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      4 months ago


      So I've made up my mind not to continue in JYU after this spring.

      And since making that decision in my head and talking about it, been spotting opportunities for event volunteer positions - exactly the kind of stuff I wanna do more, and form a career out of it - not as a mere assistant, but as an organizer / coordinator. *nervous sweating* But the volunteer positions is, I think, a good start. Within the past week, I've sent 5 applications for volunteer positions: received replies to 2 so far, one place accepted me immediately, another said "Nahh" but I'm on 'the reserves' in case someone changes their mind. There's at least one more event I can think of that I can contact, and I'm sure even more will pop up!

      I'll also start a job hunt for paid work once coursework is done for all the courses, as I wanna at least attempt to complete them.... That's all part of plan A. Event volunteering and jobbo hunt.

      Plan B is to apply to other study places (JAMK, Gradia) for degrees that could direct me at least somewhat to the event stuff. This is in case I don't find a job soon enough, like, within 2 years.

      Plan C version 1 is to suck it up and finish my English MA.

      If finishing the MA *still* feels like too much of a chore, then plan C version 2 is start looking for opportunities outside JKL / Central Finland, work or study related, within 2 to 3 years' time.

      Plan D version 1 is to look for opportunities outside Finland within 5 years' time.

      Plan D version 2 is... suck it up and finish the damn MA within 5 years' time.

      Plan E, which will be executed whenever I have the time during the other plans, is to write stories. It's always been my passion to write, but I allowed outward sources to sway me from that path so I've gotten somewhat insecure about it. "Not good enough" is probably the most common thought I have about my own writing, and constantly changing story lines in front of any new ideas just so I get to procrastinate about finishing a project.

      The plans are not in chronological order by any means. This spring I'll already try to attempt to apply to JAMK and Gradia degrees, just to see what the entrance exams will be like, and if I get accepted in then alrights, good. I'll take it. If not, then I'll try again later. 

      However if within 2 years, when I'll have to either extend or give up my time at the current apartment, I haven't got accepted to JAMK/Gradia or am not in paid regular employment, then it's time to move on to plan C. Version 2 probably requires moving out of JKL/Central Finland, but that's just something that just has to be done heh... And within 5 years, it's time for plan D~! Of course if an opportunity comes up for any part of the plan earlier than planned, thennnn go for it!

      That email I got earlier from JYU.... really was the push I've wanted and needed and asked for a long time lol. Other options ARE out there besides this degree, and I'm going to explore those now.

      The same post, albeit slightly shorter, is on Instagram, with a photo from my bullet journal notebook (goddamn bujo has helped me a lot in the past 2 months or so in figuring things out and organizing how I use my time better): https://www.instagram.com/p/BvY_Abqg53T/

    • School Dilemma

      5 months ago


      Long time no post! How is everyone?? 

      So I have an interesting dilemma... For years, I've complained that I struggle with my studies, it's hard to concentrate, the courses hardly ever feel useful to the working life or the theories feel difficult to apply to anything... Master of Arts, English ('language expert', not a teacher programme = not qualified in teaching positions, anywhere, in Finland at least, and have no interest for such positions anyway). I have completed about ... 25 / 120 credits for my MA. If all goes according to plan and I pass all the courses I have now, I should get 20 credits from them... so then I'd be at 45 / 120 credits total. FYI, 5 credits is considered about 130 hours of work including lectures, home work, and assignments. 

      To continue studying, I need to send in an application with a plan on what and when I aim to complete, and extension time is 2 years at a time. I need to apply before April 15.

      But... Do I wanna? I keep saying this degree is utterly useless, but perhaps an MA degree in *anything* is better than nothing.... And like, I'm so close to the halfway mark, right? Getting a job and full-time one at that and a regular salary is not guaranteed if I drop out now... it's not guaranteed even after graduation, either. But.... yeah. I'm not exactly sure what to do. There's a few Communications classes I can (re)take, and then IT and courses related to my major.... What I really tread is writing the damn Thesis. I ... strongly dislike ... academic writing and referencing shit.

      But... do I really have a choice..? lol................ As the honest truth is, I've no *outstanding* qualifications to show off with to get magically employed in such a short time. My personality and overall presence / appearance as of right now happens to be such that employers are not immediately fighting over me. I rarely get called in for interviews. Hell I rarely get a response at all to job applications.

      So.... yeah. I dunno. Maybe I could take a break to try and work, and *later* complete my MA? I need to check if that's possible at all. I know it might look bad that I'm taking a break, that I didn't complete my studies.... but JFC I've been on the school bench since fokin' 1997, with a 'gap' year of working in 2011-2012 and then I got into university in 2012......... I've had odd jobs here and there since then, but .................... urgh. I kinda wanna be hard-headed about it and just continue, but it's a struggle when my interest and motivation in the courses just... vanishes.

      But that makes me worry about employment as well. If I can't focus on my studies and lose interest in them, then why wouldn't the same happen with any job I get..? Or would / could it be different since there's a *direct* benefit - experience to the resume AND payment - that I could see (whereas with my studies, I can't see much benefit in them other than a fancy paper in the unforeseeable future)?


      So anyways, since I struggle with studying alone, working + studying is NOT an option right now. :/ So my options currently are.... drop out and hunt for a job (I'm interested in events as an assistant, and I still do some translation work too), and complete MA later if allowed. Or, grit my teeth, continue studying, and therefore postpone employment by another 2 or 4 years again. =__=;;;

      But well. Yeah. I'd personally love a break from this BS but ... is that... wise? There's a couple of places I can contact to find out more information about my options, but.... yeahhhhh HAPPY FRIDAY FROM JYU.

    • Short Life Update

      9 months ago


      There are still so many insecurities in life but things are definitely looking better than a year + ago. It's baffling and even overwhelming to realize how far I've come and I know I can be proud but I'm also prone to feel a bit worried, even scared, it won't last long (most likely due to self-sabotage). Yet I try to enjoy and feel grateful for not just the growth but all those who have supported me through the rougher times and encouraged me to reach for my goals, dreams, and wants. So like.... thanks. <3

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Boo. You look amazing in your pfp. How's it going Poltergeist?

      Answered: Oct 16, 2018

      Thanks! :D

      It's going pretty well right now! Had a couple of months of depression or whatever hitting me really hard, but right now it's going better, getting a grip of things. Been writing a looooot. School is still a struggle to focus on but oh well. 

      Hope you're doing well!!

    • asdljhgsdflsdhgf

      1 year ago


      So it's August 7 over here in Finland and I was just linked the Happy Birthday video Maci had come up with and just lkjahsdkjh 

       it's liiiiiiiiiiike the best birthday gift I've got in a while I am totally not about to crai with joy RecRoom folks and y'all on RT are the best THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE VIDEO OMG lemme go get my blueberry vodka and Mt Dew to celebrate (and drown my happy tears in)

      In other words, I am 28 now. Eeeeeeeeeeeiiiii. But it did give me an idea to change my Discord username to '28 Years Later', lels. And on August 23rd, it's my driver's licence 10th "birthday" as well!!!! Boiiiii. 


    • Oh Hey!

      1 year ago


      SO It's been a year now since I joined on here!! :D Even though I'm less active than last year, I still am happy to have found this community. <3 

      I've had a busy July, but August should be more relaxed... hopefully. It's also my birthday soon, and 10 years anniversary for having had a driver's licence!

      I was supposed to make this post longer and tell you all about all the cool things that have happened since I joined this site, but I'll do that later this week - just wanted to say HI LONG TIME NO SEE, HOW ARE YOU ALL? :D 


    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      I've been pretty well. Random question time: Do you like fairies?

      Answered: Jul 5, 2018

      Glad to hear! :) Hmmm not really a huge fan. x) 

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      How have you been?

      Answered: Jul 3, 2018

      Pretty good!! Been being more active physically, which has helped with building up self confidence and there's been other factors too! :) Sports are taking up a lot of my time, especially now that I don't have to study until like September, so hence the radio silence on the forums. x)

      How have you been? :D

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Another question! 1. If you could have any type of food from another country, what food would it be?

      Answered: Jun 10, 2018

      Ahh... food question, again! Hmmm... I'm not sure. Again, I'm not a huge fan of food... When I travel, it's not my intention to taste local stuff much, I just wanna meet new people and take cool pictures. XD Boring, I know. 

    • Oh HI!

      1 year ago


      Hellooo! :D Just figured I'd make an update as it's been a while! ^^;; 

      For a month or so now, Finland's been going through a heatwave - 20 to 30C degrees in the whole country. In my smol apartment, this has meant a steady temperature of about 26C degrees: with an air cooler, keeping the windows open whenever possible, and then getting a floor fan, I've managed to keep the temperature more tolerable than last year. It even drops to 23C at times! 

      So because of the heat, I've mostly been sleeping during the days again, from mid-morning to afternoon. I started going for bike rides as early as 4am - perfect time, because there's the sunrise and usually no other people around. XD Also been taking walks at times, and doing yoga and exercising at home whenever it's not too hot. 

      Been studying, too! I have an exam on Monday, in fact, and the last one is on July 2. And from June 11 to June 15, I'll be busy with being an assistant to a Biology conference. I also got an offer to work on a rather long translation (13 pages) for the Student Union. 

      And! A week ago, stepdad borrowed me one of his cars (he has 3) for the summer!!! <3 It's a Fiat Punto from early 2000's, so not my ideal car... but it's a fucking car! XD And I'm so happy just driving around... :) I have missed doing that! ^w^ All I have to pay for is gas, so it's the perfect arrangement! Just last night I spent hours driving around JKL with my best friend IRL. 

      The car has a cassette player instead of a CD player... but after a friend told me such things exist, I bought a cassette adapter to it so I can listen to music with my mp3 player or phone! XD 

      For some time now I've wanted to go to the beach for some swimming. It's great exercise, and I love lakes. So, despite the windier weather, at noon I went to the beach and got into the waters... it felt pretty cold at first, but!! It felt so gooood. XD I had fun. The best part?? I had the beach ALL TO MYSELF -- for a while. I just felt so much joy and gratefulness about everything whilst playing in the water haha. 

      Sure, there are things in my life that still aren't "normal" or stable... financial insecurities still exist... but all in all I'm so fucking happy. My life's better than it's been in years!!!

      WELL BUT. How's you all been lately?? :D 

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  • Questions answered by zeitgeistzest

    Thanks! :D

    It's going pretty well right now! Had a couple of months of depression or whatever hitting me really hard, but right now it's going better, getting a grip of things. Been writing a looooot. School is still a struggle to focus on but oh well. 

    Hope you're doing well!!

    Glad to hear! :) Hmmm not really a huge fan. x) 

    How have you been?

    | Asked by: SirSailorStar 1 year ago

    Pretty good!! Been being more active physically, which has helped with building up self confidence and there's been other factors too! :) Sports are taking up a lot of my time, especially now that I don't have to study until like September, so hence the radio silence on the forums. x)

    How have you been? :D

    Ahh... food question, again! Hmmm... I'm not sure. Again, I'm not a huge fan of food... When I travel, it's not my intention to taste local stuff much, I just wanna meet new people and take cool pictures. XD Boring, I know. 

    1) If randomness means 'surprises', thennnnn in general I am not a big fan of surprises. They can rock my world quite strongly, and not usually in the good way. In other words, I am boring as heck! :D 

    2) I... don't really have a favorite type of restaurant. First. Eating out is usually way out of my budget... and if I do eat out, it's usually uhhhh McDonald's or Hesburger... <.<;;; because cheap. Or I go to the nearby pizzeria, to get pizza or a hamburger meal, to take with me to home. Which brings us to second reason - I don't like eating in public places in front of other people. XD

    I actually don't know how to answer this ahahaha. But basically I get annoyed if I'm asked about whether I'm going to have kids (answer btw: possibly never, for reasons I'd rather not get into though can say it's not because of infertility) and if I had a partner, asking what we do in the bedroom. Not that I get asked these things often these days lmao, but it's happened before.

    I guess I've many lessons to learn or something? Growing stronger through these trying times, uhhh, something something. XD

    AHHHH! I don't do it on purpose!!! XD 

    Lately, when I've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, it's been glitching a lot for me! I mean, look at this horse. Or this floating dead ram. Not to mention, once I was trying to save the game and it just got stuck on a screen saying "Enumerating save files". Had no other choice but to reboot the console. And then after the battle against demons at the ruins of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the party is supposed to automatically move to another location - but I found my character stuck in the ruins, all by herself, and there was no way out from there.... and when I opened the menu, it wouldn't let me save NOR reload. So rebooted again.

    Anyways, a friend on Discord jokingly called me Zeit the Game Breaker and well, it's happened in other games (Warframe, for one) that I figured... okay, that's my nickname for now.

    Hmmm, sanity. I've never thought about this, really. I'm not that much of a deep-thinker. XD 

    But I guess it comes down to the definition of what is normal, acceptable, and what is not, in a particular society. For example harming humans and (cute-looking) animals (like cats and dogs) is usually considered bad, even evil, and humans who do such acts are considered abnormal, even insane. I guess? 

    So I guess sanity is... staying in control of your thoughts and actions? Hmm.

    I'd give its ownership forward to someone else, or at least have a co-owner. I don't enough about shop owning to have one in my care, and I wouldn't want to have a bad shop of any kind. 

    Ahahaha well to be honest, I'm pretty much like a chihuahua. Smol with a huge ego and a loud bark, so mostly harmless. 

    I used to get into (verbal) fights a lot when I was younger. Nowadays I prefer avoiding conflict. 

    Haaaa. Actually this has happened, in the old place where I lived. Someone rang the doorbell, and after a momentary heart-attack I went to see to the door. Nobody was there. This happened several times until I heard noises in the backyard. The neighbors' kids had thrown a ball to the backyard by accident, and hadn't been patient enough to wait for someone to open so they entered our property without permission. I marched out, totally livid, and shouted at them to get their stupid ball and get lost, and that next time they ring someone's doorbell actually frigging wait for more than 10 seconds before dashing away then coming back. I was rather surprised their parents didn't come over later to scold me over that, but ehhh.

    Nowadays though? If someone knocks on my door and I know the maintenance isn't supposed to come over, I simply don't answer the door. Especially in the middle of the night (has happened, too). There's no peephole, nothing like that to check who it is or whether it's someone who just knocks on random doors then hides away. My family has my extra keys, so they could just walk in without having to knock... the doorbell on the outside wall of the building doesn't work, so anyone who hasn't announced their arrival well beforehand is an unwelcome annoyance and therefore not worthy of opening the door.

    ...Also, by what I've noticed it's pretty customary in Finland that if you want to go visit someone, even a good friend, you should confirm with them it's okay to go. Otherwise you might go there and knock, and nobody will answer the door. It's a bit awkward, but not totally rude since you didn't announce your arrival first.

    Haha, I'd probably be weirded out and step away. Or try pat the horse. I used to ride in the past, like, uh, uhhh 16 years ago. Sadly I'm a bit scared of horses these days, so I don't think I'd let a horse close enough to myself to start eating on my shirt. XD

    (I'm really bad at asking people questions, but I can try!)

    It's alright! :D Don't worry!

    And depends on which elves we're talking about. For example the elves in Lord of the Rings films are cool, as are the elves in Dragon Age series (at least in Origins). :) In fact I often choose a (Dalish) elf in the DA games, hehe.

    Hmmm, again I'd rather do neither. XD I have no interest in visiting Paris, & I am not into fairy princess stuffs. But... If I had to choose, I'd go for the Eiffel Tower. Could take some cool photographs from up there!

    1) Neither. ;w; I love strawberries but can't stand blue cheese (the smell alone makes me want to puke). Oysters, ewww. Coffee, mehhh my stomach still disagrees with that stuff. ><

    2) Raspberry tarts.

    Well I enjoyed the first 3 seasons I saw, I just got busy with other things so I haven't had time to catch up yet! :D It's in my to-watch-list, though!!

    Are you feeling better?

    | Asked by: SirSailorStar 1 year ago

    I am, thank you! :) No more fever, just a stupid persistent cough left!