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    • Valentine's... Includes an Old Poem

      1 year ago


      Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille! That literally translates as Happy Friend's Day to all, but the correct official translation is Happy Valentine's.

      To me, this day has never hold any special meaning. Not even while in a relationship. And it's not as a commercialized day here as it's elsewhere. Like I've basically seen zero adverts about it except on YouTube and Spotify. Anyways!

      To those whom it means something.... If you are happily with someone, YAY <3 for real. :) Go you! If you're not with someone and still glad for those who do have someone, yay! <3

      If you're alone & miserable about it, awh <3 you still have all your friends, right. :) Maybe remember the Finnish word ystävä = friend for this day.

      In any case, long ago on my old dA account I wrote more poems, & took part in April's National Poetry Writing Month. The following was written for that one year, but I thought it'd be perfect to post for today. A bit of humor for all. Excuse the not so exact traditional form of a sonnet lol. *clears throat* Ok I didn't have a proper title for this before but now I name it How to Repel Unwanted Suitors.

      "Shall I compare you to this blue cheese?
      You are just as smelly and just as emetic.
      Blunt words spoken at raw rough unease;
      See, you do not appeal to my aesthetic.
      Sometimes first meeting is well enough,
      By a glance at clothes and the face,
      To know whether you’re real or a bluff:
      Yet a deep sniff is needed, just in case,
      To ascertain to me your truest self.
      With perfumes ‘n soaps of candy odour,
      You can try ‘n fool me from your scent:
      Yet it is pugnant, loathsome, vile, ‘n sour.

      So as long as you stink like this,

      So as long you won’t get a kiss!"

      *bows* You are all welcome.

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Okay. Okay. Round one of that was cruel and unusual punishment. I'll make up for it. 1. Would you rather visit the the Effiel Tower for one weekend or turn into a fairy princess for a day?

      Answered: Feb 13, 2018

      Hmmm, again I'd rather do neither. XD I have no interest in visiting Paris, & I am not into fairy princess stuffs. But... If I had to choose, I'd go for the Eiffel Tower. Could take some cool photographs from up there!

    • Zeit Tries to Date, part 6

      1 year ago


      So hey long time no update about my 'dating' life. Haha. Not that there's much happening. Haven't been out with anyone in about a month or more? 

      And though I kept getting matches on Tinder, I finally made the decision last week to delete the profile and app.... It's a slow way to get to know someone via their messages system, and the notifications wouldn't always update unless I opened the app....

      Not to mention the last two matches I got were just... urgh. It basically went down as following:

      Recent match 1: Hi.

      Me: Hi.

      Rm1: Interested in submission and light bondage?

      Rm1: Do you live alone?

      Recent match 2: Omg hell yeah first time giving a Super Like and instant match!

      Me: :D

      Rm2: Hopefully there's no more need for that, if you know what I mean.

      Sooo umm yeah. I don't even have the time and energy to try create new friendships or whatever. I barely 'have the time' to see my girlfriends (read: I let my social anxiety tell me not to go anywhere), I barely have any interest in my studies, and I still need to do a lot of self improvement too. So yep. BYE TINDER. 3rd time with you was the last straw.

      I still sometimes exchange messages with duderino, but IDK.

      Anywaaays! So yep. :D I'll just be practicing flirting in the form of Dragon Age.... bwahahahaha. Fenris why can't you be accessible in Inquisition.

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      1. Would your rather eat blue cheese covered in strawberry jam or dip put an oyster in coffee before drinking it? 2. This or That: Chocolate donuts or Raspberry tarts?

      Answered: Feb 12, 2018

      1) Neither. ;w; I love strawberries but can't stand blue cheese (the smell alone makes me want to puke). Oysters, ewww. Coffee, mehhh my stomach still disagrees with that stuff. ><

      2) Raspberry tarts.

    • Finnish Friday: February Theme - Some Cultural Delicacies

      1 year ago


      Hey hey! :D So here's some of the many foods that are considered iconic cultural delicacies in Finland that may seem odd to the visitors~!

      korvapuusti is a type of cinnamon bun that literally translates as "a slap on the ear", as the buns are apparently shaped like an ear. :D


      Next, these slightly sketchy looking pastries are really YUM. It's often called riisipiirakka or karjalanpiirakka, piirakka = pie / pastry, riisi = rice, Karjala = Kariela. Slather it with butter and warm it up, then nomnom!! Some people add egg butter on it or something, but that is ew ew stuff...


      Then, a squeaky cheese everyone else seems to love but I don't get it... leipäjuusto, leipä = bread, juusto = cheese. It's apparently eaten with some jam, like cloudberry jam, and I've seen people dip it into their coffee.... *shudders*


      Different versions of potatoes are enjoyed often, too, with stews and sauces like nakkikastike (wiener sauce), and meatballs = lihapullat. Mashed potatoes with sautéed reindeer (and lingonberry jam) is nom nom! 

      Fish is also included in many dishes, like lohikeitto (salmon soup), paistetut muikut (baked vendaces), and smoked salmon.

      Peasoup, hernekeitto, is also quite popular. In fact, Thursdays are dedicated to eating hernekeitto - and some pannukakku for dessert! Literally, pannukakku means 'pancake', but since it's made in the oven I usually nowadays call it ovencake when speaking to English speakers. :P The picture is not too enticing looking, but with strawberry jam this stuff is HEAVENLY.


      It's basically just flour, sugar, and butter.... Hahaha.

      Different types of bread also are often offered for meals, ranging from wheat and oat to rye bread. Toasted rye bread with edam cheese on top is amazing.  Add to that fresh cucumber, too, and it's even better! There is also this yum bread called rieska, a thin unleavened bread made from barley or oat, and traditionally it's considered to be more of a Lapland thing.

      Casseroles are also popular, such as potato casserole (perunalaatikko), liver casserole (maksalaatikko, or just maksis for short), and swede / rutabaga (lanttulaatikko). Some of these are considered traditional Christmas foods, though.

      Some other cultural delicacies involve lakritsi (licorice) and salmiakki (salmiac / salty licorice), but especially salmiakki I'll deal with the next post where I'll showcase some of the foods I personally think people should be warned about to avoid... ahahah. 

      There are probably many that I'm forgetting about from this list right now, and some I'll introduce in the later posts this month. :P 

      Anyways, hopefully this gives you some idea what gets eaten around here! XD 

      Oh yeah! I want to mention this here right now, even though it's not really a traditional food per se. Finns also like to eat what we call tortillat. Now, I've been told by Americans that to call them that is wrong, that tortilla is just the flat bread and burrito is when it's filled with whatever you want in there. But to say to another Finn "Let's have a tortilla night!" makes more sense and they know to buy more than just the flat breads! My own favorite fillings are some cheese, chicken, cucumber, and tomato, but everyone else seems to prefer minced meat instead of chicken... 

      ....Writing this post is making me hungry... and now I wish I had stuff to have some tortillat... Damn!

    • 3 Years Ago

      1 year ago


      I was at home, recovering from a lower jaw surgery.

      It was a long process, starting in 2013 when I was told by YTHS and then the Central Finland Hospital I should have the surgery and get braces; my teeth used to be all slanted, and the lower front teeth managed to somehow scrape at the palate where I still have scar tissue. The palate would often be so sore I could barely drink water, and I was often sick (especially after having pneumonia at 14). Eventually, I was told, my upper front teeth could drop off. I got braces first in autumn 2013, then had my lower wisdom teeth removed by the end of 2014.

      In early February of 2015, I had my first ever surgery.

      I was scared of things going wrong, that afterwards my jaw would get like punched and then drop off... ahahah.... I still can feel the areas where they broke the bone.

      Afterwards I couldn't eat anything solid for almost 5 weeks (I still don't really enjoy smoothies and soups anymore that much..) as my jaws were 'tied together', no soda to let the stitches heal, and my face was so swollen in the beginning that whenever I saw myself in the mirror I'd get panic attacks that was how I was going to look like for the rest of my life. In the early days of the recovery, my mom was there, and ex was pretty supportive too. What made things difficult were the renovations to our back then apartment, we'd had a broken pipe in the sauna just a couple of weeks before the surgery, so there was sawdust and shit in the air and well, it wasn't nice with my jaws all tied up y'know. 

      Anyway, I healed well and now I gots pretty teeth! My jaws are still a little stiffer than they should be (didn't exercise them enough after recovery) and I'm paranoid of them going back to their old position so I keep gritting my teeth a lot to make sure they're in place lol...

      But yep. I survived through that, and as a person who's dead scared of dentists.... well, I did good. :) Having a check up on Feb 27 to make sure I don't need further treatment. Fingers crossed..!

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      If RWBY improves in Volume 6, would you return to being a fan of it?

      Answered: Feb 6, 2018

      Well I enjoyed the first 3 seasons I saw, I just got busy with other things so I haven't had time to catch up yet! :D It's in my to-watch-list, though!!

    • Vent: Time to Re-evaluate Priorities

      1 year ago


      since studying English interests me fuck all. I don't see a point in continuing with this Master's, feeling all they teach at this level and in this university is just Trivial Pursuit material, and I can't see how these studies could be rewarding to me in any sense.

      There are still aspects of English and linguistics that interest me. Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, internet linguistics (memes, word formation processes, emojis), etymology, and translation are still a thing for me that I can get excited reading about. 

      But I'm just tired of keeping up with the courses. Once again, most of them were not what I expected them to be by their course description.  Doesn't help that both my short and long term memory have become more or less butchered in the past few years, so I struggle keeping up with the terminology and their explanation. No new information seems to stick into my head.

      YTHS nurse suggested I contact "Student's Compass" to help me with motivation and memory issues, but every time I try fill out their online registration form there's an error message. Not sure where to send email if this thing won't start working this week. 

      Anyways, I will do my best to at least get enough ECTs to keep the government off my back, since they were kind enough to provide me with finances for this semester. But after that.... Vigorous applying to other study places and jobs. I'm mentally done with JYU*, English. 

      (Finnish pronunciation of the acronym sounds a bit like the English word 'you'.)

    • My Games

      1 year ago


      (  ̄▽ ̄)/ Heyooo~!

      Thought I'd make a comprehensive list of what I have on which platform, so if there's anything with co-op you'd like to try with me, that'd be cool 'cause my team-player skillz need practice. :D I'm also going to list games that are single player, and with Steam games I'll mention if it's installed / even working on my old laptop. (For example Bioshocks and Portal 2 were gifted to me & since then I have not allowed people to get me more games..)

      ... *pats the laptop gently* Good boi....

      This will, of course, be in alphabetical order. Even for the platforms. 

      PLAYSTATION 2 (yes lol)

      * Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII

      * Final Fantasy VI to X-2 & XII

      * Spyro the Dragon

      STEAM (can you guess my username xD)

      * Alphabear: Hardcover Edition [runs ok]

      * Baldur's Gate I & II: Enhanced Edition [not installed, probably can run?]

      * Bioshock 1 & 2, plus remastered versions [not installed; most likely can't run]

      * Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition [can... somewhat run]
      * Final Fantasy III, IV, V, VII, VIII [these run alright]

      * Portal 2 [doesn't run too well]

      * Skulls of the Shogun [runs, but I suck at strategy games lmao]

      * The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [not installed; another gift and I don't even know if I'd like playing this..]

      XBOX360 (because it's older; also, my Xbox Live username is an easy guess, too)

      * Bioshock Infinite

      * Dragon Age Origins + Awakening & 3 other DLCs

      * Dragon Age II

      * Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns

      * Forza Horizon

      * Halo Reach

      * The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim [never played this yet]
      * Titanfall


      * Destiny - The Taken King Legendary Edition [haven't played yet]

      * Doom [haven't played yet]
      * Dragon Age Inquisition
      * Fallout 4
      * Final Fantasy XV (with the Episodes DLCs) + A King's Tale

      * Halo Master Chief Collection, ODST, Halo 5 Guardians 

      * Metro Redux

      * Minecraft Story Mode (haven't played yet)

      * Stardew Valley

      * Warframe

      * Watch Dogs

      There! :D 

      If you're able to make a list like this, feel free to share~!

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      I think I'm going to be a regular friendly friend question giving commenter...Or at least try. Do you mind?

      Answered: Feb 4, 2018

      Not at all! :D Go ahead~ 

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