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    • SirSailorStar asked zeitgeistzest a question

      Are you feeling better?

      Answered: Feb 3, 2018

      I am, thank you! :) No more fever, just a stupid persistent cough left!

    • Finnish Friday: February Theme - FOOD

      1 year ago


      Since everyone is so crazy about food for some reason, I figured I'd have a theme for February's Finnish Friday posts - food. In these posts I'll try introduce what kind of food we eat here, in general and even the ones I myself avoid like plague, and then try to persuade you all into thinking that some of these things are yum to eat and you should have some. 

      Few things to know first, though:

      1) I'm a picky eater.

      2) In fact, I prefer not eating at all if just ever possible.

      3) I'm a horrible cook. (Example: Mom asked me to boil some potatoes centuries ago. As a result, things burned and the pot was rendered useless. I do make a neat creamy chicken sauce, though.)

      4) I know very little about anything food related.

      5) Therefore one should never turn to me to ask advice like "What should I eat? What do you recommend?"

      But because I want to spread more knowledge about my country and our cultural habits, well, I'm ready to put into some effort into this!

      Now, in this first, probably short post I will introduce the topic as generally as my knowledge allows. In the next post, I will introduce cultural delicacies, then on the 3rd the stuff that no sane person would like to eat, then lastly my own favorites! :) 

      The stereotypical Finnish person drinks a lot of coffee, has a glass of milk for meals, and prefers their food both bland looking and tasting. Typical things to see on a Finnish food table are potatoes, some veggies like cucumber and tomatoes, some meat or stew, and wheat / rye bread with butter and edam cheese. Spices like curry are moderately used, if at all. There's even an urban legend of a Chinese restaurant owner who had two menus: one for the Finnish customers, and the other for anyone else - the one for Finns basically had zero spices. (Could've been a true story, but I can't find proof haha.) Of course, some people like extra spicy foods here... I, however, am the stereotype.

      Food items tend to be expensive to buy. The healthier, the higher the price. Many things are imported, which affects the price tags. In any case, it is not uncommong for a household of two to end up spending a hundred euros for food that'll last for like 1-3 days. My stepsister's ex, a well-paid engineer from England, was mortified after their first trip to the supermarket together here. We were like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Typical drinks to have during a meal like lunch or dinner are a glass of water, milk, berry juice out of concentrate, or ... "cultured" / butter milk. Soda like Coca Cola is common as well.

      Pizzerias are many and everywhere. Pizzerias are small places, usually ran by foreigners, that usually offer pizzas, kebab (which I hear is not really kebab, but since I never order the stuff I have no clue), and burgers. Prices are usually from 6 to 8 euros for a normal sized pizza. The quality varies... for example, if you ever come to Jyväskylä - do NOT, for the love of God, ever order a pizza in the pizzerias. Then there are more 'quality' places called Koti-Pizza and Rosso, and Rax Buffet. 

      Sushi places are still rather rare and often joined to a Chinese restaurant, but Indian and Thai food are also available in some towns. I also have seen one place in JKL that says something about Nepal in the name. If you want sushi, though, be prepared to pay a lot even for small meals at least in JKL; for a buffet, there's only one place here but in Helsinki there are many and good ones, too.

      For Mexican type of food, or supposedly Mexican, you coul try Pancho Villa or Amarillo (I think it's supposedly Mexican, too).

      Fast food restaurants include McDonald's (many locations), Hesburger (many locations; their use of mayo in burgers is excessive), Burger King (in some locations) and I guess Taco Bell could fall into this category as well, but they're only available somewhere in Helsinki.

      Some common food vocabulary:

      ruoka = food

      ateria = a meal

      juoma = a drink

      syödä = to eat

      juoda = to drink

      kauppa = a store (ruokakauppa = grocery store)

      ravintola = restaurant

      vihannes = vegetable

      hedelmä = fruit

      liha = meat

      kana = chicken

      kala = fish

      pakasteet = frozen foods

      vesi = water

      maito = milk

      mehu = juice

      piimä = butter milk

      kahvi = coffee

      tee = tea

      limsa; limu = soda

      jälkiruoka = dessert (pretty much more literal meaning is 'after food')

      jäätelö = ice cream

      suklaa = chocolate

      karkki = candy

      ...and that's about it for this first post! :D Hope you enjoyed~! As usual, if you've any questions, feel free to ask and I try to clarify. ^w^

    • The DA Experience

      1 year ago


      So hey, what's up?

      Man, typing on the laptop feels weird... I've been sick since last Friday morning, and haven't really touched the laptop since then. 

      Anyways, seen around some conversations about the state of this site and its future, and I wanted to share my personal experiences and views with another site. If parts of this journal feel strangely disconnected or incoherent, it's because I'm still not fully healed and sitting upwards makes me feel a bit dizzy.

      First some history and sentimental babbling.

      I joined that site in December 23, 2005 and started going to the chatrooms in January - Febuary 2006. I was an active member in the chats from the get-go, I posted a lot of content of my own, commented and added others' works to my favorites a lot. I regimently checked the newest content, commenting and faving and following a lot of people producing all sorts of content. I didn't really like the forums, the people were a bit... rude there to put it lightly, but the chats had plenty of friendly people in those early days. I made many good friends with the network volunteers / chat admins, even knew some staff members, I got a paid membership whenever I could afford it, and when the groups feature was introduced, got involved with a few and especially couple with which I was active enough to become one of the (co-)admins. I didn't log out from the site (first because even I couldn't spell my own username), I'd check my messages daily, I'd try to reply to everyone. There were some phases when I went more quiet, but I knew that I'd go back and everyone would still be there. The community kept growing and growing, but I trusted in the site's slogan that they loved us users, felt there was a community to support - that it was worthy of my time, energy and whatever little money I had, and I was proud to announce I was a member there even though even back then some people would go 'lol' at me for it, and I'd defend the site with passion. Commenting on site update journals and receiving responses from the staff and developers, it felt like we were being listened to.

      Then, I don't know when exactly things changed or what exactly happened, but things took a nose dive.

      For a couple of years now, I've felt something going cold there. The community spirit shattered; the slogan turned out to be a lie. Site update journals from their Headquarters group stopped coming, replaced by contest announcements that were usually US only anyway. People started leaving, and the staff denied there was any mass exodus going on claiming there was still huge traffic to the site. I remember once responding something along the lines of, "Sure there is traffic as visitors, but how many of these people actually get involved other than look at the content? How many bother commenting, and giving constructive criticism when it's needed? How many of these visitors come back and stay?" - I can't remember if I ever got a response. 

      Changes kept being made to the site. Some were suggestions from the community, and at first it looked like we were still being listened to. There was an announcement of a timeline of changes for transparency, but soon enough that seemed to fade away too. Hush hush. Changes were made that nobody had asked for, nobody had really needed. The chats have never been updated by what I know, they look exactly the same as they did back when I first joined them - the only difference between then and now is that there are more disconnection issues because the chat network struggles to be compatible with the newest browser updates. Sometimes turning off the user scripts helps to log back in, sometimes not. Oh yeah, and the people are more rude towards newcomers. 

      And we were upset about the overall state of the site. We voiced it, and were either faced with reassurances that all was fine, or cold silence. More and more people left. But a lot stayed, feeling trapped - there was no similar alternative out there, and the 'higher ups' knew it. They knew we had nowhere to escape, and that we'd just have to accept and adjust whatever shit they were spewing down on us. Anyone who said a word about the site dying and that the staff wasn't listening to us at all, anyone who voiced a differing opinion from theirs, usually ended up getting a public roasting. Usually by people working for the site, defending it heatedly. 

      My own doubts grew by August 2015. 2015. Others doubted as well, some in 'higher' positions too (as in they were recognized much better across the site and could spread the word much better / faster). I heard of people getting fired without warnings, and all sorts of other nasty things happened too. 'Jokes' were made that only paid members were being listened to and everyone else was worthless to the site. But still, where else to go?

      Yet by spring 2017, I felt totally disconnected from the site, it had been sold to another company and especially since then the ridge between the staff etc and the shreds of the community has seemed to only grow. Everyone I knew was more or less quiet - a friend passed away and that affected my circle of friends so that some people stopped showing up, others were busy with real life, another friend committed suicide, the rest simply got fed up with the site. For a little while I felt at a loss for not having a community anymore to fall back into, and I kept checking the site out of habit, boredom, whatever. I didn't feel like commenting on anything anymore, because the chances were there would be no response, and even when there was I started feeling more and more annoyed. Instead of checking my messages, I'd just delete them and then go elsewhere. The content offered anywhere on the site no longer interests me, and if I manage to log onto the chats, they're usually dead on the hours that I can be there. I stopped defending the site and was reluctant to admit to being a member there.

      In the past few months, I've used the other site less and less. In fact, today is the first time in a while I've looked up my accounts - to help write this particular journal entry here. I remembered having written a journal there where I uhh complained about the state of the site, and I found it. I even checked the timeline again, and nothing seems to have happened there after uhhhh April 13, 2016. Like, wow

      Anyway, for those who haven't already guessed (or known from previous interactions with me), the other site in question is DeviantArt, and here is the journal I wrote back in August 15, 2015. It's accessible even when you're not a logged on member; I've been logged out from that account for a long while now, yet I can still read it and all. 

      Now that I've announced which site it was, once when a noob came to the chat and asked why we weren't talking about art in there, replied in as much as contempt as you can through text on a screen: "Lol 'art'. Don't take the 'art' in DeviantArt too seriously." The poor thing got angry. Other regulars just laughed.

      Anyways, I've come across other ex DA users who left years ago or recently, and we all agree on one thing. It's shit there. I mean, HQ last posted on December 24, 2017 to wish everyone happy holidays. Before that, there was a post about Net Neutrality, but before that it's been contest announcement after a contest announcement. I can't remember the last time they posted a site update journal, nor any announcement which staff members / devs to follow to keep up with any possible changes. Of course, since I've been out of the loop for a while now and don't really have any interest left in me to even get back in the damn loop, well, things could've taken a bit more positive turn there..?

      Now, how's this all relate to RT and the site? Well... All I really hope from RT is that a similar thing, or rather a clusterfuck of different things, won't happen here.

      That's all from me for now.. Cheers.  v

    • Finnish Friday: Communicating with Finns

      1 year ago


      Hei! :D

      It's been a while since I posted a Finnish Friday journal... This time I don't have much to say in this Journal, instead I have a new video for y'all to watch if you're interested! :) Recorded it yesterday.

      I've been sick all day so I'm not going to write much else on this topic. There's SO MUCH more that I could've said on the video, and despite having a 'script' I think I messed some parts up. XD Oh well.

      Hope you enjoy anyway! :) 

    • The Dumb Intensifies

      1 year ago



      So I had IT demo again... No idea how last week's tasks went, but today I got some help from the teacher with the new tasks and we also talked for a short while after class. I told him I feel lost, as I've never been good at maths and didn't have advanced maths in upper secondary. 

      I just checked TIM and he's added a comment, "Advanced maths in upper secondary is not a pre-requisite to be on this class."


      He also said the point of these tasks is not to become great at maths or master everything perfectly, but to increase our understanding and appreciation of the skills required in one part of the IT field. 

      I already knew before going to the classes that IT people have minds working at a whole different level than my own, a level which I probably will never get to (mom keeps saying I have my own logic of seeing / understanding things, and this is mostly true and probably why I struggle with these tasks). I already respected people working in IT (and physics etc etc mathematical (rocket) science fields).

      Now I just respect them tremendously more.

      Anyways, I still don't know how my last week's assignments went, but here's some news one I need to crack. I'm translating directly from the learning environment, and this time I'll mark the translations with italics and my own replies in normal text.

      Again, excuse any improper use of English terms related to maths....

      TASK 1A

      Let's first practice recognizing and using predicates(?). A predicate is a statement whose truth value depends on the argument.

      Solve this system of equations

      2x + y = 5

      3x - y = 5

      into a set determined by a predicate.

      Now, we were told we're NOT going to ACTUALLY solve the equation. This is the task with which I got help from the teacher, and he wrote it out to me on my notebook and I had an "A-haa" moment (short-lived understanding of what's going on). 

      This is what he wrote:

      Define a set

      {x, y ∈ ?, x and y induce / fullfil / actualize some condition}

      {x, y ∈ Z, 2x + y = 5 ∧ 3x - y = 5}

      in which Z is a natural number, and ∧ is "AND". 

      In other words, there are two predicates that form a set. That's why ∧ is required there. ಠ_ಠ

      Okay, so I think I sort of got that. (Lol) Next one caused me more headache, though.

      TASK 1B

      Define task 1A as a set with a predicate which lists the elements of the set. If you already did so, then define the same set with a different predicate

      Now, I thought back to last week's tasks where we used the { } a lot, so that is what I did and have two versions of this. It's probably all wrong, though. I simply broke it down to what I thought to be the elements,

      {2x + y = 5 ∧ 3x - y = 5}{{{2x}, {y}, {5}}, {{3x}, {-y}, {5}}}

      oooor... maybe..?

      {{{2}x}, {y}, {5}}, {{{3}x}, {-y}, {5}}}

      Possibly neither is anywhere near correct. MOVING ON. ⚆ _ ⚆

      TASK 2

      The purpose of this task is to practice transforming a thought into a form which can be presented on a computer.

      With a predicate, define a set whose only element is a person selected as the president of the republic. (We're having presidential elections in February..)

      Form a prerequisite of which element is tested, as well as a predicate to elements which receive 'TRUE' as their value in the case of the person selected as the president. You may use full sentences instead of formal markings.

      Things to note I overheard when the teacher was explaining this to some others:

      * our elections have two voting rounds (the first has just ended btw, the next starts on Jan 31 when I'll be going to vote - I even know which candidate to vote for this time, too, haha);

      * to proceed to the second round of votings, a candidate needs 50% of the votes; 

      * prerequisites to be a candidate and indeed to be the actual president are stated in the Finnish law.

      Teacher also wrote on the blackboard,

      {Set which gives the prerequisite, predicate for the argument}

      which condition needs to be fulfilled for the predicate to be fulfilled.

      So what I'm thinking is that uhhhhhhhhhhhhh one of the elements needs to be {Finnish law}, another could be {presidential candidate}, {politicians} could be a third, {President} as well... {+50% of the votes}. Or integrating the idea of x's and y's, in which x = presidential candidate and y = politicians. 

      .... nahhhhhhh no I'm making this too complicated maybe. Hell, the fuck do I know

       (¬、¬)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Luckily I've one week to submit my answers.... 

      TASK 3

      Next we'll practice how the concept of algebra differs from just a set of numbers.

      Think of examples in which natural numbers, integers or real numbers are used in some everyday context without the structure of addition or multiplication.

      We were also instructed not to use the example from the course materials, which was the numbers on the shirts of ice hockey players. Something about indexed families was also mentioned, but that just confused me more. 

      So my response includes so far: 

      * house numbers

      * bus route numbers.

      ....yep. Genius. 

      TASK 4

      Here the purpose is to create an example of how addition can be actualized in a set other than natural numbers, integers or real numbers. The goal is to practice understanding the concept of algebra and to expand the visualizations learned in school by acknowledging that addition can refer to a variety of sets.

      This type of parsing of everyday needs into formal concepts is fundamental in IT.

      For example, consider the geography study books. Often, they graphically represent quantities related to time or place. Think of a quantity that can be added up in relation to time or location, and then consider how the same quantity can be added up within multiple time frames or in multiple locations. 

      For this task, I received a little bit of help from the teacher. He suggested I consider how precipitation is presented (millimeters per month), and then to select some towns (Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Oulu). He also asked me, "How do you NOT add up the precipitation of all four towns? How do you present that the focus is on only one or two towns?"

      So my idea is to use the stuff from task 1 in this one. [¬º-°]¬ Somehow implement it here. 


      {monthly precipitation in a location + monthly precipitation in another location = monthly precipitation in multiple locations}

      but that seems too complicated a way to put it!! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ GAHHH. 

      It doesn't help me right now that I ran out of soda before I had gotten to write down task 2. Like muggybear put it, "the soda to task ratio was off". Like, WAY OFF. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) Just shows how bad I am at this math stuff, eh. 

      Anyways, uhhh hmmm maybe I need to break this down into possible elements in first.


      {precipitation in millimeters -> mm}


      and thennnnn these form a set {location, {{month}, {mm}}}

      sooo if we say {location} is JKL, and another {location} is HEL, to add them up it'd beeee....

      {JKL, {{month}, {mm}}} + {HEL, {{month}, {mm}}} = {precipitation in multiple locations}

      Not even sure if the { } are needed that often or if I'm using them right. Not sure if I'm anywhere near close the 'right' type of thinking with this. And oh yeah there probably needs to be a variable for multiple months, too. RRRAAAAAHHHH. ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶

      {location X, {{{month A}, {mm}}, {{month B}, {mm}}, {{month C}, {mm}}}}


      {location Y, {{{month A}, {mm}}, {{month B}, {mm}}, {{month C}, {mm}}}}

      Or should I be using 'AND' instead of +? 

      ....ugh. I have no fucking clue. o(╥﹏╥)o But this is all what I'm going to submit to TIM for now, then try to revise these over the weekend before the Wednesday noon deadline. 

      Hope you've all good time laughing at my attempts, lol. Now excuse me while I go to the tombstone maker to carve the following words on the stone:

      Death by shame.

      (Just kidding. I'm just incredibly frustrated and without soda to deal with it.)

    • Teacher Told Us Not to Feel Dumb

      1 year ago


      but looking at the demo homework of my IT classes, I can't help but feel super, duper dumb. Treanomaly already saw me moaning about this on Discord, and also got to witness my horrible handwriting skills.

      Mind you, I'm learning IT in Finnish and mostly I can grasp what it is being talked about - in Finnish. My plan is to translate the notes to English at some point. Note 2: I'm taking 2 IT courses, the one to which the tasks below are related, and then Cyber Security. Both are meant for beginners / 1st year students of IT. So far I've been able to comprehend CybSec well enough, and previously completed two courses in it that were meant for IT majors.

      Note 3: I'm an English major. With practically zero (below average) math skills.

      But one of the things the teacher said struck me as upsetting, because I am by no means mathematically talented. I did enjoy equations, as long as they were not too complicated.... I took what I call 'short math' in upper secondary, meaning a minimum of 6 courses and nothing to complicated. 'Long', aka advanced math, is what our first demo tasks apparently require.

      Well, already last week we were told we'll need "Mathematical, oh but we mean logical, thinking to understand the abstract for better applications ((of something something, I forgot already and can't read my own handwriting from my notes))." ???? ( ̄■ ̄; )!?

      Anyway, next I shall try to attempt to translate the task explanations and attempt to answer them (I have the learning environment open too - it's a new one, by the way, called TIM... I'll answer the questions there in Finnish...) I have one week to solve these. 〜( ̄△ ̄〜) Excuse the clumsy English.

      TASK 1

      Let's assume that you and two others are going to a restaurant in a foreign country, and none of you have a common language with the waiter. So you can't discuss numbers and amounts.

      Now, you see a table with three sets of dishes set on it. How do you express to the waiter that your party would like to sit by that table with the right amount of sets of dishes for everyone? 

      Answer: Now, we were told that lifting up three fingers and pointing at the table is not the 'correct' answer, because then we'd be using an indicator of an amount (three fingers lifted up). 

      But pointing at each member of the party, then making a circle in the air to indicate 'inclusion' ("these people belong in this group"), then pointing at the wanted table was closer to the 'correct' answer. There was talk about simplicity, assumptions based on the small amount of given information - the setting (restaurant, waiter, a table, people coming in => customers coming to eat and wanting to get to a table) - and ... equivalence / correspondence? (group members = sets of dishes) ((Not sure which English term to use..))

      ...that's about all that I gathered for Task 1.

      TASK 2

      If none of the tables have enough sets of dishes at ready, how do you express to waiter to bring more dishes (again, without an indicator of a number or an amount)? 

      Answer: I'd probably take up my plate or whatever, show it to the waiter, then point at the members of the party who are missing their sets then again point at the plate. This was also discussed in the class and was apparently accepted.

      These two first tasks are basic examples of modeling, which means we are expressing everyday tangible / concrete matters via (abstract) concepts. In tasks 1 and 2 the numbers from zero to three are concepts, and we use them to make the everyday life easier.

      Next we'll look into what kind of concepts tasks 1 and 2 are based on. ((Note: this is where I started getting confused ...))

      TASK 3

      What does *bijection* mean?

      Answer: Well, I just googled this... but didn't really understand what I was reading, because mathematical terms are above my comprehension level. 

      Bijection function, or one-to-one correspondence is a function between the elements of two sets,

      where each element of one set is paired with exactly one element of the other set, and each element of the other set is paired with exactly one element of the first set. There are no unpaired elements. In mathematical terms, a bijective function f: XY is a one-to-one (injective) and onto (surjective) mapping of a set X to a set Y.

      ..actually that makes a bit more sense in English than in Finnish. Just tiny bit... ..nah I take that back, I just checked what injective and surjective mean in both languages and the confusion just got stronger. #fml

      TASK 4

      What does *inclusion* mean? 

      Answer: Here we were first given the English term 'subset', which I googled.

      In mathematics, especially in set theory, a set A is a subset of a set B, if A is "contained" inside B, that is, all elements of A are also elements of B. A and B may concide. The relationship of one set being a subset of another is called inclusion or sometimes containment.

      And here we started to use marks that the teacher wrote as something that looked like U (∪), but Wikipedia used something that looked like C (⊂). No idea which one to actually use??? Do they mean the same thing, or something different?? ლ( ̄■ ̄ლ) ..I should google this... OH okay so ∪ is "union" in set theory, and the C like is used when talking about subsets.... right!!! See I am the dumb dumb! Uhhh....

      Now THIS is where it gets difficult for someone so mathematically impaired as I am. 

      TASK 5

      With the concepts of bijection and inclusion, how would you form an answer to tasks 1 and 2? 

      Answer: щ(ºДºщ)

      ...nah that is not the answer, I know, but that is the answer I would love to save on TIM. (¬、¬)

      But I thiiiiink the concept of union is needed here.

      So to take two sets, A {a, b, c} and B {d, e, f}, to form a 'new' set of A∪B = {a, b, c, d, e, f} ((here we were told that we can either use = or an arrow)) 

      In this, A = people, B = sets of dishes. Something along these lines?? Maybe...

      With these tasks we should now be able to compare sets which for example have three elements. The remaining question is, how do we get a prototype out of the abstract set of three elements, to which compare all the other concrete / tangible sets with the same number of elements. This set of prototypes can't be any concrete / tangible set, because this would tie the concepts to concrete / tangible examples. 

      The answer to the question can be solved by construing / constructing natural numbers conceptually. To comprehend the construction, we need some basics of set theory.

      * A union of sets produces from two (old) sets of A and B a (new) set of A∪B. For example, the sets A = {a, b, c} and B = {d, e, f} produce the union of A∪B = {a, b, c, d, e, f}.

      * An empty set ∅ is a subset of any set. For example the empty set is the subset of set {a, b, c} so ∅⊂{a,b,c}. 

      * A union of an empty set with any X set is X, so ∅∪X=X. 

      * Elements of a set can be sets. This means that {a, b, c} is different than {{a}, b, c}. 

      Natural numbers

      Natural numbers can be introduced with the help of Peano axioms. ((The fucking what now.)) The basic idea behind them is the following: if n is a natural number, then its successor set is n+=n∪{n}. ((That + is 'below' n in the TIM environment... but I can't find a code how to do that myself, ha..))

      In other words,





      TASK 6

      Choose zero as an empty set, and with the concept of successor sets, verify that the natural numbers up to 3 are 0 =∅, 1={∅}, 2={∅,{∅}} ja 3={∅,{∅},{∅,{∅}}}.

      Answer: Now, this task got changed during the end of the class as it was proving to be too difficult for most of us ... but I still don't get iiiiit. The final answer is above, we are just meant to 'write out' / 'open' the ... interphases??

      Soooo.... what I wrote on papers so far (ok copied from the blackboard...)

      0 = ∅ .... ∅ = { } ..... ∅∪A = A

      1 = 0∪{0} = ∅∪{∅} = {∅} = {{ }} ((Here the last ∅ had a { and A under it, and the last {'s had two {'s under them on the board...))

      2 = 1∪{1} = ∅∪{{∅}} = {∅, {∅}} = {{ }, {{ }}}

      3 = 2∪{2} = {∅, {∅}}∪{{∅}}{∅}}} = {∅, {∅}, {{∅}}}



      Finally, TASK 7

      On what basis can it be said that number 2 is smaller than number 3? 

      Answer: I didn't get this far yet....... and fuck if I know anyway.  sob

      All I want to write is... 2 < 3. 

      Anyways, thought I'd share this stuff on here and like... if someone's able to explain this shit to a mathematically / logically dumb person like me, and preferably in Finnish too (LOL), that'd be awesome................ or I just drop out from the course already in defeat. o(╥﹏╥)o Pictures could help. Maybe. 

      AGAIN, please excuse the improper use of the English terms - I've never had any maths lessons in English, and the terms are not really covered in any English classes I've had (business schools probably do...). (ᴗ_ ᴗ。)

      Oh yeah, I should probably add what the teacher wrote at the end of all this:

      The purpose of these tasks is to create first level of comprehension of the challenges related to the systems of information technology and software planning.

    • Small Steps Forward

      1 year ago


      So for those who don't know me all that well, I have always regarded asking for help as a sign of weakness. Crying in public places or in front of friends and family - despicable. Definitely didn't help that ex would always complain about me crying (even if there was a reason), and in general he despised people who would thus show their emotions. 

      Over the years, I've always managed to pretend I'm fine. Over the past 12 months, people have tried commenting on my selfies that it's good to see me smile - at which I've laughed like MWAHAHAHAHA YOU FOOL. Just because I smile doesn't mean I'm fine. ...fool

      Those who have chatted with me on Discord or seen me around social media have probably noticed how irregular life has been for me. There's a reason why I have been nicknamed vampire, lol....

      Anyways, a month ago I acknowledged there were some 'anniversaries' coming up, and reached out to the student health care center (from here on referred to by its Finnish acronym, YTHS). As I called them, I was so close to hanging up, but managed to say I could do meeting with a nurse about mental health stuff and health in general. 

      So today I met with a nurse. As I was heading there, I was planning to do what I usually do and pretend that I am fine. But IDK if it's PMS or that I have become accustomed by now to just BLURT THINGS OUT because there's nobody to reprimand me for it anymore, the moment she inquired why I felt like I could do with the talk... well, I just started talking.

      In 4 weeks I'm going back there. She said it's important we meet regularly this spring. (Some 'anniversaries' ahead, the ugly first ones.) She also suggested I start with small lifestyle changes, so I'm going to take up daily yoga agan and also make better attempts at fixing my sleeping pattern - no more full-time vampire! (Which means US folk will probably see me a bit less.) 

      The nurse also said it's impressive how well I can reason about everything that has happened, but was also quite concerned of how ... errrr low my self-esteem has become (although there's been some improvements in the autumn). She also expressed worry about my mindset that promises made to me, by others or myself, have zero meaning whatsoever - which is why lifestyle changes have been so difficult, because "who the heck cares", right. 

      Finally, as I was leaving, she said it's really good I reached out. 

      It took me a lot of strength to reach out, to admit that I can't handle this all by myself. To think that it's ok to be a little weak at times and let it show.


      Even if it means that your cheeks are tear-stained when you're walking to the bus stop.

    • Looking Back at You, 2017

      1 year ago


      Well it's December 31 here, so I figured I'd make a post like this now before I get sucked into the world of Fallout 4.

      2017 was a year of endings... But also new beginnings and self-growth. First and foremost, a huge thanks to all those who have remained in my life through all of the turmoil, and to all the new people who have entered, and for all the support and concern you've shown. <3

      Now, since 2017 was kinda depressing... Here's some of the best things to happen:

      - discovering RvB and other RoosterTeeth content and therefore the amazing people over at the RT Community, particularly those on the main site forums~ <3 RvB got me laughing when nothing else could!
      - ear piercings (although still in the healing process..)
      - discovering what I want to do with my life (still figuring out the path[s] to get there)

      - meeting new, amazing people in the real life as well (the extracurriculum projects, Conference Assistant.. going out to cafes and movies..) and forming new friendships (often through trying out new things)

      - the Conference Assistant experience (was so great it deserves its own spot)
      - discovering there are great games other than Final Fantasy... Like Warframe and Halo!
      - discovering the forest paths nearby~
      - realizing I am capable of more than I have thought possible
      - cutting off some really toxic people from my life (which took me long & it was hard but I did it)
      - doing translations for the Student Union & receiving payment for it~

      There's probably a lot I'm forgetting right now, but yeah! 2017 started out in pain and hopelessness, but ends with excitement & hope! How's that. :) 

      I have yet to write out my 2018 goals, but self-improvement and -regulation are going to play major part in those!

      Three already came into my mind:

      * Practice being more assertive and less of a doormat in social situations.

      * Lifestyle changes (sleeping pattern, for one..)

      * Do more creative stuff.

      But tonight I'll be hanging around on Discord while trying to figure out FO4, pop up by the RT Radio Chat, and eat and drink and have fun! <3 :) 

      May you all have a wonderful, amazing, fantastic 2018! Hyvää uutta vuotta kaikille! 。^‿^。



    • Back to It

      1 year ago


      Yep. Back at home.

    • Yet Another Post - MA Thesis Dilemma

      1 year ago


      Yes, yes... so many posts from me lately.

      Been struggling with my MA Thesis topic... I still want to do it (word formation and use of emoticons in chatrooms and forums, focusing merely on statistics and not contexts), but asking for permissions makes me nervous so I'm thinking about changing the topic altogether to something language & gaming related... but what could I 'research', then?

      Blehh... Something to think about before the spring semester starts, I

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