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    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      What would you do if you suddenly became the owner of the pastry shop?

      Answered: Feb 25, 2018

      I'd give its ownership forward to someone else, or at least have a co-owner. I don't enough about shop owning to have one in my care, and I wouldn't want to have a bad shop of any kind. 

    • Maps and Letters

      1 year ago


      So ummmmm.

      I was looking for something for a story project, I knew I still had this oooold map somewhere....

      Instead. Stumbled upon a letter I had written to ex, but never showed it to him I guess. I wrote it like... a year ago or so. And.... it's basically stating all the things I knew were wrong, and while writing it I'd wished for answers, for a response, a reaction, anything. 

      But finding it NOW, after all these months... I knew back then. I knew, and I was really just writing it to myself. 

      While I was slightly shocked to discover the letter, and am still feeling a bit teary-eyed... I'm glad. It's just cement on the grave that was once a shadow of a relationship.

      Oh, and I also found the map.  v

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Have you ever gotten into a fight with someone and you brought out the fangs because they attacked your existence?

      Answered: Feb 24, 2018

      Ahahaha well to be honest, I'm pretty much like a chihuahua. Smol with a huge ego and a loud bark, so mostly harmless. 

      I used to get into (verbal) fights a lot when I was younger. Nowadays I prefer avoiding conflict. 

    • Finnish Friday: February Theme - Zeit's Favorites

      1 year ago


      (  ̄▽ ̄)/ Good day to you all! So today is Saturday and I promised to post this last food-related thingo and here it is!! This time, introducing my own favorite food items~~ This list won't be long. XD Bwahahaha.

      Well two of them favs was already introduced in the Cultural Delicacies post, the Kariela pastries. <3 They are so nom, so perfect, super amazing comfort food. *-* The other nomnom is, of course, the cinnamon rolls aka korvapuustit. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      Next yum yum is called pinaattilätyt = spinach pancakes. Now I know that doesn't so tasty, and they don't look that appealing in all their greenness, but they taste so fucking good! Especially when slathered with butter and warmed up in the microwave. Some might want to try warming them on a pan. :D 


      I actually got these from the store earlier... nom nom... 

      Sometimes, I really get the craving for some maksalaatikko = liver casserole. You can have it with or without raisins (if you don't want raisins, look for a package that says rusinaton = literally raisin-less, or ilman rusinoita = without raisins). Some people enjoy it cold, some like it warm, and some weirdos add lingonberry jam on top of it, too. I like it without raisins or that stupid jam, and warmed up. Again, doesn't really look all that appetizing, but it's fantastic comfort food. 


      ...why are there so many comfort foods in this list, oh god. 

      I also enjoy different types of meat and fish, like smoked northern pike (savustettu hauki) and bass (ahven) are great in the summer! 


      I haven't had them in years now, but when done right they are soooo good and if you know how to fish (and have the proper permits) then you could get this stuff right out of the many many lakes we have in this country!

      Now, the next food is also something I haven't had in a while, but I'd love to. This is called poronkäristys, and in English I've started to call it sautéed reindeer. Yes. Reindeer. Totally amazing with mashed potatoes (+butter), and again some crazies might want to have lingonberry jam with that like in the image but for me that jam just mostly ruins things. 


      ....and I think that's about it, excluding all the desserts like different types of pies, buns, other bakeries, chocolates, and ice creams... Maybe next time I post about Finnish foods or something I'll introduce those. :) 

      Hope you enjoyed this short food-related journey with me! 。^‿^。 I already have a theme in mind for March~~!

    • Heeeey, Where's the Food Post?

      1 year ago


      So today I was supposed to post the last February food post, but I'm postponing it to Saturday. Let's just say that I have a lot less friends in the world than I thought I had. 

      Anyways, sorry to be so cryptic but I don't wanna cause any stupid drama over this crap. Just thought I'd let everyone know the food post is coming, just not tonight.

      Hope you're all well. <3

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Knock. Knock. If no one is there, how would you respond?

      Answered: Feb 23, 2018

      Haaaa. Actually this has happened, in the old place where I lived. Someone rang the doorbell, and after a momentary heart-attack I went to see to the door. Nobody was there. This happened several times until I heard noises in the backyard. The neighbors' kids had thrown a ball to the backyard by accident, and hadn't been patient enough to wait for someone to open so they entered our property without permission. I marched out, totally livid, and shouted at them to get their stupid ball and get lost, and that next time they ring someone's doorbell actually frigging wait for more than 10 seconds before dashing away then coming back. I was rather surprised their parents didn't come over later to scold me over that, but ehhh.

      Nowadays though? If someone knocks on my door and I know the maintenance isn't supposed to come over, I simply don't answer the door. Especially in the middle of the night (has happened, too). There's no peephole, nothing like that to check who it is or whether it's someone who just knocks on random doors then hides away. My family has my extra keys, so they could just walk in without having to knock... the doorbell on the outside wall of the building doesn't work, so anyone who hasn't announced their arrival well beforehand is an unwelcome annoyance and therefore not worthy of opening the door.

      ...Also, by what I've noticed it's pretty customary in Finland that if you want to go visit someone, even a good friend, you should confirm with them it's okay to go. Otherwise you might go there and knock, and nobody will answer the door. It's a bit awkward, but not totally rude since you didn't announce your arrival first.

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      If a prince dressed in royal blue appeared on a white horse, how would you react to him letting the horse casually nibble on the shirt you were wearing? (Also, feel free to come ask me questions.)

      Answered: Feb 20, 2018

      Haha, I'd probably be weirded out and step away. Or try pat the horse. I used to ride in the past, like, uh, uhhh 16 years ago. Sadly I'm a bit scared of horses these days, so I don't think I'd let a horse close enough to myself to start eating on my shirt. XD

      (I'm really bad at asking people questions, but I can try!)

    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      I have neglected my duties as your friendly friend question giving commenter. Gomenosi (Sorry!)! Do you like elves?

      Answered: Feb 19, 2018

      It's alright! :D Don't worry!

      And depends on which elves we're talking about. For example the elves in Lord of the Rings films are cool, as are the elves in Dragon Age series (at least in Origins). :) In fact I often choose a (Dalish) elf in the DA games, hehe.

    • Dearly Beloved,

      1 year ago


      we have gathered here today

      to pay our final respects to a most loyal companion there ever was, Lorie-chan. 

      Lorie-chan and I first met in around the summer 2011. Or was it 2012. Well, anyway. We travelled a lot together, mostly between the towns of Tampere and JKL but sometimes as far as Helsinki. He was quite heavy to carry around and he'd take a lot of space, too, but it was always so hard to leave him behind despite these slight inconveniences. He was also quite expensive to have, so I did my best to look after him and rather took him with me than left him in the hands of others. 

      And though I put him through a lot of daily use, and I wasn't always sure what I was doing with him, Lorie-chan stayed with me and he has been my most trusted companion. Oh, we had our fights, sometimes over so silly things too, but we'd always manage to work out a compromise. 

      But in the past 2 years, I'd known our time together was coming to its end. He started having so many battery-related and overheating issues, and indeed just the other night he decided he'd had enough of my antics while I was figuring out how to get out of the poor ending in Doki Doki Literature Club. Thankfully he forgave me and recovered quickly, but I knew I should finally let him rest - I had occasionally looked up candidates to replace him, yet it was hard to let go - terrifying, too, because I knew it would become expensive. Looking up replacements also felt slightly insulting to him, since he was still performing well despite his age.

      Despite all the sentimentality, I knew it had to be done. So. Today I met my new best friend, PR3DDY.



      So now I can finally let Lorie-chan retire and enjoy his final earthly moments in peace, without me demanding him to spring into action for several hours a day. So sigh with relief, Lorie-chan, for your excellent service has come to its end now! You will be missed, and you won't be forgotten. 

      Blessed be, Lorie-chan. Goodbye. <3

    • Finnish Friday: February Theme - Questionable Food Items I Can't Recommend

      1 year ago


      Hello friends! :D I am back with another Finnish Friday post, and this time I want to introduce you some cultural 'delicacies' every other Finn goes crazy about, but I think you need to be pretty brave / insane / both to actually enjoy these. <.<;;;

      First, something you might recognize and I don't think it's really from this part of the world in origins, but something a lot of people like. That is lakritsi = black licorice. There's even ice cream (jäätelö) with the stuff, and God knows what other products contain this... Like cheesecake. I don't know, is everyone else as crazy about licorice as Finns??


      (pingviini = penguin, one of the most popular ice cream brands here)

      Next, something you might also recognize and have heard differing opinions about its tastiness. This supposed cultural treasure is called salmiakki = salmiac / salted licorice, and there are Finns who'd call me a traitor for speaking badly of this 'candy' - that I can't be a Finn because I strongly dislike this work of the evil. It can be added to apparently anything at all, because there exists such horrors like salmiakkikossu (shortened to salmari), which is salmiac Koskenkorva vodka, salmiakkijäätelö, salmiakkisuklaa (salmiac chocolate), .. and much more. 


      Like why would you do that to good milk chocolate is beyond me...

      Next, something that is a regional 'yum' from around the place where I used to live. This is mustamakkara = black sausage, often 'enjoyed' on its own or with lingonberry jam (puolukkahillo), another thing I can't stand. Don't ask me what goes in the sausage, I've never wanted to find out.


      And then one of the traditional Easter time uhmmm desserts, which you might also heard of maybe, called mämmi - there's no exact English translation for it, but it's ... sort of like rye pudding. It's often offered in a box that looks like it's made out of birchbark, and it's not too bad tasting if you have it with like a litre of vanilla ice cream or custard. You'll probably agree with me that it looks like runny poo, though, and will be deterred from eating it just because of the appearance. And I for one wouldn't judge you for not even wanting to taste it. 


      ..I think that's enough of disgusting things to view for today. I'm sure I've missed a couple, but yucccck.

      Next time, my own personal favorites~~!

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