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    • Sunday's (After)Shower Thoughts 5

      1 year ago


      So as can be probably seen from my new profile photo, I have got a new pair of glasses as well as a new hairstyle!

      It was an impulse decision to have it cut, and as the hairdresser was scissoring away I kept thinking "Holy heck what am I doing"... but I love it. I love playing with hair gel. 

      But guess what the best part is? Going to a shower, washing my hair, and not have a dead animal on the shower drain cover. (´◉◞⊖◟◉`)

      Seriously. I have thick hair, so if I'd picked it all up from the hairdresser's floor I could've asked the Elric brothers to transmutate an average-sized dog for me. 

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      About my eyesight, then, it's remarkably gotten better. I was 8 when I first got a prescription; back then I was the only one in my class to have those, so I refused to wear mine. Since then, my eyesight's gotten rapidly worse; sometimes I'd have to get a new pair twice a year. At the worst, it was -12 in the right eye and a bit less in the left, with astigmatism correction for the left lense. Last year, my eyes were -8.25 and -7.00 - I hadn't had them checked in a while, so I've no idea how fast this change was... This year, the numbers were -8.00 and -6.50! O: 

      Still, without them on, this is pretty much what I see:


      So yeah! Ummm new courses start next week... I spent my 'fall break' doing absolutely all the other things but what I was supposed to do. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Since Thursday evening, I've been having horrible backpains. Other than that, I feel better than in a long, long while!! Haven't had time for gaming lately, but I did finish a scarf!

      To conclude this post, I want to share a few things that had me laughing last week~~




      :3 Cheers! Hope you've all had a good week and that the next one's going to be fantastic as well!

    • Finnish Friday: Word Order

      1 year ago


      Hellooo, it is I! (  ̄▽ ̄)/

      Okay, technically it's Saturday here, but I've been having some backpains, hence the late post. This will be as short as I can make it for the same reason. Any examples given in Finnish, I don't have the patience to record them right now.

      Anyway, for some time now I've promised to write about the word in Finnish language, so here goes!

      Our word order is much more flexible than in English. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

      This is, I think, due to the fact that we inflect our words so much. To quote from Wikipedia, "In English the strong subject-verb-object order typically indicates the function of a noun as either subject or object although some English structures allow this to be reversed. In Finnish sentences, however, therole of the noun is determined not by word order or sentence structure

      as in English but by case markings which indicate subject and object."

      To give an example, let me use a couple of sentences which I also like to use whenever I compare Finnish to English and Swedish (two Germanic languages). I'll use the Standard forms so as not to be too confusing.

      The words I use are minä = I, olla = to be, omena = an apple.

      Minulla on omena. = I have an apple. (A mere statement of things.)

      Omena on minulla. = I have the apple. (A bit more of an... obsessive statement, ahaha, depending on your tone I guess. 'The apple is with me' type of thing.)

      On minulla omena. = I do have an apple. (For example when you'd get questioned whether you have the apple or not. ~__o)

      Omena minulla on. = An apple I have. (A bit more... poetic.)

      Next set: aikoa = to intent to do something, to plan to do something, mennä = to go, to travel, autio = deserted, saari = an island. Sorry the English translations may sound odd. xD

      Aion mennä autiolle saarelle. = I plan to go travel to a desert island.

      Autiolle saarelle aion mennä. = To a desert I plan to travel.

      Saarelle autiolle aion mennä. = To an island deserted I plan to travel.

      Mennä aion autiolle saarelle. = To travel I plan to a desert island. (Now this sounds weird in Finnish, too.)

      So yep! :D Flexible. 

      I think that's enough for tonight... next time I'll discuss words that sound and look a bit similar in both Finnish and English, but some with different meanings!


    • Sunday's (After)Shower Thoughts 4

      1 year ago


      So Thursday evening I got a dear guest to my humble abode - my mom. <3 

      We had a lovely time together, and while she was here, we went to explore the nearby woods! The whole year I've been here now, I've seen these forest paths just a few minutes' walk from where I live, but for some reason hadn't wandered there by myself. 

      Ever since I was young, I've loved forests and lakes - in that, I am quite the stereotypical of a Finn. I love being surrounded by trees, sitting on a rock or a tree stump and just... enjoying the silence. Yes, the hum of the traffic is present almost constantly... but it's a calming place for me, the forest. The closer to a body of water, the better, too. 

      I need to go there more often. There are so many other paths, too, easily accessible to me as they are right by the bus routes. There are some pretty awesome cliffs and hills, for hiking and a bit of climbing. 

      In the past decade or so, I've allowed myself to get disconnected from... well, everything. Like I recently mentioned in one forum post, it's been easier to just... well, disconnect myself from the reality. From what was happening around me. Close my eyes, ears, pretend I wasn't there, pretend I wasn't being lied to - clutch to the belief that I was special somehow, that I wouldn't be lied to like all the others. It was easier to wipe my memory clean, erase every event I could right the moment they'd occurred. And I started being cooped up inside more. My social anxiety's grown worse each year as a result; mom was quite worried of my reluctance to meet my neighbors at all, but I reassured her I'm doing my best to be social elsewhere - farther away from home, to play it a bit safer.

      I don't know. Guess I'm hoping sitting in the calm of the forest will help me get reconnected to this world. To this moment. To this reality. 

      ....anyway. Ahem. As a result of one sleepless night, by the way, I created a new Tumblr where I spam my story's draft sketches.

      I also have a new plant! Meet Trolli the Monstera! Why the name? Well, because Monstera is peikonlehti in Finnish: peikko = a troll, peikon = troll's, lehti = (in this context) a leaf.

      Aaaand well, what else? Hmmm oh yeah, mom got me some Halloween decorations. :D Even though we're not big into celebrating it here, it was nice. xD

      Also got a message from Kela! They've rechecked my student financial aid and will be continuing it!! Wooo!

      Aaaand I had something else to write about, too, but I'm getting a little sleepy... so I might just go to bed-- unless I try getting through the final stretch of Halo: Combat Evolved. <__<;; I'm stuck trying to get out of that damn ship at the very end... Like, I love driving vehicles and I'm not too bad with a car - in real life. In video games, I keep bumping into walls and well, the Warthog keeps flipping over a lot.... sigh.

      Anyway, hope you've all had a good, relaxing weekend, and that your upcoming week's gonna be awesome! <3


    • Finnish Friday: Halloween Customs in Short

      1 year ago


      Hello, hello, it is I. (  ̄▽ ̄)/ Yes... This time I was supposed to write about Finnish language's word order, but since it's October and many people are getting excited about Halloween, I thought I'd discuss this now (also because I'm quite tired, been spending the day with my mom; and my mom's being here means that I'm not going to record any Finnish words that are present in this post ahaha). 

      First of all, I have to admit I know very little of the history of this matter. What I do know, however, is that I'm a 90's kid and when I was in early years of basic education, Halloween was mentioned and we'd do some decorations in art class and dress up... but really, about 20 years later and it's still not very big deal around here. Sure, people throw Halloween theme parties (and get heavily drunk I guess?), TV channels show scary / horror films, there's Halloween candy and decorations for sale...

      But the shelf space reserved for those is small compared to Christmas and Easter things. For example, it's still quite rare that kids go around asking for karkki vai kepponen (karkki = candy, kepponen = trick; so when you all say "trick or treat", we say "treat or trick"); but on Palm Sunday in Easter, kids go around knocking on doors offering decorated pussy willow branches in exchange of some candy. (I can discuss this more around Easter haha.)

      So when October is drawing to a close and November approaches, what has traditionally happened over here? Well. Traditionally we've celebrated pyhäinpäivä, or pyhäinmiestenpäivä = All Saints' Day (pyhäin = of holy; päivä = day, pyhä = holy, sacred; miesten = men's, mies = a man, miehet = men). Usually on the evening of pyhäinpäivä, people visit the cemeteries and lit candles in the memory of those who are no longer with us - so it's treated more like a commemoration day for the saints, martyrs, and the dead.

      There was also a celebration called kekri, an old agricultural society harvest festival, but according to Wikipedia many of those traditions were transferred to Christmas and New Year. I first encountered the word kekri in 7th grade (meaning I was 13) when our Finnish language teacher forced us information about it. :B 

      Anyway, yes, even though religion doesn't really show around here that much and it's very little discussed usually ( = considered irrelevant to most), the fact that Halloween seems so commercialized has probably been putting it off from the previous generations since pyhäinpäivä is sort of... well, pious.

      Yet! I think the traditions could be changing a little among the younger generations. And, some other Finn may have a very different opinion and view to Halloween here in Finland - that their family traditions in regards to Halloween are quite different. See, my family's not very big on celebrating Christmas or anything else either. *shrugs*

      Still... I'm glad to live in an apartment building where the door to the outside world is locked 24/7 (unless a neighbor has left it open..) and the doorbells downstairs don't work so I don't have to open the door to anyone. :') While I'll be nomming on candy and attempting to watch something scary on Netflix! (~‾▿‾)~

      And that's it for this week's issue... *flops on the bed and falls asleep next to the laptop*

    • story draft... thingo

      1 year ago


      ( ̄■ ̄;)

      So I don't usually bother with self advertising my story things, 'cause I usually end up disappointing everyone by not finishing the project. But this one's been brewing in my head for years now, been writing things down a lot in the past oh god 6 years? And though my drawing skills have become awful in the past 11 years, I figured I'd try sketching out the 1st draft with a dang pencil.

      So I'm updating the rough sketches on IG / Twitter, but figured a compilation of the links could be more helpful since I post so much other crap as well. P: 

      Before you continue reading, a couple of things:

      1) Rought sketches. Not really looking for aaaany type of criticism at this particular moment. 

      2) The story will involve some... some controversial and upsetting topics like... (half-)nudity, substance abuse, violence... so be warned.

      3) The quality sucks, because I'm taking pictures with my phone. But trust me, my scanner wouldn't do any better job at it. :'D Also I'm left-handed............................

      I uploaded the compilation to my DA Sta.sh (sort of a storage space), and not sure if unlogged in members can view it, but here.

      If the link doesn't work, lemme know. :'D

      *goes to die of shame in her corner*

    • Sunday's (After)Shower Thoughts 3

      1 year ago


      Ahh, another Sunday. 

      I spent most of today sleeping, which was quite needed. 

      I had some sort of a topic in mind earlier, but eh. It has now eluded me! Oh well. Such is life. 

      Next week is 'fall break' for me, as is the one after it, but I'll spend as much as time as I can studying and revising before the new period. Next weekend mom is coming over, and my brother a day or two later, so I probably won't be online much then. I will, however, post some more Finnish things on Friday as I'm trying to turn that into a habit. P:

      I also started a new blog on Wordpress, Newbframe, to keep track of my Warframe progress and such. :D I'll try to update it on Wednesdays from now on. 

      I've also been playing a bit of Halo 5... Fun, beautiful game - I just am so confused about everything! Maybe even more so than on Waframe. xD 

      Ahh.... do I want to play or go back to sleep... hm... 

      Anyways, hope you've all had a good weekend! <3 Cheers~

    • Finnish Friday: Juu ei (update)

      1 year ago


      Hello again, it is I! (  ̄▽ ̄)/ Yes, so many posts from me recently... And if you're wondering about the title, well, you will soon understand!

      In this 3rd installment of Finnish Fridays, I want to tell you about the different ways to say 'yes' and 'no' in Finnish! Yes, there are many ways... Again, I'll offer pronunciations as well.  :)

      But before we begin, first! For those who have become discouraged by my posts about learning Finnish - I have proof that it can be done! YES! So do not worry my English speaking friends, you CAN learn Finnish! :D The guy in the video uses the vernacular forms a lot - the sort of forms you can expect to hear a lot around Helsinki (the capital). 

      And now, let's start with the word yes

      The standard / formal translation is kyllä, but it can be shortened to just kyl. (Depending on the context, the vowel sound [y] gets doubled, tripled.. and boy, does it sound odd on its own like that haha.) You can also say joo and juu, which both can be translated as 'yeah'. 'Joo' sounds a bit like the English 'yo', and 'juu' sounds a lot like the English pronunciation for the letter U.

      Those are the most common ways to say kyllä in Finnish, and generally these do not get conjugated in present or past tense. Other inflections are possible, which I won't get into right now.

      The word no, however, is a whole different story. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Are you ready? 

      ...well, ready or not, here we go!

      The Finnish word for 'no' is ei. Yep. Sounds like you English speakers saying the letter A, right?

      Though the word is already short, it sometimes gets even more shortened as we native speakers randomly decide to drop the second letter off, resulting in just 'e'. Let me give you an example of this pearl.

      Q: Aiokko siivota huonees? = Are you going to clean your room? 

      A: E. = Nope. 

      Sounds a bit arrogant, right. 

      And now! The moment you all have been waiting for - OI KYLLÄ (oh yes). つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ Conjugations!! We all love conjugations!! I have an example sentence thought up for you guys. Also, I will write down the pronouns in their standard forms but will leave them out of the pronunciation of the example sentences because I am lazy. Anything in brackets can be dropped out and it won't really affect the meaning. * means dropping is not preferred in most cases as it would just sound odd.

      ymmärtää = to understand

      (minä) en ymmärrä = I don't understand

      (sinä) et ymmärrä = you don't understand; singular, informal

      (hän* / se*) ei ymmärrä = s/he / it doesn't understand

      (me) emme ymmärrä = we don't understand

      (te) ette ymmärrä = you don't understand; plural, formal

      (he*) eivät ymmärrä = they don't understand

      Yep. The word 'no' gets conjugated in the present tense. For past tense, well, past tense gets indicated from the tense of the other verbs in the sentence.

      en ymmärtänyt = I didn't understand

      et ymmärtänyt = you didn't understand

      (*) ei ymmärtänyt = s/he / it didn't understand

      emme ymmärtäneet = we didn't understand

      ette ymmärtäneet = you didn't understand

      (*) eivät ymmärtäneet = they didn't understand

      Listen to them all here.

      And people say Finnish is difficult.. :D Ei voi käsittää! (can't comprehend)

      But actually, this makes answering questions very easy! And you won't be even considered rude in most situations when answering very shortly... it's just efficient!!

      Let's look at (and listen to (╥_╥)) some more examples!

      Q: Joko posti tuli? = Did the mail arrive already? (<--- This is a more direct translation than what I'd originally written, thank you @EricHVela for pointing out the confusing factor! See the comments for more discussion on this!)

      A: Ei.

      Q: Näitkö mihin se meni? = Did you see where s/he / it went?

      A: En.

      Q: Saisinko vähän kakkua? = Can I have some cake?

      A: Et.

      ... o(╥﹏╥)o

      See? Very simple! Yes...

      And that's about it for this time! (~‾▿‾)~ Next time I'm going to mention a little bit about our word order, and since it's October and Halloween season, I'll somewhat discuss our traditions here. :)



      PS. An easy-peasy task to recap today's lesson! Yes! The title! What does it mean? :3

    • Mastery Translation

      1 year ago


      * Reached Mastery Rank 3 in Warframe! (y) Super important, right... :D 

      * Earlier this week I spotted a message on my student union FB page that they're in dire need of help with Finnish->English translations. So I sent them an email to inquire more about the task, and was immediately responded with 3 texts that needed translating - job ads for administration level tasks. I had never translated texts like that before, so I told them I could at least try... and set to work immediately.

      That was on Monday evening. I finished what I labelled as a draft, and sent it forward so they could check if I was using their terms correctly. Tuesday evening, I translated the other text and sent the draft forward. On Thursday the union thanked me, said well done and inquired after the 3rd one, and I was like, ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ No worries. Translated it and sent it forward. Aaaand just few moments ago, I got an email from them again thanking me and offering me more translation tasks, saying I'd be paid for all of them at the end of the year.

      Next period will be crazy busy.... but I'd be damned if I didn't take this opportunity. I get to have a say with the university website translations, which I've been complaining about this week a lot 'cause the English version doesn't heckin match the Finnish one like, at all in some places. 

      Yeah, I'd be mad not to dip my fingers into this soup. 

      ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ I think I've earned myself something like... a burger.

    • Strengths... Maybe?

      1 year ago


      So for a project, we were asked to do this VIA Character Strengths test. Was really excited for this, because I always struggle with naming my strengths (and thinking about examples how they show etc).

      According to that, my greatest strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence. The other strengths in the Top 5 are curiousity, teamwork, love of learning, and judgment.

      And the areas I need to work on, or strengths that require more effort, are leadership, perseverance, self-regulation, creativity (!), and spirituality.


      Have you ever taken a test like that? Or is it easy for you to name your strengths? If you want to, feel free to share yours!

    • Thank you, Kela

      1 year ago


      So Kela is the agency that gives out the benefits and all. 

      And I understand it's important to keep track of who's actually using the benefits as they should be used, but goddamn sometimes it's just outright frustrating and even demeaning.

      Didn't have a good start for this Monday, and now I came home to find a letter from Kela. They're demanding to know why I didn't get enough credits last semester, and threatening to cut me off student welfare in January 2018. 

      Okay, so. We're required to have at least 45 credits each semester to remain eligible for student aid......

      I was finishing my goddamn Bachelor's in spring 2017, and finally got my papers in June. I was missing like max 30 credits from completing my degree at the start of 2016-2017 semester.

      Now, I've gotten this letter almost every damn year. Previously, I had actual health reasons to give them as a reason. Now? The hell do I tell them this time... and WHY are they sending me the letter in the first place?? I've applied to GRADUATE degree benefit this year, while the previous benefit was for UNDERGRADUATE. I thought they were supposed to be two damn different things... but apparently I was wrong.

      So, thank you for this yet another source of stress, dear Kela. :) ILU so much.

      I keep sending out applications to jobs, if anyone hecking accepts me I'll drop out to get rid of this welfare agency crap.....

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