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    • Semester Begins - edit

      1 year ago


      I burned my mouth eating chilli which I had mistaken for bell pepper (yes, I'm that much of a veggie / food noob), and burned my fingers (thumbs, mostly) while washing the dishes. In Flames lyrics going "It burns it rips it hurts" are almost accurate for this situation. I don't even know how I managed either of these. <.<;;;

      But otherwise, despite some poorly slept hours in the night, I've had a good morning. My student loan was accepted, as was my financial aid, so I could pay my rent and bills. I also went for a walk before the sun was even up, it was really gorgeous out there and very peaceful. Not a single other soul save for one car that went to the boat harbor!

      Turns out my Master Thesis seminar is not until Sep 14, which means I've today 'off'. I'm going to the campus soon, though, to do some self-studying - and to eat lunch at the student cafeteria.

      ...but first, newest Day 5 episode 'cause priorities.


      Starting off tomorrow with the first Master's Thesis seminar, then an interview for a project as a participant, then Communications for the rest of the week. (y) I'll try be around here as much as I can~~



    • My pride and joy

      1 year ago


      So. As I recently admitted on a forum post, people don't usually trust me with plants... See, uh, I ... I killed a cactus once. With drought. <.<;;; (It spent 6 years on a bookshelf, forgotten... unwatered. Until we had to move and I remembered my uncle had given me the thing for my 14th birthday.)

      Anyway, but, since I moved out on my own. Mom wanted to get me a plant. And so we bought one we thought would be easy to look after - a ficus. I got it in mid October 2016, and was told that if it survives to 2017, I can have another plant. My brother, upon first hearing this plan, laughed and said: It won't last a week!  joy Like, thanks a lot!

      Well, because it was all such fun and humorous and hahahaha, I decided to name the damn thing. Günther the Ficus.

      And since Gyntykkä survived the winter, I was given more plants, and yesterday bought my 4th one! xD Here they all are, all with wonderful names (Bevvie's name was given by a friend on IG, but I came up with the second nickname myself..):


    • Great start...

      1 year ago


      One of the courses I signed up for, one I was waiting for because it could be useful for my future? Cancelled. :) Naturally.

      And the alternative options are not... just... It just shows that my uni hates us Language Specialists. At least offer the course as a self-study option maybe??

      Basically because of shit like this, as this is the 3rd course now in my original plan that's not going to happen, I have to rethink these courses and pick shit I wouldn't give a damn about. Againnnn. :'D 

      Blehh. Very disappointed right now. Get your shit together JYU. Pls.

      At least my hair's pretty now, had some old dry hair cut off; on Sunday, I'll re-dye it with some light-red-brown dye.

      So that's my start of the weekend / semester. How's yours? Hopefully better.

    • Shameless Self Ads: Schedules for Streams and Recordings

      1 year ago


      So I've my timetable for university sorted out... I hope. All my courses are 5 ECTs worth, so it could be I'm going to have way too much to do... but anyway, made a timetable for my free time as well, with some room for flexibility.

      Sooo, for those interested in my Mixer / YouTube content, there's finally a schedule for this madness! xD Any major changes will be announced via Twitter and here. :) What I do is probably not the best quality out there ;D but it's fun, and I pretty much bother doing this streaming / webcam recording stuff to get to practice SPEAKING English (I can write it pretty damn well). I often use the mic when streaming, I've yet to figure out how to make it so that I could hear others via the headset (maybe it requires the multiplayer possibility, which I can't have right now as I can't afford Xbox Goldship), but anyway, while I stream, the text chat's open for watchers. :) 

      Anyway! Here's the schedule for both streams and recordings. Please note that my timezone's UTC/GMT+2 Helsinki, and that we're currently in Daylight Savings Time mode (always from March 26 to October 29), which means +1h to the usual. (So right now I should be saying, GMT+3 I guess haha). The schedule will properly take place starting next week!

      **All streams & recordings between 7pm to 9pm.**

      - Mondays: Metro 2033 Redux (stream/Mixer)

      - Tuesdays: Spyro the Dragon (recording/YouTube)

      - Wednesdays: Warframe (stream/Mixer)

      - Thursdays: Dragon Age - Origins (recording/YouTube)

      - Fridays: Final Fantasy XV [New Game+] OR A King's Tale FFXV (stream/Mixer)

      - Saturdays: Deus Ex - Human Revolution ... ooor Final Fantasy VII / XIII (recording/YouTube)

      - Sundays: N/A

      And yep, I've decided to take a break from Watch Dogs and focus on Warframe for now. I'll return to Watch Dogs a bit later, when I've more time to focus on learning how to actually play it.

      So yep. That's it. xP If you miss a stream, no worries - VODs are available! :) 

      If you've a channel on YouTube and Mixer, lemme know so I can subscribe! I don't have Twitch, yet, as my current equipment don't really allow for that platform (as far as I know anyway). I'm still a noob to this all :'D I might try Twitch later on, but for now it's Mixer and YT for me. :) Some day I'll figure out how to stream / record stuff via Steam... maybe once I've a new laptop. *pats the current one reassuringly, "Good boy, you're doing great."*

      Anyway, it's getting late again, but I'll be fooling around on Warframe in a bit! x3 Hope you're all doing good.  hibiscus

    • A King's Tale

      1 year ago


      So as I was going through the free games for Xbox 1 again, I spotted this FFXV 'prequel'. It's got sort of an older FF feel to it with the graphics... like VI. And frigging Ultros is in this one as well. xD Kicking my ass with his tentacles..... lmao. The battles are quite confusing, or maybe I'm just too tired to memorize the combos, but anyway - like father like son. Both Noctis and Regis don't know how to lock onto a single enemy. ^_____^ And using the companions on AKT is further confusing. And instead of healing items / spells, Regis relies on edibles that drop from the enemies, so far I've seen apples and grilled chocobos turkeys. 

      If I thought handling 10+ enemies on XV was hard, then obviously I had not played this damn game before. 

      I streamed this crap xD and the VOD should be available on my Mixer channel... as are all my other embarrassing streams. 

      Anyway, the game's got like 2 stars on the Xbox store ratings. Sort of understand why. The plot's really hard to get into as well, and like in the games before X, there's no voice acting. 

      Otherwise this is an alright way to pass one's time.

    • Education Frustration

      1 year ago


      So tomorrow I get to register to the rest of my courses... or so I thought. I started looking them up already again, to check no courses overlap.

      And lo and behold, the curriculum and registration system are NOT in sync - AGAIN. *rolls her eyes* And of course, they're the courses I'm more interested in - Language and Social Media, and Multilingualism and Transcultural Practices. 

      At least they're offering translation... legal issues related translation, but nevertheless. 


      And I've no idea when I need to start my damn MA Thesis. I've an idea to revise and expand my BA Thesis, or at least base the MAT on the BAT. ('Word Formation and Use of Emoticons in a Synchronous Chatroom') BUT I guess I'll start with that right away, and then persuade my instructor I could write it a bit 'slower' to gather proper data this time, damn it. (Speaking of which, if you don't mind me examining your ways of using language in online settings starting from September, let me know and I'll get the permission form model etc from my university; either way, it's going to be collected anonymously anyway and possibly excluding contexts as I merely want to count the instances of certain uses of language, so not even sure if it matters.) 9-12 months isn't actually giving much time to get reliable data when it comes to a topic like this. xD But we'll see what the instructor says...

      I'll also start bothering the job advisor folk about my internships. So far my timetable's looking pretty empty, which is of course good considering MA level studies are quite heavy when it comes to reading and writing assignments... but I'm concerned a looser timetable will allow me to be lazy again. I guess I'll see how my timetable actually shapes up, how much I could work besides studying and working on MAT. Also Kela (the government agency upon which my finances are dependable...) might not like it if I don't get enough ECTs / credits per semester. 

      Despite all this, I can't wait for the semester to start. :) 

      What about you lot? Excited about school / work... or not? x)

      And for those of you in Texas, I bet you keep hearing this all the time and all, but... stay safe. <3 



    • Aaand Back!

      1 year ago


      Yush! All went fine. :)

      How are you all doing? Been a while! x) (a few days, ahaha..)

    • inactivity

      1 year ago


      Been at my cousin's this week without my laptop.. we haven't seen in a while, so haven't been on much via tablet either. Tomorrow I have to pay a visit to ol' hometown, for stepdad's mom's funeral (saw the lady like a handful of times myself; she was old, so her passing was natural & expected, even to those closest to her). After that I'll be going back to JKL - 7 days until I can stop wearing the retainer (had braces some time ago), and 10 days until semester starts.. Can't wait - finally some structure to life, and chances to meet people! At home, I can finally properly reply & take part in the forums again. ;D

      Well! How's you all been? What're you looking forward to? ^^

      Ps. In regards to my last post... I think I'm finally able to move on. I'm more determined about it, anyway. I allowed myself to be walked over and all, clinging.... but no more. I've had enough, and that's that. No more. And that's all there is to it. 

    • personal BS

      1 year ago


      I just went on a little block fest on social media and phone numbers... ex would've owed me 260€ still, but for him to pay it back would take like 11 months.... so I'm letting it slide so I can be done with this BS. finally got to block and remove all his contact info. >___>

      I was planning to see him, tell him face to face that he don't have to pay it, that I never want to see his face again or hear his voice or hear about him or his name. 

      But what use could've that been? It's been very obvious, long before our breakup too, that he didn't and especially now doesn't want me in his life. At all. In any way. He said we could be friends, but does he ever contact me about anything? No... It's been on my shoulders to do that, and to fret over whether he can pay the debt or not. (Long story short, something was bought in part payment, for him but in my name, and after breaking up with me he agreed to keep paying it but I'm hecking done.)

      So to go see him would've just hurt ME. And besides, he would've just found excuses not to see me anyway. So eh.

      I was tempted to let him know about the blocking and stuff... But what use could've that been either? He doesn't care. 

      That's what I keep repeating to myself whenever my mind has the rudeness to remind me of him. He doesn't care. He doesn't care. He hasn't in ages. Remember that, Laura. He doesn't care. 

      I did type him a message. 3 words. You can guess what those are. Right after I blocked his number, and removed it. I'm bad at remembering numbers, and as far as I can recall, I haven't written it down anywhere.

      After that, I spent about 40 minutes crying. It was both a relief and the most horrible thing I've done in a while. Relief, because I can finally put this shit behind me and move forward. 

      What sucks is that he now lives in our old hometown again, where my family is as well. I've told mom I can't visit them in a while, especially around the holidays. 

      Though I'm sad and miserable right now, I also feel ... calmer. Determined. Slightly lighter. The break up was for the best, for both of us. I have to keep reminding myself of that as well, and a part of me knows it's true. That I've finally taken the step to remove him from my life... is for the best as well.

      Slowly, I can move forward. 

      And I know THIS is not the best way to deal with this, not the healthiest in the slightest... but when I'm playing Warframe and the like, I imagine the enemies are our memories together. I want them erased. I want to pretend the past 9 years didn't exist. For now, it's the only way I can imagine to help me survive. (Link is a crappy 'poem' I wrote yesterday.) Besides cliches about time healing the wounds and all. xD So yeah, I don't want his name or very existence to be mentioned, I don't want to see his face, I don't want to think about the past at all. 

      Anyway, on an unrelated note, I'm going to travel a little later today, to see my cousin. She's like a little sister to me, and we haven't seen in months. <3 For the first time in years, now that I've a tablet, I'm planning to travel without my laptop. xD This thing's so heavy.... eheheh.

      Anyway. Thought I'd vent about this in here, hopefully for what is the last time. 

      Hope you're all doing awesome and that you all have a good week ahead. <3


      PS. It's not that our relationship was entirely horrible. We just... started drifting apart, and both of us made mistakes and hurt each other on levels that could not be forgiven. I'm not attempting to paint him as a monster or anything, I wasn't a saint either in the relationship. We both acted like children at times while demanding the other to be the adult and the responsible one; we both hurt each other with words, and (lack of) actions. I know my own share in our downfall, and I'll forever regret hurting him - but I can only learn from this, and strive to never inject such poison into my friendships or a possible new relationship.

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