, it's pronouncable.

      POSTI is our Postal Services. They used to be called Itella for a while, but nobody really liked that. 

      ALKO is "an independent company owned by the Finnish state and administered and controlled by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

      Alko’s operations and its monopoly of the retail sale of beverages containing more than 4.7 percent alcohol by volume are based on the social and health policy objective of mitigating the adverse effects of alcohol consumption." (There are some changes being planned / discussed, and it's caused some intriguing discussion in the Finnish hashtag #alkoholilaki on Twitter. Despite coming from a background where alcoholism is a huge issue, I say - let them goddamn stores sell booze and wine and not bother upping the prices either. Alcs will buy their booze no matter what the price, soooo what's the point? The more alcohol costs, the less money they are going to have for anything else - if they've kids, that's even worse. I know.)

      Anyways, ahem. *tries to cough* *cough fails* Ah, goddamnit. *clears throat* Well then, that's already quite a lot to deal with! xD Hope you've enjoyed... For next week, I'll be gathering a list of hopefully useful words and terms and phrases in Finnish.

      Cheers! :D

    • Halo 5 Solo Campaign

      1 year ago


      Yep... :D

      Now to get Reach, eh.

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