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    • Sunday's (After)Shower Thoughts 2

      1 year ago


      The worst feeling in the shower is when you're washing your damn hair and run your fingers through that mess and hair sticks to your hands and won't let go no matter what you do. And then there's hair sticking to your arms and thighs like tentacles, there's hair in places where you don't want hair, there's hair on the walls and maybe even the ceiling, too. And the shower drain lid, man, that looks like someone's hairy pet died on there.

      And the shedding doesn't really show on the amount of hair I have. I have to keep my hair in a bun or a ponytail almost all the time so the back of my neck won't get overheated. ( \o°o)\

      Anyway, the lifestyle changes are going slow. I actually should be sleeping right now. Instead I'm watching Netflix and playing Alphabear... It's addictive, okay. o(╥﹏╥)o

      Hope everyone's had a good weekend. <3

    • Bilingual Problems 2

      1 year ago


      So I'm catching up with notes from Communications lectures that I've missed, and I'm at a part now where listening and listening as a process is mentioned. The first point is attention, what we pay attention to, and how it can be intentional or not. And it brought to my mind this... I don't know if others who can fluently comprehend more than one language have this same thing happen to them, but I've noticed that if I'm watching an English show and happen to hear Finnish somewhere spoken nearby... I lose my focus on the English. Same if I'm watching a Finnish show and hear English somewhere, my mind just ... snaps to that language. 

      I find it peculiar, considering I can - in text and usually in speech - change the language I speak on the fly with no problems. Although if I'm typing in an answer to someone in either language and get 'disturbed' in the other language via IM or by someone in real life, my brain just freezes as it tries to figure out which language to operate on.  joy

      Hmm. I should try pay more attention to this, how tired I feel when it happens etc.

    • Finnish Friday: Standard vs Vernacular vs Dialects (update)

      1 year ago


      EDIT: Oops, noticed a couple of typos in here, so excuse the update!

      Hello everyone! (  ̄▽ ̄)/ It is I, back with a new Finnish 'lesson'! Aren't we all excited! :D If you got a headache from the previous one, well, hope you've some aspirin nearby for this one... I mean - wot. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Anyway, I've a few ideas on what to write about to these posts, but this time I wanted to discuss something that probably makes Finnish so hard to learn for non-natives. D; And well, these things can confuse even the natives, so--

      I mean... keep on reading. [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] Yes...

      So standard language vs vernacular vs dialects.

      First, some definitions and an attempt to describe Finnish language features! And this time, I have *gasps* recorded the pronunciations for you so you don't have to rely on Google Translate! Excuse the rattling mic, lol... anyway. (By the way, the linking system didn't want to co-operate, so some should open automatically in a new tab, while others won't.) 

      Standard language = a variety of a language treated as the official language and used in public broadcasting, publishing and education (Yule, 2010); also formal language. In Finnish, this is called kirjakieli, which literally translates as 'book language' - kirja = book, kieli = language (or, in some contexts, 'tongue' ಠᴗಠ). This is usually the type of tong-- language that gets taught to learners of Finnish as a foreign language, which is why these learners may find it difficult to actually converse with native speakers (I'll get to this in a bit).

      Vernacular = a social dialect with low prestige spoken by a lower-status group, with marked differences from standard language (Yule, 2010); also informal language or colloquial, or even spoken language. In Finnish, this is called puhekieli, which literally translates as 'speech language' - puhe = speech. The Finnish vernacular that is most used in say, TV series, hails from the southern / south-western parts of the country.

      Dialect = aspects of the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of a variety of a language (Yule, 2010) which can help identify where someone is from. In Finnish, this is called murre informally (roll that RRRRRR), and dialekti in more formal / academical settings. 

      Note: Some of the Finnish dialects use totally different vocabulary than the others, two that come to my mind are from Rauma and (the depths of) Savo. Then there's the whole Finnish-Swedish deal.... I come from Tavastia, so my language use is influenced by western features.

      Next, some facts about Finnish. First, the language is called suomi. (Note: if you write Suomi, with a capital S, that refers to the country.) According to our dear friend Wikipedia, Finnish is "the eponymous member of the Finnic language family and is typologically between fusional (tending to overlay many morphemes [smallest linguistic units which can carry a meaning, such as 'un-', 'break', and '-able' in 'unbreakable'] in a manner that can be difficult to segment) and agglutinative (having words derived by combining parts, each with a separate meaning) language. It modifies and inflects nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals and verbs, depending on their roles in the sentence."

      This literally means that almost any word (commonly the nouns) can be attached to another, and another, and another, into this long, seemingly never-ending string of what looks like syllables, and it could still make some sense. (Well, we do have rules on what kind of words can't be combined together, but I won't get into that.) Of course, in conjugation, the usability of the word would 'degrade' - in other words, lengthily derived words are not too popular in the actual spoken language.

      A nice example is a nowadays-less-used military term for an "airplane jet turbine engine auxiliary mechanic non-commissioned officer student" - lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas.

      This is a bit besides today's subject, but it's easier to pronounce monstrous words like this when you recognize the different words in there and pronounce those one by one, as I attempted to do.

      lentokone = airplane; suihkuturbiinimoottori = jet turbine engine; apumekaanikko = auxiliary mechanic; aliupseeri = NCO; oppilas = student.

      And these words can be further broken down (note that some words have more than just one translation, but for the sake of your guys' sanity I'm just using the ones that come to mind first):

      lento = flight, kone = machine, suihku = shower, turbiini = turbine, moottori = engine, apu = help, mekaanikko = mechanic, ali- = under; -las can be removed from oppilas to result in oppi = teaching. 

      Now, you might be thinking Holy hell, this language is difficult as heck to learn - how could it be more difficult!?

      Fear not, I will tell you! We only have the vernacular language and the 7 dialects to further confuse you with-- I mean, relax, there's nothing to worry about. つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ

      Next, I will present to you some example phrases, with their standard and vernacular forms, as well as an example of the dialect I use. Or well, it should probably be called an idiolect in my case - a personal dialect. See, if you look at the map, then I'm originally from an area where they speak Tavastian dialect... but I know live in an area where Savonian (and northern Finland) dialect(s) has influenced the local language a lot. So I often switch between how I use certain words and their pronunciation. <__<;; 

      I won't explain any single words and these examples aren't many, but hopefully you can start seeing the differences and recognize why it might be difficult for Finnish learners to grasp the everyday use of our language. :') Please note that the subject in () can be dropped out from the sentence; the other words' conjugations will reveal the subject.

      To explain vernacular in short, it's basically just dropping out 1) pronouns from sentences, and 2) dropping out letters, morphemes or phonemes from words to make them shorter. In the local dialect I've picked up, we sometimes 'lengthen' vowels that are not supposed to be long. :') Like in the first example sentence, the 'i' in the verb opiskelen (opiskella = to study) should be a short vowel sound, but around here it often gets 'stretched'.



      * I study in Jyväskylä | minä opiskelen Jyväskylässä | (mä) opiskelen Jyväskyläs | (mie) opiskelen Jyväskyläs

      * I want to buy a car | minä haluan ostaa auton | (mä) haluun ostaa auton | (mie) haluun ostaa auton

      * you are surely going to like this | sinä tulet varmasti pitämään tästä | sä tuut kyllä tykkään tästä | sie tuut kyl tykkään tästä

      * she is late | hän on myöhässä | se on myöhäs | soon myöhäs (se actually means it... yes, we refer to people as it)

      * we came home | me tulimme kotiin | tultiin kotiin | tultiin kotio 

      * they went to a bar | he menivät baariin | ne meni baarii(n) (ne is actually like se, very informal and not referred to living human beings in standard grammar) (the last n in baariin is kinda silent)

      NO NIIN. Eiks ollutkin helppoo? = WELL THEN. Wasn't that easy? :) 

      I could go on and on about this subject with more and more examples, the examples I now gave were kinda lazy, but jössis this post is already so long I doubt y'all read it to the end. ヽ(°◇° )ノ

      Anyway! This was it for now! Next time I'll discuss the words yes and no. :) I'll give a hint - one of them gets conjugated.......... 


      PS. I'm not on the language teaching program, so you might not want to believe my use of grammar terminology. (╥_╥) Forgive me pls.

    • Sunday's (After)Shower Thoughts

      1 year ago


      First of all, why do all the ideas come up in the shower!? I need to invest in waterproof writing equipment, hurrr...

      Anyway, so! Tomorrow starts a new week, and I've been reading through this book called Superlicious... exercise, diet, and other well-being tips for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. (Written by two Swedish bloggers; no idea if there's an English translation anywhere.) I also keep thinking back to the no-zero-days post as often as I can in my daily life. So following that post, I've written down 3 bigger goals for myself, and each day I try to do at least ONE thing that helps me get towards those goals. "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

      And now, after reading a bit of the Superlicious book - I've thought about 1 small change in my daily habits, and 3 things that would bring joy to my daily life. Those, too, could count as habits - at least in the future!

      One game-changing quote from there (I'm attempting to translate it from Finnish, haha) is something I've been struggling with since I turned 24-25. My body image. I have never really liked my body, but less so when I started to gain weight (not that it shows, unless I step on a scale). So I've been either forcing myself to new changes, and / or neglecting my body's needs (food, mostly). 

      Anyway, the quote. *ahem* "Consider each healthier choice as a small act of love towards yourself - the physical changes will happen along the way."

      So earlier tonight, I was REALLY craving for candy. There's this bag of candies called Ässä-Mix. It was 8:15pm, so 45 minutes before the store would close. I had earlier bought dark chocolate and it tastes SO - AWFUL. So I was about to go, when I just decided... --- ... No. I didn't get the candy!

      I want it, yes, but I don't really NEED it. And I think that's a good thing where to make a difference: weighing what is an actual need and what is mere a want. 

      Well then, the 1 habit change I want to make, and then the 3 things that I feel would bring more joy to my life! x)

      1. Preparing for the next day in the evening. Check calendar, get pre-morning-walk snack (banana) and some water next to the bed, etc necessary & possible preparations.

      2. Walks in the morning. I reaaaally enjoy morning walks! The earlier the better!

      3. Yoga. 

      4. Singing. Not that I can sing... my voice sounds awful to it... but I really do enjoy it!

      There! :) So those are my minor changes I am going to make to my life - what could yours be? 

      ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v

    • GameStats: Warframe

      1 year ago


      Some Warframe stats for the fun of it (and to avoid completing a rescue mission):

      Time Played: 26h

      Mastery Rank: 2 - Silver Initiate (next rank in 5,907)

      Clan: Unaffiliated

      Marked for Death by: Stalker (eeep...)

      Frame: Excalibur, rank 23

      Primary Weapon: MK1-PARIS, rank 18

      Secondary Weapon: LATO, rank 18

      Melee Weapon: MK1-BO, rank 27 (magick stick)

      Companion(s): Taxon, rank 10

      Sentinel Weapon: Artax, rank 14

      Missions Completed: 52

      Missions Failed: 10 (mostly interceptions... ha)

      Missions Quit: 3

      Completion Rate: 80%

      Quit Rate: 5%

      Ciphers Solved: 171

      Ciphers Failed: 11

      Average Cipher Time: 7s

      Total Kills: 3,722

      Headshot Kills: 228

      Hits: 3,644

      Weapon Accuracy: 17% (lololol)

      Gross Income: 62,707

      Solar Map Progress: 26/226

      Solar Map XP: 2,493/27,356


    • Finnish Friday: Context Matters

      1 year ago


      So hey! I figured I could post Finnish language things on Fridays. :D Yes, I'll try make this a regular thing... Now, I usually don't bother giving Finnish 'lessons', because I actually know far less about the details of Finnish grammar than say, English. Yes, these things are taught to us... in basic education, not in very deep detail. <.<;;;

      Anyway, so! Context! Yes! Very important. :) And I have a couple of examples to demonstrate this... I recommend writing the two example sentences to Google Translate to get audio, it's quite accurately pronounced - however, intonation in each sentence is important too but incorrect in the GT version.

      The first sentence! 

      "Anna palaa!" 

      Depending on context, this can mean five totally different things.

      1) Go for it! (This is the one GT will first offer you.) 'Anna' is the imperative form of the verb 'antaa', which can mean 'to give', 'to let', 'allow', etc. 'Palaa' is a verb (and in some context, a form of the same verb) that can mean 'to burn', 'to light'... 

      2) Let (it) burn! This meaning is relevant especially if you say "Anna sen palaa"; 'sen' is - as far as I understand it - an accusative form of the pronoun 'se' = 'it'. 

      3) Anna returns! Well, yes, we too name some people as Anna. In this context, 'palaa' is the 3rd person singular form, in present tense, of the verb 'palata' = 'to return', 'to come back'. 

      4) Anna is burning! ...yep. Context, see, is important.

      5) Give a piece! Again in this context, 'anna is the imperative form of the verb 'antaa', as in 1), and I'd say 'palaa' is the objective form of the noun 'pala', which can means 'a piece'. 

      So FIVE possible meanings to just one sentence! D: Woah there! How do we ever understand each other!?

      The next one has been around the internet for some years now, and it's always amusing to share. This one has NINE possible meanings. NINE. MADNESS.

      This, too, uses the word 'palaa' - to recap, depending on context, it can mean

      a) to burn, b) to return, c) a piece.

      The other word, 'kuusi', can mean three things:

      i) number six, ii) spruce tree, iii) your moon.

      I'll break this down next, but first: here's an image that I sometimes share around my social media to confuse my foreign friends! 


      "Kuusi palaa."

      So, nine meanings, all context dependant.

      SPRUCE related:

      1) The spruce is on fire. Quite unfortunate during Christmas, isn't it...

      2) The spruce returns. Good ... boy! (in the image, the blond haired person says: "Welcome back!")

      SIX related:

      3) The number six is on fire. Sad, sad...

      4) The number six returns. Woah! Welcome back! (in the image, the blond haired person says: "Where have you been!")

      5) Six of them are on fire. 

      6) Six of them return. (In the image, the blond haired person says: "Not these guys again...)

      YOUR MOON related:

      7) Your moon is on fire. 'Kuusi' in this context is the 2nd person singular possessive form (marked by the suffix -si) of the word 'kuu' = 'the moon'.

      8) Your moon returns. (in the image, the blond haired person says: "I got so worried already!")

      And finally, 9) Six pieces. 

      There you go! Our first ever Finnish lesson together! :) Yay! You must be so happy now to know all these things! YES!

    • Also hey!

      1 year ago


      @Izayer posted about wanting to be more active on the site. I've been wondering about that, too, how to take part more... what to offer to the rest of the community.

      So I randomly post about personal things on here. But... what would YOU guys like to see more from me? :) I often share bits about Finland, Finnish language and culture and people on the forums - would you like me to compile links and info and images on blog posts revolving around certain themes? Our history, for example. I could also share more of my own photos, as well as my attempts at art and crafts. Yoga stuff.. food. recipe experiments... linguistics and translation and other general language and communications related stuffs for everyoooone to discuss. :D Gimme ideas! It'd be awesome to try and schedule these things, too, do certain type of posts on a certain day etc.

      I recently tried streaming on Mixer and posting stuff on YouTube, but especially YouTube is quite tedious for me because of lack of fancier equipment. So I'm thinking about either removing all content from there... and have a fresh start later. Or just let it be... or try something else there. I don't know yet. I'll definitely try to get back on regular streaming with Warframe again. I haven't played any games in 2-3 weeks now....

      Anyway! Just something I wanted to put out here. (  ̄▽ ̄)/ I want to take part more! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ Also let me know if there are groups or more forums here I could join in on - I've been hesitant to look those up or try squeeze myself in, so to say. Ahaha. It's not because of you people, it's all on me and my social anxiety that sometimes stretches on to my online activities. :') 

    • Uhh hmmm

      1 year ago


      I don't know, but for the past couple of weeks I've been really restless at night-time again. I keep seeing random, quite anxiety-inducing dreams about... my ex. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

      It's starting to bother me, because he's no longer part of my life at all. I'm kinda worried about what's going on in his end right now... is it somehow involving me? I don't want it to.

      So ex, please. Whatever it is, stop it. I don't want any involvement with you anymore. =___=

      (Yes, it's probably just a subconscious thing. I'm actively aware of the state of things, the reality of things, so even though I'm also actively ignoring the past and the people therein, my subconscious is then probably bringing shit in like this. I mean, 10 years of a 24/7 connection is kinda hard to break away from.)

      Store closes in an hour... Better go get some fruits and chocolate.

    • Crazy about Crocheting

      1 year ago


      Crocheting and Netflix is an addictive combination!!

      My 2nd basket is drying from starching, but already started the 3rd one - with an attempt to instruct how I've made these! Posted a set of 10 images on my Instagram if you want to try it out yourself. :P Any questions, you uhh might want to google for more specific instructions... or find a better-explained pattern! xD

      So that's how I've spent my weekend! xD How was yours? ^^ 

    • Sorry another post but don't wanna spam the forums with this so

      1 year ago


      AAAEEEGHHHH. My calendar's starting to look so full with courses and self-studying and extra stuff that I am starting to doubt I can handle this shit.  sob But a lot of it is stuff that's supposed to help me with getting out of this unemployment hole. Most of my doubts are coming from within... I'm more used to giving up than trying, see. But not this time. >___<

      Also shit's going down in SOA, some ugly truths gunn' be revealed.

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