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    • Poets of the Fall Gig Moments

      1 year ago


      So hey!! Been a while since I posted. :D And this time, I'm here to share some highlights from last night. (~‾▿‾)~ As some of you may know, my mom wanted to take me out, so she got us the tickets to a gig of a band I used to listen to as a teen - Poets of the Fall! :D 


      Although I'm not a huge fan in the sense that I haven't listened to them in a while and don't know many of the lyrics by heart, I still had a blast being there!! :D Mom was slightly less enthusiastic, but a cider and the mood of the guys on the stage, as well as the audience's, swept me to act more widely than I usually do. XD 


      As we went to the place (Tanssisali Lutakko), it wasn't too crowded, and so mom dragged me as close to the stage as we could. I was near the wall by the stage, and so no one usually stood behind me once the actual show started.


      And boy, what a show it indeed was! XD

      I'd always taken them for a bit more of a pop band, and even after listening to their music on Spotify I was pleasantly surprised that the songs they played were more of their rock repertoire. And goddamn, the music was good!! <3 And the guys were absolutely fantastic on the stage being all silly towards each other and making faces at people - the whole audience were acting very non-Finnish with cheering and bouncing and moving, and the vocalist's cheerfulness especially was quite catchy. :D


      I didn't know all the lyrics by heart, but enough to be able to sing along whenever I could remember them, and yeahhhh just swaying and bouncing with the rest of the audience. Then a really weird thing happened O__o I made, accidentally, eye contact with one of the guitarists (the one with the beanie..). That lasted for a bit too long so it got strange. 

      What made it even more strange were lyrics to the chorus of Carnival of Rust

      Did I say strange? I meant awkward. The lyrics definitely amplified the awkward. 

      So my reaction was to close my eyes. Mom laughed her ass off at me afterwards ("That was such a Laura thing to do") as she swears the guitarist kept staring at me. I opened my eyes again at times indeed to see him close by, so I just shut my eyes again and this was repeated several times!?? XD I naturally convinced myself there were other people behind me but according to mom, there was no one because of the nearby wall O__o I told her to shut up. XD 


      All in all it was a great night, a fantastic experience, and I'm so glad mom got the tickets on a bit of a whim. <33 I really needed going out like this. :D 

      What's even greater is that, if I'm accepted as one of the congress assistants to an event in June, I get to see these guys again at Sataman yö!! YEAH!! 

      I'm still happy from the gig. The energy was quite something to experience. :D

      I also got mom to play Golf With Your Friends with me earlier XD we took turns on my laptop. Two games and she said she doesn't want to play with me anymore, pretty much saying it's awful. XD Aaaand we made lasagna. <3 And for lunch, I had an amazing chicken foca at one of the local cafes... so - fecking - good!!

      Anyways!! Yep. I went to a gig and it was great. :D WOoo!

      How's your weekend going? :) Hope you're all well!! <3

    • Parody Song Translation - Damned Opel

      1 year ago


      Rough translation by yours truly~~ here's the song.

      after a thousand smoky driving meters,

      the man opens the Opel’s hood

      by the road a grey Opel

      it’s October and raining

      burning smell of battery acid stings the eye

      somewhere a flame, the Opel coughs

      take out your phone and call a cab
      just push that damn Opel into a swamp

      passers-by give weirded looks
      the Opel driver ignores them all
      he turns the ignition key,
      but just can’t get the Opel to start
      sweat drops on his forehead
      who told you to get an Opel?

      take out your phone and call a cab
      just push that damn Opel into a swamp

      with numb fingers he grabs the plug wires
      just last week he bought a new engine
      the car shop praised in earnest
      but Opel is the shittiest ever

      “But, but, what says to this the Opel driver himself?”

      exhaust fumes get in the nostrils,
      oils trickle down the gutter
      parts after parts
      had them installed at a brand store
      who told me to get an Opel?
      I’m stupid and you guessed it, I lament

      take out your phone and call a cab
      push that damn Opel down the swamp

      with numb fingers, he grabs the plug wires
      just last week he bought a new engine
      the car shop praised in earnest
      but Opel is the shittiest ever

      Opel is the shittiest ever


      (Btw, I drove an Opel Vectra for a couple of years... not totally an awful car to drive, but... yeah. XD)

    • Parody Song Translation - We're Driving a Tractor

      1 year ago


      Ajetaan me traktorilla - lyrics roughly translated by yours truly~~ 

      NOTE: ? marks an unknown word (couldn't find the Finnish lyrics written anywhere so had to go by ear), *’s are apparently place names of small towns in southern Finland


      I came from the manure storage, from lower yard’s barn
      smells like cow shit in there, you watched me shovel dung
      walked around chicken coops, piggeries, cattle sheds
      swung manure forks, continuously felt nauseous

      we’re driving a tractor, tippling through the night
      on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub

      I’ve been to Kuppila*, Myrskylä**, Askola***
      in every pub until dawn my mouth squawked
      ? and the cap, the calfskin jacket
      in the pub the tractor’s ?? was having a beer by the table

      we’re driving a tractor, making noise and tippling
      on the hinterlands field roads, and from there to the pub

      in the small hours it’s good to ride home
      listen for the buzzing, those fuckers playing in the head
      buttocks are numb, I’m driving drunk
      tastes like cat pee in the mouth, heeo-heeo-heeo-hoy

      we’re driving a tractor, making noise and tippling
      on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub

      back home early in the morning, of course feeling great
      ??? the wife thoroughly ???? recounts
      I was out drinking, boozing at the pub
      the fuck am I doing here, in a hurry to get wasted

      we’re driving a tractor, making noise and tippling
      on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub

      we’re driving a tractor, a fucking tractor
      on the hinterlands field road, and from there to the pub
      we’re driving a tractor, a fucking tractor
      on the fucking field road, and from there to the pub


      Yeah. I was really bored one time. XD 

    • 1 Year of ZGZ

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone! (~‾▿‾)~

      Today marks the day of when I decided to ditch my old online handle and pick up a new one - and decided on one I had used long, long ago: zeitgeistzest. The origin story of that name in short involves mentioning MSN Messenger and a Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary. 

      So I started using that on DA, IG, Twitter, and Xbox Live. And here's some stats I've accumulated over the past year~~

      Xbox Live

      * Gamerscore: 6,210

      DA (even though I no longer really use it)

      * Deviations: 77

      * Comments: 559

      * Pageviews: 2,225


      * Posts: 602

      * Followers: 95

      * Following: 133


      * Tweets: 3,517

      * Following: 254

      * Followers: 92


      It's also been about a year since I got my ears pierced~~ They're finally starting to heal. XD And last night me and mom decided to try something new for my hair...



      Well, despite the crappy weather, mom and stepdad insist we go for a walk... and my legs already hurt from putting up new curtains... <.<;;; Guess I should have some breakfast....

      Cheers! ^w^

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      A new question! Meschocku! (Mega shock!--Its anime) 1. Do you like randomness? 2. What is your favorite type of restaurant (Chinese, Italian, French, etc.)?

      Answered: Mar 14, 2018

      1) If randomness means 'surprises', thennnnn in general I am not a big fan of surprises. They can rock my world quite strongly, and not usually in the good way. In other words, I am boring as heck! :D 

      2) I... don't really have a favorite type of restaurant. First. Eating out is usually way out of my budget... and if I do eat out, it's usually uhhhh McDonald's or Hesburger... <.<;;; because cheap. Or I go to the nearby pizzeria, to get pizza or a hamburger meal, to take with me to home. Which brings us to second reason - I don't like eating in public places in front of other people. XD

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      What is the most annoying question you have ever been asked?

      Answered: Mar 10, 2018

      I actually don't know how to answer this ahahaha. But basically I get annoyed if I'm asked about whether I'm going to have kids (answer btw: possibly never, for reasons I'd rather not get into though can say it's not because of infertility) and if I had a partner, asking what we do in the bedroom. Not that I get asked these things often these days lmao, but it's happened before.

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Why are you plagued by bad luck?

      Answered: Feb 28, 2018

      I guess I've many lessons to learn or something? Growing stronger through these trying times, uhhh, something something. XD

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Why do you break your games?

      Answered: Feb 28, 2018

      AHHHH! I don't do it on purpose!!! XD 

      Lately, when I've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, it's been glitching a lot for me! I mean, look at this horse. Or this floating dead ram. Not to mention, once I was trying to save the game and it just got stuck on a screen saying "Enumerating save files". Had no other choice but to reboot the console. And then after the battle against demons at the ruins of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the party is supposed to automatically move to another location - but I found my character stuck in the ruins, all by herself, and there was no way out from there.... and when I opened the menu, it wouldn't let me save NOR reload. So rebooted again.

      Anyways, a friend on Discord jokingly called me Zeit the Game Breaker and well, it's happened in other games (Warframe, for one) that I figured... okay, that's my nickname for now.

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      What is sanity? Do any of us truly have it? (I decided on a DEEP question today.) :~) {Also, squiggly nose for the win.}

      Answered: Feb 27, 2018

      Hmmm, sanity. I've never thought about this, really. I'm not that much of a deep-thinker. XD 

      But I guess it comes down to the definition of what is normal, acceptable, and what is not, in a particular society. For example harming humans and (cute-looking) animals (like cats and dogs) is usually considered bad, even evil, and humans who do such acts are considered abnormal, even insane. I guess? 

      So I guess sanity is... staying in control of your thoughts and actions? Hmm.

    • IT Support uhh Jokes

      1 year ago


      Seen on Facebook, translated into English by me~~

      Customer: I'm trying to write my first email and I've got the letter a but how do I make that small circle thing around it now?

      IT Support: Is the cursor still there?

      Customer: No, I'm alone here.

      Customer: I can't log in.

      IT Support: Are you certain you tried the correct password?

      Customer: Yes, I saw my co-worker use it.

      IT Support: Can you tell me what the password was?

      Customer: Five small stars.

      Customer to HP support: My laser printer is broken.

      IT Support: Which model is it?

      Customer: HP. 

      IT Support: Yes I get that, is it black-white?

      Customer: No, it's beige.

      Customer to Tele2 support: I have bought internet and need help.

      IT Support: Okay, how far have you got with installation?

      Customer: I've opened the internet box.

      IT Support: Okay, have you connected all the cables and turned on your computer?

      Customer: Turned on the computer? I don't have a computer. I bought internet. 

      Customer: My computer keeps freezing all the time.

      IT Support: Do you have a lot of windows open?

      Customer: No, but my door's open by a crack.

      ....you are all welcome. *bows and exits to the left*

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